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Dec. 3, 1946. v
Filed June 15, 1945
Patented Dec. 3, 12946
Horace G. Jackson, United States Navy
Application June 13, 1945, Serial No. 599,283
s claims.V (cl. z-zo)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 O. G. 757)
Fig, 2 is a section taken along section line 2-2
of Figure 1 partly in elevation and partly in sec
This invention relates to sewing devices and
more particularly to a new and improved “palm”
for the protection of the hands during sewing op
erations. Its intended use is to rende-r the forc
ing of a relatively large needle through two or
more plies of canvas, leather or other material to
In Figs. 1 and 2, the plastic plate is represented
by I. This plate has a curved notch for the
thumb of the operator cut out as at 2. An ex
be sewed together.
In the prior art it has been the practice to
employ protecting devices for workers’ hands
tension neck or arm of the main body of the
plate, co-planar therewith as shown at 3, is curved
around to ñt the back of the index and middle
fingers of the hand of the operator thereby as
sisting in holding the device in position. At 5 is
shown the curved edge o-f the plate which lits
along the inside surface of the lingers. 6 indi
cates the metal insert, the exposed face of which
is concave as shown in Fig. 2.
wherein a relatively flexible pad was adapted to
be engaged by the tool employed. In the pres
ent invention a protecting pad is formed from
substantially rigid material which will not ma
terially deform in use and will añord a greater
degree of protection for the user.
It is to be understood that by merely having
In the embodiment herein illustrated this mem
ber is shown applied to a sail maker’s palm which
serves to protect the hands during sail making
or repairing operations. Of course other uses of
the present invention will be apparent to persons
skilled in the art and it is not desired to be lim
ite-d thereto.
the metal insert project to either the front or rear
surface of the body plate determines whether the
device is for right or left handed operation. In
the embodiment as illustrated the device is for
right handed operation.
Various changes inthe shape of the device may
be made without affecting the function thereof
or without departing from the spirit of the in
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide a single, practical and easily manufactured
protecting device for the hands.
vention or the method of use.
Another object is to provide a protecting de
The operation of the device consists in grasp
vice which is substantially non-deformable and
ing it firmly in the hand. The thumb rests in
notch 2, the back of the index and middle ñnger
in notches yIl; the base of the fingers or the edge
will afford maximum protection.
Still another object is to provide a hand pro- .y
tecting palm which is readily formed fromv rigid
sheet material which will be light and strong in
Another object of one embodiment of the pres
ent invention is to provide means for engaging
the end of a tool and preventing slippage thereof. f
In the present invention the plate is so shaped
as to be comfortably gripped and by reason of its
peculiar shape is easily held between the thumb
and lingers in a iixed position against the palm
of the hand. The function of the tool engaging
of the palm of the hand rests along curved sur
face 5. The metal insert 6 is brought into con
tact with the head of the needle and the latter
is easily forced through the material to be sewed.
This invention may be made or used by or for
the Government of the United States for gov
ernmental purposes without the payment to me
of any royalties thereon or therefor.
What is desired to be secured by Letters Pat
ent of the United States is:
1. A hand sewing device for protecting the
hands during sewing operations comprising a
body of substantially non-deformable plastic ma
sewed without injury to the hand of the operator.
terial adapted to be grasped by the user, said
Specifically the device consists of a plate made a body having an integral, co-planar finger fitting
of plastic such as “Masonite” which (plate) has
portion extending therefrom.
those parts in contact with the thumb, iingersy
2. A hand sewing device for protecting the
and palm, rounded for the comfort of the oper
hands during the sewing operations comprising a
ator. A metal disc of lead, aluminum, brass or
body of rigid‘plastic material, and a metallic in
the like relatively soft metal is inserted therein.
sert in said body, the whole being adapted to be
The insert- is concave in its operating face in
order to prevent the needle from slipping to one *_‘A grasped by the user and said body having an in
tegral, co-planar finger ñtting portion extending
side when pressure is exerted.
means is to contact the head of the needle so
that it may be forced through the material to be
These various features are illustrated in the ac- -
companying drawing in which:
Fig. 1 is an elevation of the device, and
3. A hand sewing device comprising a plastic
55 plate including a metallic disc inserted therein,
upon the needle in forcing it through the ma
terial being sewed.
6. A sailmaker’s hand-palm adapted to function
said plate having an integral, co-planar iinger
fitting portion extending therefrom.
4. A hand sewing device comprising a rigid plas
tio plate including a relatively soft metallic in
sert therein, said plate having an integrals co
planar finger ñtting portion extending therefrom.
5. A handsewing »device adapted to function -as
a thimbleto force ya needle through material _being
sewed comprising a plate portion adapted to ñt
the palm of the hand; a portion, integral and
co-planar with the plate, extending therefrom to
the back of the fingers, adapted to ñt the backs
of certain of the fingers and a relativelysoft me
tallic disc inserted in the plate adapted to impinge
as a thimble to force a needle through material
being sewed comprising a rigid, plastic plate por
tion adapted to iit the palm of the hand; an arm
portion, integral and `co-planarwith the plate,
extending therefrom to the back of the fingers,
adapted to conform to the backs of certain of the
Yfingers and a relatively soft, concave metallic disc
inserted in the plate adapted to impinge upon
the'needle in forcing it through the material be
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