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Nov. 26,1946.
Filed June 20,1944
- 5v Sheets-Sheet l
Nev. 2a, 1946.
_ w. G. M'. PEARE Em
Filed June 20,- 1944
5 Sheets-Sheet2
Nov. 26, 1946.
w.-_e. M. PEARE ETAL
- _
Filed June 20', 1944 Y
s sheets-sheet’ 5~
Patented Nov. 26,1946
William George Mackesy Peare, Cork, Eire, and 1
George Henry- Bernard .Yoxon, ‘Erdington,
Birmingham, ‘England, assignors to Dunlop
Rubber Company Limited, county of London,
‘England, a British company
Application June 20, 1944, Serial No. 541,210
In Great Britain April 28, 1943
3 Claims. (Cl. 18-—47.5)
Our invention is concerned with the manufac
ture of tires of the kind comprising a body of ,
rubber or the like vulcanised to a metal base
onto a roller conveyor ‘I along which it progresses,
by the feed which it receives from the screw 2,
to the usual subsequent operations.
band, and relates to the production of the said
The preferred mechanism for ridging the ex
body of rubber, herein called the raw tire stock, 5 truded material is shown in detail in Figures 2
by means of extrusion.
It is known that extrusion forms a “grain” in
the stock which is prejudicial to good adhesion
between stock and base band, and it has been
and 3. On the face of the die 4 there is secured
by bolts 8 a pair of guides 9 in which slide a pair
of links In which are yoked by strap II so as to
proposed to break-up said grain by indenting the 10
become in effect a ‘single rigid unit.
At their upper ends said links I 0 are pivoted by
stock with a spiked roller.
bearing pins I2 to short links I3 which are jour
Such a device can
not be relied upon invariably to achieve the re
nalled at I4 on eccentrics I5 which are keyed to
sults which we now require and an object of the
shaft I6. ‘said eccentrics are secured longitudi
present invention is to provide for the breaking
nally by ?anged sleeves I‘! held by taper pegs I8.
up of the grain with the required thoroughness 15 Shaft I6 is journalled in bearings I9 carried by
and certitude.
brackets 29, bolted at H to lugs 22 formed on
According to this invention we provide a meth
the body of the cylinder I. Said shaft I6 is ro
od of producing raw tire stock from material such
tated by motor 23, reduction gear 24, chain 25
as compounded rubber or the like comprising the
and sprocket 26.
steps of extruding said material and ridging one 20
At their lower ends links ID are formed with
of the surfaces of the extruded material while
it is still in a plastic condition. Preferably said
lateral projections 21 to which is ?xed by screws
28 the reciprocating blade 29 hereinbefore re
method comprises the steps of progressing the '
extruded material past a blade or the like ‘and
reciprocating said blade so that it cuts into said 25
material as the latter so progresses.
ferred to. ‘As shown in full lines in Figure 2 said
blade is at the bottom of its stroke; its position
when at the top of its stroke is shown‘ at 30 in
chain dotted line, the blade moving into overlap
ping relationship with the die ori?ce 6 by an
amount equivalent to the throw of the eccentrics
Preferably said method is carried out by appa
ratus comprising a die for an extruder and, ad
jacent the face of said die, a blade adapted to
reciprocate substantially parallel to said face, the 30 The preferred procedure is as follows: concur
provision for reciprocating said blade preferably
rently with extrusion of the material through die
comprising a rotary shaft associated with eccen
tric means connected to the blade by link means
ori?ce 6 and the progression of said material on
conveyor ‘I, motor 23 rotates shaft I6 and this
sliding in guides associated with the die face.
rotates eccentrics I5 within the bearings I 4 of
In order that the said invention may be easily 35 short links IS with the result that the blade
understood and readily carried into effect, the
carrying links I0 rise and fall in their guides 9.
same will now be described with reference to the
This causes blade 29 continually and repetitively
accompanying drawings in which:
to chop into the extruding material. The com
Figure 1 is a side view of extruder apparatus
bined e?ectof reciprocation of the blade and
incorporating the ridging provisions according to
progression of the extruded material is to produce
our invention;
a series of ridges 3I in the base of the stock as
Figure 2 is a detail front view, partly in cross
shown in Figure 4.
section, of the said provisions;
In the preferred arrangement the bottom sur
Figure 3 is a side view of Figure 2; and
face of the extruded material forms the base of
Figure 4 is fragmentary perspective view of 45 the raw tire stock, i. e. the surface which will
the ridged stock produced according to our in
ultimately be secured to the base band of the
tire, and accordingly the blade moves upwardly
in its operative strokes. Alternatively however,
truder of the usual kind comprising a cylinder I,
the blade may be disposed above the ori?ce 6 and
a forcing screw 2 therein, a die box 3 and a die 4. 50 move downwardly in its operative strokes; then
Compounded rubber is fed into the cylinder down
the top surface of the extruded material would
chute 5 and is forced by the screw via the die
ultimately form the base of the raw tire stock.
box through the die, the latter having an ori?ce
Having described our invention what we claim
6 shaped to give the required cross-section of raw
tire stock. From the ori?ce 6 the stock passes 55
l. A method of producing raw tire stock from
As illustrated in Figure 1 we may use an ex
compounded rubber material which comprises ex
transversely thereof at intervals closely spaced
then cutting into the extruded strip at rapid‘
versely at intervals closely spaced longitudinally
longitudinally of the strip.
truding said material through a die in the form of
3. A method of producing a strip of raw tire
a strip and then scoring one surface of the strip
stock with a broken surface grain which comprises
transversely thereof at intervals closely spaced
vextruding a plastic tire stock composition pro
longitudinally of the strip by successively cutting
gressively through a die to form a continuous
through a portion only of the thickness of the
strip and reciprocating a transverse scoring blade
strip immediately upon the emergence of the strip
rapid successive intervals into said extruded
from the extrusion die.
tire stock as it emerges from said die to cut
2. A method of producing raw tire stock which
comprises extruding a plastic tire stock composi 10 through a portion only of the thickness of the
.stock and score one surface of the strip trans
tion through a die to form a continuous strip and
of said strip.
intervals immediately upon its emergence from
the extrusion die for a portion only of the thick
ness of the strip to score one surface of the strip‘ 15
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