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j Patented Nov. 26, 19.46
Lawson A. Smith, Los Angeles, Calif., assigner
' toRobertH.' _Clark, LosïAngeles', Calif. "
Applicatie eur-“ui l1’ 194,3» Sei-ellis’- 49822.16
4.0mm. (c1. :fn-«69.)
to comprise, generally, a body 5d, a pair of arms
This invention relates toïtools and relates more
particularly to tools for forming or cutting open
57i shiftably fearried by the body,k cutting parts
ings.Y A general ob'ject'of> the invention uis'to
provide a practical, effective tool of this charac
i?? ÍQI" shifting or adjusting the arms.
5_2 o_n jthe'out'er ends ef the arms 5l, and means
a very Wide >rang'e'of diameters.
' "
cuttingparts are easily ,and guickly adjusted
55, and a" head 55 on the lower end 0f the shank.
in the construction'illustrated the head 55 is rec
in transverse cross
section and is pro
Vith a fiat lower end. A stem 'or pilot 56
` "
' Another object >ofthisï'inve'ntionïis to provide
a -toçïlfóf the character referred to in 'which the
Y rlïhe _body 5l] ,may comprisegan elongate shank
ter that is adjustableitorcut openings throughout
pro cts'. 'from the lower side of the head 55.» A
t 'nsvers'e opening 5l passesl through the head
'Another cb> ect of this invention is toprovide ’
a :toolof vrthe character >rf'aferrïed to in which the
c receive the `arms fil. ' The opening 5l is
preferably' rectangular andhasiiat, smooth Walls.
bitßsîorfcuttin’g parts'arer 'adjusted uniformly or
equally to' irí'sureaccurate tracking »in -their en
gagement Withkthe'vvork; -The adjusting means
l/rnis 5| pass through the opening 5l of
A,the he g55 land are arranged in side by side're
'of' thev tool of this invention ‘is positive‘and the
cutting parts are shifted equal distances when
_transverse cross section andtheir fiat lsides
the >fadjustir'ig' -means' is actuated.
~s denne ontlie other. The surfaces ofthe arms
Elride‘ponthe ¿Wallsqof the opening 5l’ (see Fig. 2).
rThe arms ,5ml :are 0f the same length and when
¿egr‘tended «are adapted to project a substantial
' Another obje'ct‘of »this invention is to provide
aftocl of the vclfiaracter mentioned embodying
simple, -eifective means for releasably settingor
'loîokinlg’the' parts in the selected adjusted posi
Ídisltancefirom the _head 55.
A fl‘he'lcutting parts 52 are replaceably secured
‘on the ,outer ends of the arms 5i. The active
" fAnother object of the invention is `to provide y
aftool of tlie'charïacter mentionedzin which the
. l'Iv‘l’ile@grins 5| are rectangular o-r square
llovver vportionsof the cutting parts 52 are prefer
ably narrow'to make a narrow annular cut in the
cutting parts'are on the extreme .outer ends of
the’armsA so that _the'too-l. is capable of forming
Work. _One cutting part >52 has Ya cutting‘edge
`5_8 for making >the inner vvall of the annular cut
_While theol-.her cutting part 5_2 has a cutting edge
lepenin’gs ator immediately »adjacent a projection,
shoulder orv other obstruction onthe vvork.- ’
N vv'Another kobject of this invention is .to provide 30 „59'ffor"_making the outer Wall of the cut.
Vcutting,I_iarts SWZ'may be secured to the arms 5l
a 'hole-cutting »tool _of .the> character referred
toïin which the cuttingparts are adjustably and
replaceably secured inthe outer ends of the .arms
fin'any suitable manner. Dove-tailed grooves 6Fl
_are show-n formed in the outer ends of the arms
by novel means Which do not necessitate projec
tions on the outer ends of the arms.
l5I L to Í*receive lthe correspondingly shaped cutting
parts. Longitudinal Aslots lìlr continue inwardly
A further object of this invention is to provide
’from the- grooves @il and transverse slots 62 are
a tool of the character mentioned that is simple
and inexpensive to manufacture and which em
formed in the arms 5l adjacent the inner ends
of the slots 6l. Clamp screws 63 are provided to
bodies a minimum number of parts.
clamp the split end portions of the arms 5l onto
the cutting parts l2 to secure the cutting parts.
The means for simultaneously adjusting the
The various objects and features of my inven
tion will be fully understood from the following
detailed description of typical preferred form and
application of the invention, throughout which
description reference is made to the accompany
ing drawing, in Whichz.
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a device embody
ing the invention. Fig. 2 is an enlarged frag
mentary vertical detailed sectional view taken as
indicated by line 2---2> on Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a bot
tom view of the tool shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is
a horizontal detailed sectional view taken as indi
cated by line 4_4 on Fig. 1 with certain portions
appearing in elevation, and Fig. 5 is a side view
of the key for adjusting the tool.
The tool provided by my invention may be said 55
arms 5| is a feature of the'invention.
The means
53 includes sets of rack teeth 65 on the opposing
inner sides of the arms 5l. The sets of teeth 65
are preferably of considerable length and are
alike or identical. The teeth 65 extend upwardly
from the lower edges of the arms 5i and gradu
ally die out before reaching the upper edgesY of
the arms. While the teeth 65 may be of any
selected shape, in the preferred construction;
illustrated the teeth 65 are V-shaped in cross
The means 53 further includes an opening S6
in the lower end of the head 55 extending up
wardly to the opening 5l. A pinion 6l' is adapted
to be introduced into the opening `66 to cooperate
with the sets of rack teeth 65. The pinion 61
projecting portions of the arms, and a single
is formed on the end of a stem 58 which in turn
carries a suitable handle 69. As best illustrated
means for simultaneously shifting the two arms
equal distances and in opposite directions to
vary the distance between the cutting parts and
in Fig. 2 of the drawing, the sets of rack teeth
the central longitudinal axis of the body in
cluding a key separable from the body and in
5|, leaving a space for the reception of the pinion
sertable through the passage to engage the arms.
2. A tool of the character described including
61'.~ With the pinion 61 entered through the
a body, the body having a transverse opening
opening 66 to mesh with the rack teeth 65, rota
tion of the pinion serves to simultaneously ad 10 and a. central pilot projecting from its lower end
65 are recessed in the inner sides of the arms
and having a longitudinal opening in its lower
Means is provided for setting or locking the Y end offset from the pilot and which joins the
arms 5| in the adjusted positions. This means
transverse opening, a pair of arms shiftably en
includes a longitudinally extending recessed face
gaged in the transverse opening in side by side
10 in the outer side of one of the arms 5|. A 15 relation to project from opposite sides of the body,
screw 1| is threaded through an opening in the
cutting parts on the arms, sets of teeth on the
wall of the head 55 and is adapted to engage the
-opposed sides of the arms, a pinion adapted to be
surface 10. When the screw 1| is tightened the
entered in said longitudinal opening to cooperate
two arms 5| are tightly clamped together in the
with said teeth and rotatable to simultaneously
opening 51 to be positively locked in their ad
shift the arms inwardly >`and outwardly equal dis
justed positions.
tances, and releasable means for holding the arms
In the operation of the tool the screw 1| is
in the selected positions.
loosened and the pinion 61 is introduced through
3. A tool of the character described including
the opening SI5 to mesh with the rack teeth 65.
a body, the body with a central pilot projecting
The pinion ñ1 is readily turned by means of its
from its lower end and having a transverse open
handle 69. Rotation of the pinion 61 in one
ing and a longitudinal opening offset from the
direction simultaneously shifts the two arms 5|
pilot and which joins the transverse opening, a
inwardly an equal distance and rotation of the
pair of arms shiftably engaged in the transverse
pinion 61 in the other direction simultaneously
opening in side by side relation to project from
moves the two arms 5I outwardly an equal extent.
opposite sides of the body, cutting parts on the
In this way the arms 5I may be easily and
arms, sets of teeth on the opposed sides of the
quickly adjusted to position the cutting parts
arms, a key, a pinion formed on the key adapted
52 to make a cut of the required diameter. When
to be entered in the longitudinal opening to co
the adjustment has been made the set screw 1|
operate with said teeth and then turned to shift
is tightened to secure the arms in the adjusted
the arms inwardly or outwardly, and releasable
positions. A pilot bore is then formed in the
means for holding the arms in the selected
work and with the shank 54 engaged in a drill
ing machine the pilot'56 is engaged in the pilot
4. A tool of the character described including
bore and the tool is rotated so that the cutting
a body having a transverse opening therethrough
parts 52 make an annular cut in the work.
40 and a key opening connecting with the transverse
just or shift the two arms 5| an equal distance.
Having described only typical preferred form
and application of my invention, I do not wish to
be limited or restricted to the specific details
herein set forth, but Wish to reserve to myself any
variations or modifications that may appear to
those skilled in the art or fall within the scope
of the following claims.
Having described my invention, I claim:
1. A tool of the character described including
a central elongate body, the body having a single
transverse opening and an offset passage in it
from its lower end communicating with the open
ing, overlapping arms shiftable in the opening
and adapted to project laterally from opposite
sides of the body, a central pilot projecting from
the lower end of the body, cutting parts on the
opening from the lower end of the body, over
lapping arms supported by the body with their
outer ends projecting laterally from the body, the -
arms being shiftable inwardly and outwardly in
the transverse opening, cutting parts on the outer
ends of the arms to be spaced laterally from the
body, a central pilot projecting from the lower
end of the body, and means for simultaneously
shifting the arms inwardly and outwardly equal
`amounts to vary the distance between the body
and the cutting parts, said means including a
single rotatable actuating key insertable through
the key .opening to engage the arms to impart
movement thereto.
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