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Filed April 15, 1945
.avm / ì
Patented Nov. 26, 1946
Emanuel Cornella, West Chicago, Ill.
Application April 13, 1945, Serial No. 588,162
2 Claims. (Cl. 25-131)
The invention relates to a, releasable clamp and
spacer device, and more especially to a clamp and
spacer for knockdown concrete forms or false
number thereof, comprises a tubiform spacer
member I2, preferably made from a, single sheet
of stiff material, such as metal, which is rolled
on itself into tube form, of any required length,
as best seen in Figure 1 of the drawing, This
member I2 is adapted to be disposed between the
opposed portions A of the form, so that its ends
The primary object of the invention is the pro
vision of a device of this character, wherein
knockdown false-Work or forms for concrete con
struction work can be releasably clamped to
telescopically wedge onto conica1 shaped center
gether and spaced properly for receiving the con
knobs I3 of abutment washers or disks I4 having
crete in the erection of the construction work, 10 bearing against the portions A and loosely fitted
about the shank I5 of a hook headed clamp fol
the device being of novel and unique construc
lowing the character of a bolt, the hook head
tion, it being easily iitted in place and removed,
being denoted at I6. This shank I5 of the clamp
with dispatch without requiring skilled labor.
or bolt 'at the end portion remote from the head
Another object of the invention is the provision
of a device of this character, wherein it is devoid ,15 I6 has removably tapped thereon a binding nut
I 1, which is adapted to play against a washer I8
of a complicated assembly, and possesses few
on the said clamp or bolt and rests against one
parts, which are adapted for inter-fitting with
of the strips or rails II next thereto, the shank
each other, holding the forms firm and secure to
I5 being passed through suitable clearances, these
the construction work.
A furtherobject of the invention is Vthe pro 20 being denoted generally at I9, as provided in the
form portions A and the rails II aligning with
vision of a device of this character, which is sim
the clamp or bolt when the forms are set up in
ple in construction, thoroughly reliable and efli
assembled relation for concrete construction
cient in operation, strong, durable, it being re
work, The head I6 of the bolt or clamp is hook
-useable infinitely, enabling the forms to be
knocked down and set up with dispatch and ease, 25 locked with the rail II next thereto, so that the
shank I5 will not turn when the nut is tightened
and inexpensive to manufacture and install.
or slackened thereon in the application and re
With these and other objects in view, the in
moval of the device.
vention consists in the features of construction,
The device when applied to the false-work or
combination and arrangement of parts as will
be hereinafter more’fully described, illustrated 30 forms will iirmly and securely hold them in place
in the accompanying drawing, which shows the
preferred form of embodiment of the invention,
and pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is a, fragmentary sectional View through 35
and the opposed sections thereof in their proper
spaced relation to each other for the pouring of
the concrete wall formation, and such device can
be readily removed for the knocking down of
the false-work or forms from set up condition.
What is claimed is:
1. A device of the kind described, comprising
a knock-down assembly of concrete forms, show
ing the device constructed in accordance with
a substantially tubiform spacer member made
the invention applied.
from a single sheet of metal and rolled on itself
Figure 2 is a fragmentary elevation of the de
vice looking toward the same at substantially 40 into tube form, abutment washers at the ends of
the member and having conica1 center knobs in
right angles to that position shown in Figure 1.
terñtting the ends of said member, `and a work
Figure 3 is an end view of the spacer member
clamp removably passed through the washers and
of the device.
member and clamping these in spacing relation
Similar reference characters 'indicate corre
sponding vparts throughout the severa1 views in
45 to the work.
2. A device of the kind described, comprising a.
substantially tubiform spacer member made
Referring to the ydrawing in detail, A desig-`
from a single sheet of metal and rolled on itself
nates generally opposed portions of a knock
into tube form, abutment washers at the ends of
down concrete form or false-work, for erecting a
concrete wall or the like, and each involves as 50 the member and having conical center knobs in
terñtting the ends of said member, a work clamp
usual the tongue and grooved interlocking fac
removably passed through the washers and mem
ing boards I0, which are of the required thick
ber and clamping these in spacing relation to
ness, widthand length according to the neces
the work, a working engaging hook on one end
sary work requirements, while at the outer sides
of these boards I0 are crossing strips or rails II, 55 of the clamp, and an adjusting nut carried at
the other end of said clamp.
which make contact therewith.
the drawing.
The device constituting the present invention,
there being employed anyrequired or selected
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