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Dec. 1)„1946.L
Filed March 22, 1945
In ventor
l Jämes l/V Hard/7g
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
James W. Harding, Marysville, Calif.
Application March 22, 1945, Serial No. 584,170
3 Claims. (Cl. 294-79)
This invention relates to gambrels such as are
the numeral 8. It comprises a pair of spaced
parallel rigid plates Il> of general rectangular
form. Flush with the top edges and secured
used by sportsmen and butchers for conven
iently suspending animals, for example, hogs, to
expedite handling thereof while butchering same
between the intermediate or central portions of
the plates is a rectangular block I0, this fas
cipal object of the invention is to provide an im
tened in place, as at II. The block is provided
proved gambrel which is collapsible by folding
With a -central swivelly mounted suspension eye
to assume- a conveniently compact condition for
I2. The lower surfaces of the block, as at I2, in
storing and transporting.
Figure 4, constitute stops or abutments,. Com
Needless to say, and as the introductory state 10 panion and smaller blocks I3 and I4, these being
ment of the invention implies, I am aware that
duplicates of one another, are secured, as at I5,
foldable gambrels are not new. Mindful of this,
between the so-called lower corner portions of
I have devised a simple and expedient gambrel
the plates. The upper and inner edges of these
which, it is believed, is practicable, susceptible of
function as abutments, and they are properly
expeditious handling and use, and which is 1.5 positioned to coact, in balanced relation, with
for the market and other purposes, and the prin
otherwise more satisfactory and aptly designed
the main central block II).
to achieve my desired aims.
The arms, which are also duplicates, are de
Keeping in 'mind the foregoing factors andr ob
noted by the numerals lli-I6, these being pro
servations, I accomplish the results desired
vided at their outer ends with suitably shaped
through the medium of a simple frame in the 20 hanger hooks I'I. The inner ends I8 are posi
form of a sheath, this provided with a swivelly ,
tioned for limited swinging movements between
mounted suspension eye and serving to accom
the plates`>9 and blocks I 0. I3 and I4. Said inner
modate the inner ends of the duplicate hanger
ends are pivoted, as at the points I9, to provide
arms, the latter having their inner ends hingedly
the desired hinge connection.
mounted and confined in said sheath.
In operation, that is, when the gambrel is set
Further, and in carrying out the specific prin
for use, the arms occupy the horizontal aligned
ciples of the invention, the sheath is provided ` positions seen in Figures 1, 2, 3 and 5. In par
with three properly constructed and positioned
ticular reference to Figure 5, it will be noted that
at this time the inner end portions I8 rest in
blocks, these functioning as abutments and serv
ing to equalize and distribute strains and stresses, 30 firm contact with the inner surfaces or abut
whereby to provide for stability and reliable and
ments I2 of the block I0. Simultaneously, the
convenient handling.
portions of the arms slightly outwardly of the
Other features and advantages will become
pivot rest on the then top surfaces or abutments
more readily apparent from the following de
of the blocks I3 and I4. It follows that the
scription and the accompanying illustrative 35 hinged end portions I8 coacting with the blocks
I0, and the adjacent end portions coacting with
In the drawing, wherein like numerals are em
the blocks I3 and I4, provide the distribution of
ployed to designate like parts throughout the
stress and strain and prevent breakage of the
hinge pins I9. Then, when the arms are folded
Figure 1 is a top plan or edge view of a gam 40 into parallelism and at right angles to the
brel constructed in accordance with the princi
sheath, as shown in Figure 4, the ythree blocks
ples of this invention, with the arms shown eX
also function as spacing and bracing elements,
tended to aligned supporting position.
Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same.
Figure 3 is an end View.
Figure 4 is an elevational view showing the
position of the arms and otherparts when said
as is obvious.
When the device is in use, the eye-equipped
45 swivel pin I2 provides a suitable suspension and
prevents twisting of hanger ropes such ,as are
sometimes used in hanging the carcass for
arms are collapsed or folded. ~
butchering. Also, the arms serve to spread the
Figure 5 is a fragmentary detail view in sec
tion and elevation showing the interior construc
tion of the sheath.
legs of the carcass to expedite handling the car- .
50 cass while skinning and butchering.
Referring now to the drawing by distinguish
ing reference numerals, it will be seen that all
of the parts are o_f proper materials, shapes and
proportions. The sheath is denoted, as a unit, by 55
'I'he distance between the abutment surfaces
I2 of the block I Il, and the abutment surfaces,
that is, the horizontal surfaces, of the blocks I3
and I4 is such as to accommodate the precise
Width of the pivoted inner ends of said arms.
additional blocks mounted between said plates,
said blocks being in alignment with each other
In other words, this is a precision selection and
organization of parts which is calculated to best
serve the intended ends.
Gambrels are generally well known, and the
and on a plane below the first-named block,
said second-named blocks also serving as abut
uses to which they are put are within the knowl
edge of those who use them. For this reason, it
ments for the pivoted ends of said arms.
2. A gambrel comprising a sheath embodying
of the alleged features of merit and novelty
able with the adjacent inner abutment surfaces
of -said block.
a pair of spaced parallel duplicate plates, a plate
is thought unnecessary to picture the carcass, in
spacer and abutment block mounted and secured
the drawing, suspended on the gambrel.
between the central upper edge portions of said
A careful consideration of the foregoing de
scription in conjunction with the invention as 10 plates, a swivel suspension eye mounted in said
block, a pair of arms hingedly mounted between
illustrated in the drawing will enable the reader
the plates and having their inner ends engage
to obtain a clear understanding and impression
sufficient to clarify the construction of the in
vention as hereinafter claimed.
Minor changes in shape, size, materials and
rearrangement of parts may be resorted to in
3. A gambrel comprising a sheath embodying
a pairof spaced parallel plates, a block secured
between said plates, a pair of arms hingedly
mounted between the plates and having their in
actual practice so long as no departure is made
ner ends engageable with an adjacent abutment
from the invention as claimed.
I claim:
20 forming surface oi said block, and additional
1. A gambrel comprisinga sheath embodying
a pair of spaced parallel plates, a'block secured
locks mounted between said plates, said blocks
being in alignment with eachother and on a
plane below the ñrst named block, said second
between said plates and provided with a swivel
named block also serving as abutments for the
suspension eye, and a pair of arms hingedly
mounted between the plates and having their 25 pivoted ends of said arms.
inner ends engageable with an adjacent abut
ment-forming surface of the block, together with
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