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Dec. 3, 1946.
Filed April 16, 194s
we 73
Patented Dec. _3, 1946
>2,411,920 '
Charles Hollerith, Jackson, Mich., assigner, by
assignments, to The B. F. Goodrich
Company, Akron, Ohio, a corporation of Ne
Application anni 1s, m5, seran No. 588,439
3 claim..
(o1. lss-152)
in expander tube brake construction, and has
reference to a brake -lining shield .and support
which functions to protect the expander tube
In `this positionthe central portion 88 is .
in overlapping relation with the opposed ends 24
and 28 of adjacent-brake blocks 2.2. Through
this arrangement the'tubev 38 is protected from
any> injury that might lotherwise result due to
-fluid pressure extruding the tube 88 upwardly
between '_theends'of adjacent 'brake blocks 2_2.
and at the same time support the brake blocks 4 Cil
» or brake lining in'its retracted position.
ìOne of the objects of the present invention
is to provide an improved brake' lining shield
overlapping engagement with the elongated slot
_ The present invention relates to improvements
and support of the character described.
lIn addition to the shielding function of -the
member 84 with respect to the expander tube
Another object of the invention is to provide
axnovel sheet metal tube shield and lining support
83, it also functions as a support for -the brake
_' \ blocks 22 to limit ‘their radially inward retrac
. tion under the, -action 'of the springs 82. As it
These and other objects and advantages resid
is relatively >simple in 'production to accurately
ing in the combination, construction and ar
l- - rangement of parts will be more fully understood 15 locate the slots -20 and to accurately form the
members 84, the result' is that the brake blocks
from a consideration of the following specifica
for expander tube brakes.
tion and claims.
- 22 may be uniformly supported in Atheir retracted
position throughout the entire circumference lof
In the drawing, wherein one form of the in
the brake structure.
vention is illustrated,
_ Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view taken .on line 20
y desire'to cover by Letters Patent and claim is:
I-I of Fig. II of a brake structure embodying
the present invention,
1. In a radial brake of the expander tube type,
in combination with an expander tube, a channel
Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken on line
II-II of Fig. 1, and
in which said tube is disposed, opposed openings
defined in the sides of said channel arcuate sec- '
Fig. 3 is a perspective view_of the brake lining `
tional brake blocks circumferentially disposed
' shield and support shown removed from the
The brake structure I0 comprises a
complementary sheet metal stampings
I4 which collectively define\ a channel
sides of which are formed inwardly at
Having thus described my invention, what; I>
in end to end relation on said .tube and guided
for radial movement in said channel, oi.' a shield
pair of
I2 and
I1, the
ferentially spaced points to provide thrust shoul
ders I 8. Elongated slots 28 are provided _in the
shoulders I8.
Sectional arcuate brake blocks 22 have their
Y for said tube and support for said brake blocks
comprising a relatively thin member _having its
ends supported in said openings to _bridge said
channel, said lme‘mber‘overlying said expander
`tube and being overlapped by opposed ends of
adjacent brake blocks, said ‘brake blocks being
supported on said member inA a retracted posi
tion, and means for retracting said brake blocks
opposed ends 24 and 2‘8 notched to provide clear
into engagement with said member.
ance for the shoulders I8, which receive the thrust
2. In combination- with a radially expandible
of the brake blocks 22. Aligned grooves 28 of
expander tube brake having a channelin which
the opposed ends 24 and 2_8 of the brakeblocks 22
define> the transverse opening in which the sheet 40 saidl tube is located, arcuate sectional 'brake
blocks disposed on said tube andguided within
vmetal tubular liner _88 is carried. A retractor
said channel for radial expansion and contrac
spring 82 is located within the sheet metal liner
tion, adjacent brake blocks being in opposed
80 and extends through elongated slots 20 of
end to end relation defining an open joint, of a
the shoulders I8. -For a more detailed descrip
tion of the brake structure just described. ref 45 relatively thin transverse shield bridging said
érence may be had to my issued Patent No. , channel and disposed between said tube and said
open joint to shield said tube from said open
2,350,038, granted May 30, 1944.
joint, means supporting said shield from the
To protect the expander tube’88 from injury
sides of said channel in bridging relationA there
that might result from extrusion of the same
between adjacent ends 24 and 28 of the brake 50 with. said brake blocks engaging with said shield
in their retracted position> to limit radial inward
blocks or linings, a sheet metal shield 84 is pro
movement, and meansv for retracting said brake
vided. As more clearly shown' in Fig. 3, the
- shield 84 has a central portion 8B, upright por
blocks against said shield.
-3. In combination with a radially expansible
Fig. 1', the flange portions 40 are snapped into 65 expander tube ’brake having a channel in which
tions 88 and flange portions 48. As shown in
said tube is located, arcuate sectional brake blocks
' disposed on said tube and guided within said
channel for radial lexpansion and contraction,
adjacent brake blocks being in opposed end-to
lend relation and deñning an open Joint, of a
tion of said member, said member having out
wardly extending nanges upon opposite ends
thereof, said danses engaging with the sides of
said channel to support said member in bridging
relation withrsaid channel, said brake blocks en
gaging with said member in their retracted' posi
relatively thin transverse member of channel
shaped construction, said member being disposed
tion to limit radial inward movement, and means
between said tube and said open joint to shield
for retracting said brake blocks against said
said tube _from said joint, the opposed ends oi
said blocks being supported in the channel por- 10'
member. ,
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