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Qec. 3, 1946.
' 2,411,863
Filed May 17, I945
Quantin B213
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
‘ “-
2,411,863 7
Quentin Berg, Detroit, Mich.
Application May 17, 1943, Serial No. 487,292
4 Claims. (01. 89-37)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 3'70 0.. G. 757)
The invention described herein may be manu
factured and used by or for the Government for
Figure 5 is a detail section showing the detent
on the locking pin.
Reference to these views will now be made by
use of like characters which are employed to des
governmental purposes, without the payment to
me of any royalty thereon.
The present invention pertains to a novel travel
lock for a gun having a delicate elevating mecha
nism which is subject to shocks and stresses such
as those transmitted from a moving vehicle on
ignate corresponding parts throughout.
In Figure 1 the numeral l designates an over
head support from which the gun elevating mech
anism is suspended. The support may be sta
tionary, rotary, mobile or both mobile and rotary
which the gun is mounted. The invention is also
useful with a stationary gun for protecting the 10 such as the turret of a tank or tank destroyer.
' elevating mechanism from various vibrations.
In considering a gun in a tank as an example,
it is obvious that road shocks will be transmitted
to the accurately machined elevating mechanism
A gun 2 is mounted on a trunnion 3 in the struc
ture 4 beneath the support I in the usual manner.
A mechanism for elevating the gun is shown and
described in detail in, one of my copending appli
unless some preventive means is provided. This 15 cations, serial No. 482,863, ?led April 13, 1943,
now Patent No. 2,368,191, issued January 30, 1945.
means ordinarily consists of a lock designed to fix
This mechanism includes a suspended threaded
the gun relatively to the tank. In order to pro
shaft, and the suspension comprises a plate 5 fas
tect the elevating mechanism, the lock must be
constructed even more accurately than the mech
tened to the support 1 and formed with a pair of
anism, for otherwise it will permit movement of
depending apertured ears 6.
the gun relative to the tank resulting in move
ment and wear in the delicate elevating mecha
nism. The provision of a simple and easily oper
ated lock meeting this requirement has not hith
‘1 is drilled transversely at its upper end as indi
cated by the numeral 8 to receive a tightly ?tted
bolt or pin 9 mounted in the ears 6. A resilient
bushing Ill lines each of the ears and ?ts on the
The suspended rod
erto been successfully accomplished.
The present invention attacks the problem
from a different direction. An extremely simple
or cushioned suspension for the rod ‘I.
enclosed part of the pin 9 to provide a resilient
The shaft is threaded at l I a considerable dis
tance upward from its lower end, and on the
and rather coarse lock or latch for the gun is em
ployed, merely for the purpose of holding the
threads is mounted a travelling member shown
mechanism against vibration relative to the tank 30 as a movable nut l2. The nut supports a housing
in large amplitudes. The elevating mechanism
l3 by appropriate means and the nut is rotated
by a handle IE to move along the rod 1 and carry
includes a vertical suspended shaft with a travel
ing member thereon and means for transmitting
the housing with it, as shown and described in
the motion of the traveling member to the gun.
the aforementioned copending application. The
I have found that a resilient suspension for this 35 housing 13 is bolted at Ii to the gun cradle l5,
whereby movement of the nut 52 and housing [3
shaft, in combination with the coarse latch, effec
tively absorbs shocks transmitted through the
alters the elevation of the gun.
latch and thus protects the more delicate adjust
As already indicated, the resilient suspension
ing mechanism. The suspension is in the form of
for the shaft obviates the necessity for a ?nely
supported resilient bushings receiving a cross pin 40 machined latch or lock. In this case the latch is
passed through the upper end of the shaft. A
of a very simple and coarse construction as shown
further advantage of the invention is that the
in Figures 1, 3 and 4. To the underside of the sup
bushings are inexpensive and can easily be re
port I is secured, as by welding, a strip 20 having
placed if they become worn or otherwise defec
ears 2! and 22 formed at its ends. An H-shaped
45 latch 23 is hinged on the ear 22 by a pin 24.
The invention is fully disclosed by way of ex
The other end of the member 23 is apertured at 25
ample in the following description and in the
to register with an ear 26 formed on the cradle l 5.
accompanying drawing in which:
The gun is locked by passing a pin 21 through the
Figure 1 is a detail elevation within a tank,
alined holes. One end of the pin is formed with
showing a portion of the gun in elevation;
50 a knob 28 and the other exposed end is ?tted with
Figure 2 is a vertical section, partly in eleva
a spring-pressed ball detent 29. The pin is thus
tion, of the gun elevating mechanism;
retained in locking position but can be withdrawn
manually by a hard pull on the knob 28. As
Figure 3 is a side elevation of the latch;
Figure 4 is an elevation at right angles to Fig
mentioned above, the latch is of coarse construc
ure 3;
55 tion and the parts thereof are machined with
relatively large tolerances, resulting in case of
manufacture. Due to the relatively loose ?ts be
tween the parts of the latch, the pin 21 is easily
support, said means also including a resilient
element, whereby shocks transmitted through
said coarse latch piece are effectively absorbed,
inserted through the aligned holes in the member
thus protecting said relatively delicate elevating
23 and the ear 26.
2. In combination with a gun pivotally mount
ed on a support subject ‘to vibrations and hav
ing a relatively delicate mechanism‘for elevating
said gun and a, connection between said mecha
“nism and said support, a coarse latch piece con
When the latch piece 23 is released from the ear
26, it is'swung upward so that its apertured free
ends register with the ear 2|, and the pin 21 is
inserted in the alined holes. In order that the
pin shall not become lost, it may be chained at ‘30
to the support I.
necting said gun to said support, said latch piece
being constructed and arranged to prevent vi
bration'of said gun in large amplitudes, yet to
v‘permit vibration of said gun in limited ampli
tudes, with respect to said support, the said
The gun 2 is delicately balanced on trunnions
3 and, unless locked, would rock relativeto the
vehicle in response to road shocks during travel
of the carrying vehicle. The tendency of the
gun to rock relative to its mounting onlthe \ve
hicle would exert stresses on,~and in time-cause
connection comprising a, resilient element be
tween -said "elevating mechanism and said sup
wear and injure, the delicately machined elevat
ing mechanism.
7 port, WhEI‘GbY'ShOCkS transmitted through said
Forthis reason a travel lock
is used and, in order to protect the elevating
mechanism from transmitted road' shock's, _must
coarse latch piece are e?ectively absorbed, thus
protecting said relatively delicate .elevating
vbe ‘even more accurately machined than the
3.7In. combination with. a gunpivotallymount
ed on a support>~vibrations..and..hav
mechanism. ' To provide such a lock thatis‘reas
onably simple in construction and easily operated
iingca relatively delicatemechanismlfor elevat
is'a dif?cult problem that has not‘yet been sat 25 ing said gun and a connection wbetweenlsaid
i'sfactorily . solved.
The travel locks hitherto
.mechanism. and. said support, a coarse latchpiece
available have been unsuccessful in use, princi
lpally because of the neglect of the‘ men to apply
piece being constructed andarrangedtdpre-vent
them before traveling, especially in combat.
vibration of .said .gun .in . large amplitudes, ,yet
connecting said gun tosaid support, saidv latch
--'I-‘~he lock- describedherein, as already pointed 30 to permit vibration. of .said gun limited‘ampli
-out,~islof exceedingly simple and rather‘coarse
construction, so that it does notrequire accurate
al-inement ofrthe holes, in order to be engaged.
The relatively large tolerances in the travel lock
permitv a small relative movement between the
‘gun and the vehicle, butithis is effectively ab
sorbed in'the resilient bushings Hi without in
jury to the delicate parts of the elevating mecha
tudes,.with respect to saidlsupport, fthewsaid
connection comprising-a pair of .7 apertured ears
.carried by -.said support, a rod "carried by said
.mechanismland having a,hole .therethrough, a
pin passing through the apertures vof said ears
35 ..
and-through the hole in'said~rod>,rand resilient.
»bushings=in said apertures and surrounding
said .pin, whereby shocks ‘transmitted through
5-nism. 'On-the other hand, the bushings are suf
said coarse latch piece - are 1 effectively. absorbed,
?ciently .st'i? to permit sensitive and accurate 110 thusprotecting said relatively delicate elevating
elevation control withoutthe feeling of back
lash. 'lEven vWithout the latch in the locked-po
In: combination with agun pivotally mount
sition on the. gun,'the rotating nut '12 and‘the
ed- on-a, support-subject to vibrationsandihav
threads I tare cushioned-by the bushings against
ing a relatively delicate» mechanism 1 for elevat
The bushings may-become worn or com
pressed in time but they are-inexpensive and
easily replaced on withdrawing the ping.
'Although aspeci?c ‘embodiment of the inven~
'tion has been illustrated and described,’ it will be
!understood that Various alterations in the de
tails of construction may be made without de
iparting from the scope of the invention as iridi
cated‘ by the appended claims.
What I claimiis:
1. In" combination with‘ a gun‘ pivotally' mount
ed on a support subject'to vibrations, ‘means
including a relatively delicateelevating 'mecha
nism connecting said ‘gun to said support, .a
ing said gun and a» connection between'?said
naechanismand said support, .a coarse-latch, piece
comprising ‘an . arm. vpivoted tov said support-and
.removably a?ixed -to .said ' gun connecting ».~said
.gun to 'said support, said latch-'piecewbeingzcon
-structed andarranged-to prevent-vibratiomoi
said . gun I in 1 large amplitudes, yetoto vpermit vvi
-.bration.of said guninlimited .amplitudes,~with
respect tozsaid- support, the said: connection. com
.. prising a.pairnoflaperturedears carried by. said
"support-a rod carriedbysaid mechanism-and
having -a, .hole therethrough, a . passing
through-. the, apertures of said- ears . andthrough
\ the lhole. .in.-.saidlrod,,_~and . resilient bushings .v in
coarse latch piecealso connecting said'gun‘to
said. aperturesand. surrounding said,.pin,~ .where
said support, said latch piece being constructed .60, by shocks transmitted .through said .coarselatch
and arranged to preventvibration‘o-I” said gun in
large'amplitudes, yet to permit vibration of. said
gun in. limited amplitudes, with 'respect‘to said
, piece are- ‘effectively absorbed, . thus. protecting
said relatively Ldélicate elevating :mecham‘sm.
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