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Dec. 3,1946.
Filed April 5, 1943
__ __ _
L9 ,6
5 20
F | G. 3.
y'atented 3w. 3, i
- John Frank Weakley, St. Louis,‘ Mo., minor to
Carter Carburetor Corporation, St. Louis, him,
a corporation of Delaware
Application April 5, 1943, Serial 'No. 481,846
7 Claims.- (01. 137-139)
This invention. relates to valve controlling
by means of a screw IS. The spring strip is se- -
means for internal combustion engines and more
cured at its other end to a coiled spring I] whichv
is partially threaded on theextremity‘of an ad
particularly to means for controlling the throttle
justing screw l8 pivoted at IS. The cam lever,~ and
spring are enclosed within a governor housing 20
In the usual form of carburetor for internal
mounted on the side of the carburetor barrel. '
‘combustion engines there is provided a butter?y
Screw It extends into an extension 2| of the
housing where it is provided with an adjusting
type throttle valve having readily accessible
means for adjusting the maximum closed posi
tion to ‘which the valve can be moved by the
- slot 22. .T'hese parts comprise substantially av
throttle return spring for normal idling. Ordi 10 known governor in which spring l1 constantly
tends to open the. unbalanced throttle plate 8
narily, the idling adjustment is effected by means
against the force of air now downwardly through
of a screw, carried by the‘throttle arm, which en
gages a ?xed abutment on the carburetor body to
the carburetor barrel.
limit the throttle closing movement. However,
' A projection 25 on cam lever I4 is adapted to
if the idle adjusting screw should be withdrawn 15 engage a stop 26, secured to the inner wall of.
too far, the powerful throttle return spring may ,
wedge the throttle plate within the carburetor
barrel resulting in sticking of the valve and dam
age to the valve plate and-barrel. This possibility ‘
is of particular importance where the throttle is 20
of the governor type'in which the governor spring. 1
is relied upon, normally for opening the throttle.
Inv such case, the spring may not be strong
enough to dislodge a wedged throttle and the
housing l9 by an eccentric screw 21, just as the
throttle plate reaches its .fully closed position.
The setting of this eccentric is ‘permanently ef- '
fected in the factory as'a part of the assembly
ing operation and, in service, it igunacces'sible
except upon removal of cover 28. The slot in
screw 21 may be closed to further defy temper
On the. other end of throttle shaft 9 there is
valve may be thereby rendered inoperative:
25 provided a lever having opposed'arms 28 and 30,
the former being pinned at 3| to a iink‘32‘ c'on- The main object ‘of the present invention is to
nected to piston 33 slidable in dash' pot cylinder
provide means for overcoming this disadvantage
34 which functions to dampen pulsations of the
' by preventing wedging of the throttle valve plate
throttle valve. .This arm is also provided witha
and, additionally, providing means for positively
opening the valve in case of non-functioning of 30 lip 35 for a purpose to be mentioned later.
The above parts are received within-a casing‘
said ?rst means or the governor spring.
36 which is formed .as an integral part of the car
This object and' other more detailed objects
buretor'barrel. and is provided with a cover plate '
hereafter appearing are attained by-the device
31. This cover plate is centrally enlarged at 38
illustrated in the accompanying drawing in
' which
.35 and journals a stub' shaft 39 to the inner end of ‘
which is rigidly secured an operating member
Fig.1 is a sideaview of part of a carburetor em-v
bodying the invention, portions being sectioned
having projecting ?ngers 40 and“. At the out
er end of shaft 39 there is rigidly secured a throt
tle operating arm 42 to the ‘upper portion of
Fig. 2 is a ‘partial 'side view and section taken
substantially on the corresponding section line 40. which there is fastened a link 43 extending to the
clearer illustration.
usual accelerator pedal adjacent the driver's
seat. There is also provided the usual throttle
return spring diagrammatically indicated at 44.
on the line 3-3 of. Fig. 1 and
Fig. 4 is an elevation showimg the ‘throttle op- . - Spring 44 is more powerful than governor spring
45 l1 so that when the accelerator pedal is released
erating lever and idle adjusting means.
by the driver, the throttle will be ‘moved to its
The ?gures show a downdraft carburetor in
closed position.‘ cluding a barrel 6 and adjacent constant level
' Control arm 42 is also provided with a thread- 7
chamber 1. At the lower end of the barrel there
ed boss 45 receiving idle adjusting screw 48 dis
is provided a butter?y throttle plate 8 mounted
posed to engage an abutment "on cover plate
o?f center on a shaft 9 journalled in suitable bear
31. Normally, screw 46 will be adjusted so that
ings l0 and H and projecting therebeyond at,
of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a partial side view and section taken
both ends.
On theyleft hand end of the throttle shaft,
(Figs. 1 and 3)' there is rigidly attached a cam
the throttle valve'will be held slightly open dur
ing normal idling, permitting su?icient air to
pass the throttle to form a suitable combustible
like lever M to which is secured a spring strip I5 ~55 mixture with the idling fuel emerging from port
is frequently adjusted by unskilled persons asv
structure, a
to i
position, and an-addltional device coop- .
closing of said'throttle far enough to cause wedg
ing and sticking thereof in said conduit.
case, the engagement of eccentric 28 by the ?nger
2t prevents sticking and damaging of the throt
erablle with said structure to permanently prevent
too far so as to permit the throttleplate to en
gage the walls of the carburetor barrel. in such
‘an idle adjusting screw mounted in said structure
for adjustably limiting'the closing of said throttle
well as mechanics, this screw may be‘ withdrawn ‘
structure movable with said throttle,
abutment structure adjacent said
, will not contact eccentric 26, However,
since adjusting screw GB is readily accessible and
8d. Thus; projection Zion cam lever ‘inner,
4.1a combination with an internal combustion -
10 engine intake conduit having’a butter?y ‘throttle
therein, spring means to open said'throttle, more
powerful sp m.- means for closing said ‘throttle’,
1r: ~1-ger so cooperates with arm Mtoclose the
throttle, underthe
uence of ret
spring M,
' when the accelerator pedal is released. Finger
ti on the stub shaft normally has no function,
_ manual means to retract said latter spring means
to permit opening of said throttle by said ?rst
’ since when return spring 44 is counteracted by 15 spring means, arm structure movable with said
throttle, an abutment adjacent said structure, an
depressing of the accelerator pedal, the throttle
idle adjusting screw carried'by said structure and
cooperable with said abutment to ii: the idling
position of said throttle, and an additional device
plate will be moved openward to the extent per
mitted by the counterforce of the air ?ow through
the carburetor and the positioning of finger Ill.
‘ However, in case of failure of spring ll because 20 cooperable with said arm structure to perma
nently prevent closing of said throttle far enough
of sticking of the throttle or for any other vreason,
‘and also should eccentric 21 or finger 28 be exces
7 I to cause wedging thereof-in said conduit.
5. in combination with aninternal combustion '
sivelyoworn or damaged, so as not to function
engine intake conduit having a throttle therein
and main and idling fuel supply systems, means
to nearly close said throttle for normal idling,
meansto adjust the idling position otsaid throt
properly, ?nger Ill on the throttle control lever
will engage lip 35 on arm 20, when the accelerator
pedal is fully depressed, to positively Open the
‘throttle a slight amount. while the substantially
tie,‘ and means to permanently limit closing -
complete governing-range of the throttle is not
a?ected. Thus, the carburetor will remain op
movement of said throttle to the fully closed po
erative to run the engine at a slow speed even 30 sition to prevent sticking and damaging thereof
though‘ the governor should fail.
in case of faulty ‘functioning of said closing
~ The type of carburetor and governor shown are
not essential and, in fact, the emergency-mecha
s. in combination with an internal combustion
engine intake conduit, a ?ow responsive butter?y ~
nism may be varied as will occur to those skilled
in the art; The exclusive use of all such modi?
throttle therein, yielding means to open said
cations as some wit
throttle, manual control mechanism including a
throttle return spring more powerful than said
the scope of the appended ‘
11a is contemplated.
l cl:
i. In combination with an internal combustion
yielding means, arm structure movable with said
idle adjusting screw carried by said
structure, and a pair of abutment: adjacent,
engine intake conduit, a throttle thereimmeans
to yieldingly open said throttle, a device for clos
- said structure, one for engagement by ‘said screw '
ling saidv throttle against said ‘means, readily ac
cessible means to adjustably limit the closing of
‘and the other for cooperating with said arm
structure to prevent closing oi’ said throttle far‘
enough to cause wedging thereof or- damage,
said throttle 101? normal idling. and an additional. ‘
- less accessible device to "prevent closing of said
valve far enough to cause wedging or sticking
thereof in said conduit.
2. In combination with an internal combustion
engine intake conduit, a throttle therein, means
to yieldingly open said throttle, manual throttle '
control mechanism including a, spring for nor
"mally closing said throttle against said yielding ‘
means, a readily‘ accessible, adjusting device for
limiting the closing of said throttle to a partially
thereto regardless of the position of said adjust
ins‘ screw.
‘Z. In combination with an internal combustion
1' ~-'t~'- e intake conduit, a butter?y throttle there
inand responsive to pressure in said conduit, a‘
spring normally tending to open said throttle,
' throttle control mechanism including a part for ,
closing said throttle at the will of the operator, a k .
device for adjustably limiting the closing of ‘said
throttle to idling position, and a protective device ,
. ‘open, normal idling position, and an additional"
for preventing-closing of said throttle far enough
device limiting ,the closing movement of said
throttle to prevent wedging and sticking thereo
to cause sticking thereof, said controimechanism "
‘also including a part constituting a one-way op
in said conduit.
erative connection with said throttle for insuring
opening of said throttle in case of non-function
3. In combination with an internal combustion _'
engine intake conduit, a throttle therein, means
to yieldingly open said‘ throttle. manual throttle
‘control mechanism including a spring for nor
' mally closing said-throttle against saidyieldingv
'“ing'oi said opening spring of said protective‘de
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