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De'l- 3, ‘1946.
‘ '
' 2,411,937.
Filed Julylb, 1944
Sheets-Sheet 1
Edward WPoureZZ
/v I
Dec. 3, 1946- ~
Filed July '10, 1944 ‘
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
EE/_ ,3
Edward WPoureZZ
1 z
Patented Dec. 3, “1946 I
hairpin stare
Parser ' praise . ‘
Edward ‘W. Powell, Chicago, Ill, assignor to ?ub‘
bard Spool Qompan'y, Chicago ml, a corpora»
tion of Illinois
Application my it, 1944, 'senamaatazsi
. i
e Claims. (or. gala-12s)
2 .
bead to the head disk ii, the side walls 22 ter=
My invention relates to reels or beams adapted for general use for holding metallic stock such as
wire, or textile stock such as cord, thread, yarn,
tape, or the like.
urinating in ?anges 23 which parallel the disk M _
and are secured thereto as by welding. The frame
portions 99 intermediate the arms incline from
the bead l8 and terminate in the ?ange portions
An important object of the invention is to pro
duce a beam of large capacity‘ but of -compara—
24 which are. in alignment with the arm ?anges
23 and are secured to the head disk l i as by weld
tively light weight and rigid'construction adapted
ing, the welding of these ?anges being indicated
particularly for holding textile stock such as
assembled warp strands to be delivered to looms
. for the manufacture of tape.
at 25. Each spider frame can be readily punch
10 pressed out of a piece of sheet metal stock.
The central portion‘ ll of v each reinforcing
A further object is to produce abeam con
frame is held in abutting engagement with the
outer face of the projection M of the correspond
ing head disk when the arms and intermediate
metal disks and are sti?ened, strengthened and
braced by reinforcing spider structures stamped 15 portions of the spider frame are welded to the
disk. Each projection M has an axial opening '
integral from sheet metal with stiffening» rib
26 for receiving the inner end of a cylindrical
bing and secured to the head disks to form' strong
structed of comparatively light gauge sheet metal
parts in which the heads are in the ,form of sheet '
trunnion pin 21 which extends outwardly beyond ’
head structures which will resistand withstand,
the spreading strain imposed thereon when the
the outer plane of the bead l8 on the reinforcing
frame. The trunnion pin has the surrounding
stock is wound up on the beam.
?ange v28 which is received in the opening” in
Additional objects and features of my invention
the wall, "of the spider frame and abuts the
will become apparent from the following detailed
outer face of the projection M. The opening 29
speci?cation in connection with-the drawings, in
is of slightly larger diameter than the ?ange 28
Figure 1 is an end elevation of the beam;
v25 so that by arc welding 30 the welding metal will
secure the trunnion ?ange 28 to the surrounding
Figure 2 is a side elevation partly in section on
wall ll and to the disk projection M. The outer
Figure 3 is a section on plane III-III of Figure
face of the trunnion ?ange 28 may be in the
plane 11-11 of Figure 1;
Al; and
4 plane of the outer edge of the bead l8 or in a
plane outwardly of the bead, and the plane of the
outer edge'of the rim ?ange l5 oi the disk ii is
preferably inwardly of the plane of the outer face
Figure 4 is a section on plane IV-IV_ of Fig’
The beam shown comprises the cylindrical hub
I70 which may be of metallic‘ or’ nonwmetallic
material. As shown, it may be a length of metal
of the trunnion ?ange.
A drive abutment is provided on each of the
spider frames for receiving a drive member for
rotating the beam when it is mounted on its trun
tubing or may be formed up from sheet metal
stock. Each head structure comprises a disk ll
of sheet metal, these disks being secured to the
ends of the hub by tongues 12 extending from
' nions. As shown onFiguresJ and4 a rectangular
' ' radially extending slot>3l may be cut in the spider
the hub through slots l3 in the disks and then '
frame into which a driving lug or pin may extend
de?ected radially outwardly to be secured as ,by 40 for rotation of the beam. However, to provide
more abutment surface for the driving lug or pin,
welding against the outer faces of the disks. The _
' the metal of the spider frame is cut to de?ne the
central portion of each disk which spans the re
spective end of the hub is de?ected outwardly to ‘ inner and outer edges of the slot and the metal
between these edges is cut through along the cen
' form’ the frusto-conicai' projection I‘. The ‘pe~
ripheral portion of each disk‘ is de?ected out 45 ter line a: so that the metal at opposite sides of
this line may be de?ected inwardly to form the
wardly to form the circular ?ange or rim i5 hav
opposed abutment walls 32 for the driving lug
ing the circumferential groove 16 therein for re
ceiving driving or brake belts.‘
or pin..
istamped integral of sheet metal.
Each spider
frame comprises a circular central portion l1 sur- -
rounded by an outwardly‘directed peripheral bead
I8, the intermediate portions l9, and the arms 20.
The arms are of arch cross-section, the crowns
2| thereof being inclined to extend from the
After-formation of the, beams, they may be
Each head disk is reinforced by a spider frame
metal plated or may be lacquered, or otherwise
coated as by dipping thereof. In order to prevent
accumulation of plating ‘solution or metal, or
' lacquer or coating material in the spaces between
the head disks II and the reinforcing frames, the
crown portions 2| of the spider arms terminate '
short of engagement with the disks ll so as to‘
leave outlets 33 from which the coating material
may escape.
I thus produce a beam or reel which is of light
weight relative to the load to be carried thereon
and whose head structures are amply sti?ene'd,
strengthened, and reinforced to withstand spread
ing strains to which theyvwill‘ be subjected“ The
light sheet metal parts can be readily‘v formed
integral from sheet metal stock and secured or
welded together to produce the rigid structure.
I have shown a practical and efficient embodi
ment of the features of my invention but I do not
desire to be limited to the exact construction and
arrangement shown and described as changes and
de?ected outwardly to form a frusto-conical pro
jection spanning said end of the bore, and an
outer sheet metal disk cut to star shape with its
point portions secured against the outer side of
the inner-disk, the body portion of said outer disk '
being de?ected outwardly to form a-frusto-conical
projection receiving the inner disk projection and
' of diameter to extend ‘radially beyond said inner
disk projection.
4. A reel or beam comprising a tubular sheet
metal barrel and head structures for the ends
thereof, each head structure comprising an inner
sheet metal disk secured to the respective end
of the barrel and having its central portion which
modifications may be made which would come
within the scope of the invention as de?ned in the
crosses the corresponding end of the barrel bore
de?ected outwardly to form a frusto-conical pro
jection spanning said end of the bore, and an
appended claims.
outer sheet metal disk cut to star shape with its
point portions secured-against the outer side of
I claim as my invention:
1. A reelv or beam comprising a hub and head 20 the-inner disk, the body portion of said outer‘
disk being de?ected outwardly to form a frusto
structures for the ends thereof, each head struc
ture comprising a'metal disk having its central
portion opposite the hub end de?ected outwardly
conical projection receiving the inner disk pro
jection and of diameter to extendradially beyond
to frusto-conical form, and a one-piece metal re
said inner disk'projection, said star points of said
outer diskbeingde?ected outwardly to arch cross
section whereby said outer disk forms a rigid
brace for the inner disk to prevent ?aring of the
heads under. load applied to the reel.
inforcing frame havinga central portion abutting
the outer side of said disk projection and arms
extending radially, said arms being of arch cross
section and tapering gradually outwardly and de
creasing gradually in depth with their side walls
abutting the disk and being welded thereto, the ';
crown portions of said arms ‘terminating short of
contact with said disk whereby to leave vent
openings for the escape of plating metal or solu
tion, or other coating material with which the
5. A reel ‘comprising a tubular sheet metal a
barrel and head structures for the ends thereof,
each head structure comprising an inner sheet
metal disk, means'securing said inner disk against
the respective end of the barrel, the central por
tion of said inner disk being de?ected outwardly
reel or beam is to'be coated.
at to form a irusto-conical projection spanning the
respective end of the barrel bore, an outer sheet
2. A reel or beam comprising'a hub and head
structures at the ends’ thereof, each head struc
ture comprising a metal disk having its central
metal disk in the form of a star, the central por
being de?ected to form radial arms of arch cross
. the star points of said outer disk being de?ected ~
tion of said outer disk being de?ected outwardly
to ‘form a frusto-conical projection receiving the
portion de?ected outwardly into frusto-conical
shape, a reinforcing spider formed integrally of 40 inner disk projection and extending radially
therebeyond to abut the inner disk and to leave
sheet metal and having a central portion abut
a space ‘between said projections for receiving the
ting the de?ected portion of the disk, the por
means which secures the inner disk to the ‘barrel,
tion of said spider outside of its central portion
section with their side walls terminating in .45 to be of arch cross section and being secured at
their edges against said inner end disk whereby
?anges welded to the vdisk, the de?ected portion
said outer disk will form a reinforcement for the
of said disk having an axial opening and the
inner disk to stiffen the head structures against
central portion of said spider having an axial
de?ection under loads applied to the reel.
opening of larger diameter than said disk de?ec
6. A. reel comprising a tubular barrel and head
tion opening, a trunnion pin extending at its inner 50
structures for the ends thereof, each head struc
end through said disk' de?ection opening and
ture comprising a sheet metal inner disk and a
having a. ?ange thereon extending into the spider
reinforcing sheet metal outer disk secured to the
central portion opening, there being clearance be
inner disk, said inner disk having an axial open
tween the edge of said spider central portion
ing of one diameter and said outer disk having an
opening and the trunnion?ange for receiving
axial opening of larger diameter, a trunnion pin
welding metal. for welding the trunnion pin to
extending at its inner end into said inner disk
said disk and spider-central portions.
opening and having a ?ange thereon extending
3. A reel or beam comprising a tubular sheet
into the outer disk opening, there being clearance
metal barrel and head structures for the ends
thereof, each head structure comprising an inner 60 between the edge of the outer disk opening and
said ?ange for receiving welding metal for weld
sheet metal disk secured to the respective end
ing the trunnion pin to both of said disks.
' of the barrel and having its central portion which
crosses the corresponding end of the barrel bore
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