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Dec. 3, 1946.
'H, 5, YOUNG :
Filed Oct. 11, 1943
Patented Dec. 3, 19.46
Harry S. Young, South Williamsport, Pa.
Application October 11, 1943, Serial No. 505,821’?
2 Claims. (01. 220—5)
My invention relates to containers, such as
barrels, drums and the like, and has among its
objects and advantages the provision of an im
proved knockdown container.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is a side view of a container in ac
cordance with my invention;
Figure 2 is a sectional detail view illustrating
the manner in which the sections of the con
tainer are brought together for connection one 10
with the other;
Figure 3 is a sectional view along the line 3—-3
closed, the sections l2 may be nested one within
the other to provide a compact arrangement to
the end that shipping space may be reduced in
a relatively large degree.
To protect the hoop 22 when handling the ?lled
container, each section I2 is deformed to pro
vide an annular rib 28, with the joint 30 located
between the ribs. Thus the container may be
rolled without causing any damage to the joint.
In cases where the container is ?lled with ma
terial which might solidify, a plate 32 is arranged
between the ?anges l6 so as to provide a divid
ing wall in the plane of the line of separation
between the sections, thereby facilitating sep
Figure 4 is a fragmentary end view of one of
15 aration of the sections and the contents therein.
the container sections; and
While the hoop 22 provides an efficient tying
Figure 5 is a sectional view illustrating the
of Figure 1;
means for the two sections, this hoop may be
manner in which a partition may be incorporated
easily cut with a hammer and cold chisel when
in the container in the plane of the line of sep
separating the sections. Either or both sections
aration between the sections.
In the embodiment of the invention selected 20 l2 may be provided with ?ller openings in the
manner of conventional steel drums and the like.
for illustration, the barrel l0 comprises two iden
Without further elaboration, the foregoing will
tical steel sections I2. Each section has an end
so fully illustrate my invention, that others may,
margin bent about a reinforcing rod 14 of cir
by applying current knowledge, readily adapt the
cular formation, with the bend terminating in a
?ange I6 arranged at right angles to the longi 25 same for use under various conditions of serv
tudinal axis of the barrel.
Each ?ange I5 is provided with two openings
18 and two dowels 20. The dowels 20 on one
?ange are receivable in the openings N3 of the
I claim:
l1. A drum comprising two sheet metal half
drum sections circumferentially joined, the edge
other ?ange when the sections I2 are brought 30 portions of which are bent backwardly upon
themselves to form U-shaped recesses, then
together, as in Figure 3, with the ?anges l6 lying
curved outwardly and around to form annular
in face to face engagement.
circular beads and then inwardly to form an
To connect the sections l2, the sections are
nular circular ?anges, reinforcing rods inside
aligned in the manner of Figure 2 and pressed
beads, and a rupturable hoop having the
together to bring the ?anges I6 into face to face 35
outer edges thereof bent to conform to and con
engagement. A metal hoop 22 is then placed
tact said beads to hold the sections in connected
about the beads 24 containing the rods M with
relationship with said ?anges engaging face to
a sealing body 26 overlying the two beads. When
face, said ?anges being provided with openings
the sections are brought together, as in Figure 3,
the hoop 22 is crimped about the beads 24, as in 40 and dowels, with the dowels in each ?ange ?t
ting the openings in the other ?ange to restrain
Figure 3, to hold the sections l2 in firm end to
the sections from relative rotation.
end engagement. The packing 26 provides a
2. The invention described in claim 1 wherein
sealed joint, and the dowels 20 key the sections
said sections are provided with deformations in
to restrain the latter from relative rotation. Thus
the nature of annular ribs having diameters ex
the sections 12 may be ?rmly connected into a 45 ceeding the diameter of the hoop holding the sec
unitary structure.
tions in face to face relationship to each other
Drums, barrels and the like are efficient con
and packing means are supported by said hoop
tainers but ‘are objectionable when being trans
about the container in the plane of the meet
ported in empty condition because of the large
space displacement in contrast to the relatively 50 ing ?anges.
light load. In a construction of the type dis
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