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Nov. 26, >1946.
Filed May 8, 1944
l' BY _
JTA/V/fl/H/ fílß
Patented Nov. 26, `1 946
Stanislaw Feld, New York, N. Y.
Application May 8, 1944, Serial No. 534,577
1 Claim. (Cl. 33-25)
adjustable pantograph wherein the several bars
in one direction, will cause the scriber tcfproduce
figures larger than the figure traced by the stylus,
are pivotally connected by means which may be
considered permanent and unnecessary to be dis
turbed for proportioned adjustment, and means
the ñgures traced by the stylus.
The object of my invention is to provide an
while adjustment in the opposite direction will
cause the scriber to produce ñgures smaller than
In order to facilitate accurate adjustment of
for insuring accurate adjustment of the stylus
the stylus and scriber carriers Without the need
and marker elements by the setting of _a single
of adjustment scales on the bars 2U and 22, I
set of graduations.
provide turret I2 at diametrically opposite points,
The accompanying drawing illustrates my in
10 with pockets 21, 21 and provide each carrier 26
vention, in which
with a iinger 28 adapted to ñt the adjacent
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment
pocket 21.
of my invention in position upon a working
In order to adjust the apparatus to a desired
proportion, thumb screws 26', 26’ are loosened,
Fig. 2 is a plan with the parts in position for
15 `'the
Fig. 3 is a perspective View of the stylus or
several bars collapsed to the position shown
in Fig. 2, and fingers 28, 28 seated in the pockets
21, 21. Thumb screw I8 being loosened, main
bar I6 may be shifted through turret I2 to the
desired position, as indicated by the graduated
head; and
20 scale I1 and then fastened in position by thumb
Fig. 5 is a fragmental elevation of a detail.
screw I8. During this operation, the two carriers
In the drawing I0 indicates a main carrier pro
26 will be automatically shifted to proper posi
vided at one end with clamping means II by
tions for the desired proportionate setting, and
means of which the carrier I0 may be rigidly held
the thumb screws 26’ may then be tightened.
in position over the work surface, and provided
It will be noted that the operation of adjust
at the other end with a rotary turret I2 jour 25
ment may be performed by a single operation and
nalled by the trunnion I3 on the base block I 4
that the pivotal connections I9, 2 I, 23 and 25, be
secured to the carrier I0. Turret I2 is provided
tween the several bars of the pantograph, need
with a diametrical perforation I5 in which the
not be disturbed. These pivotal connections,
main bar I6 of the pantograph is slidably mount
ed, said main bar being provided with a series of 30 therefore, may be of a permanent, non-separable
character thus contributing materially to contin
graduations I1 t0 indicate the proportional set
ued accuracy of operation and also avoiding lany
ting of the apparatus. Bar I6 may be held in
possibility of loss or displacement of the parts.
any desired position of adjustment relative to
It will be noted that during the operation of
turret I2 by the set screw I8. Pivoted at one
shifting of the main bar I6 with the two carriers ’
end of bar I6, at I9, is one end of a stylus bar
26 interlocked with the turret I2, one of the car
or scriber bar 20. Pivoted at 2I to the opposite
riers will be moved toward the pivotal support of
end of main bar I6 is the middle of a stylus bar
its carrying bar while the other of said carriers
or scriber bar 22. Pivoted at 23 at one end of
will be proportionately moved away from the piv
bar 22 is one end of 'a control bar 24, the opposite
end of which is pivoted, at 25, to the middle of 40 otal supports of its carrying bar.
I call attention to the fact that either carrier
bar 2D, the distance between pivots I 9 and 25
being equal to the distance between pivots 2I and
26 may carry the stylus while the other carries
23. Slidably mounted on the free ends of bars
the scriber but, for convenience in the claim,
bar 20 will be designated the stylus bar and bar
20 and 22 are carriers 26, 26, each of which may
be held in its adjusted position by its thumb 45 22 will be designated the scriber bar, but in in
screw 26’. Either carrier 26 may be considered
terpreting the claim it is to be understood that
as the stylus, and the other as the scriber.
the terms “scriber” and “stylus” may be inter
The main bar I6 may be adjusted lengthwise
through the turret I2. When in its middle posi
I claim as my invention:
tion, Where the distance between the axis of the 50
A pantograph comprising a main bar, a pivotal
turret I2 and pivot 2| is equal to the distance be
support for the main bar with respect to which
tween pivots I9 and 25 and between pivots 2I
the main bar is slidable transversely of said pivot,
and 23, the iigure produced b-y the scriber will be
a stylus bar pivotally associated> with one end of
the same size as the iigure traced by the stylus.
said main bar, a scriber bar pivotally associated
y Adjustment of bar I6 from this middle position 55 with the other end of said main bar, a controller
scriber carrier; '
Fig. 4 is an axial section of the main carrier
bar pivotally connected to the scrîber bar and
mating means carried respectively by the main
bar support and the stylus and scriber carriers
for holding the stylus carrier and soriber carrier
the stylus bar so as to maintain parallel rela
tionship with the main bar, a stylus carrier slid
ably mounted upon the free end of the stylus bar,
a scriber carrier slidably mounted on the free end
of the scrìber bar, means to hold said scriber car
rier and stylus carrier in adjusted position, and
in fixed relation relative to the main bar support
during shifting of said main bar transversely o1'
the pivot of said support.
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