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Dec. 3, 1946.
Filed July 18, 1944
2 sheets-sheet i
.3,34% «VZ~M~
Dec. 3, 1946.
Filed July 18,4 >1944
v2 sheets-sheet 2 `
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
Harry Cleon Boone, Lubbock, Tex.
Application July 18, 1944; Serial No. 545,477
2 Claims. (Cl. 2-44)
This invention relates to braces for holding and
supporting the body of a person having back or
tions broken away and sectioned to disclose "more
adequately the construction of the brace;A
other injuries, and is particularlydirected to forms
of braces for use in connection with back injuries.
IIt has been found that the braces shown in this
away and portions shown in section;
Figure 2 is a plan view having portions broken
Figure 3 is a view in elevation having a portion
broken away and a portion shown in section'.
Figure 4 is a view in front elevation showing
`a modified form of my invention;
application support theV back adequately while
they are at the same time comfortable in use
and allow adequate freedom for breathing and
Figure 5 is a View in plan of the lstructure
While a plaster cast completely surrounding the 10
Figure 6 is a view in side elevation ofthe modi
body initially forms a satisfactory brace, so far
shown in Figure 4.
as support for the body and the back-bone is
Referring specifically to the drawings, it may
concerned, yet it is uncomfortable and incon
be seen that I have shown in Figure 1 a brace I I
venient because of the failure to provide for the
other necessary bodily actions.
on a. body I2 and formed substantially as
necessity for breathing, eating, etc. Moreover, by 15 fitted
a portion of a cylinder, but having openings above
reason of the movement of the cast caused by
and below through which the body I2 may ex
breathing, eating, etc., it becomes loose after a
and also having opening I3 in the rear end
time and does not form a proper support.
I4 in front, for comfort of the
One of the objects therefore of the present in
wearer. While the cylinder is, except for said
vention is the provision of a satisfactory body 20 opening I3, 'complete in the rear and on both
brace of sufficiently strong and rigid construc
sides, in the front there is a break across which
tion to support an injured back adequately and
tabs I5, I6, I1 and I8, extend toward each other,
for a suñicient length of time, which brace is,
but do not contact normally with each other
nevertheless, so formed that it is comfortable in
25 when the brace is worn. That is, the brace is an
incomplete cylinder with a space in the front
A further object of the invention is the provi
thereof. The tabs I5 and I6 are arranged to be
sion of a metal body brace covered with a softer
secured together by a strap I9 and the tabs Il
material and having openings formed at appro
and I8 are similarly arranged to be secured to
priate places.
gether by a strap 2I.
A further object of the invention is the provi
sion of a metal frame covered with a softer mate
rial, which softer material is formed with exten
sions for securing the unit about the body of the
Referring more specifically to the construction .
of the brace it may be seen that the brace is
formed of a metal (preferably steel) plate 22
having a slight spring, cut and bent in appro
CO Ul priate form and covered with a leather cover
One feature of the invention is the provision of
23, which is formed of leather sheets 24 and 25.
a steel frame formed with upper and lower open
secured to each other and extending on both sides
ings through which the body extends, and with
of and completely covering steel plate 22. The
leather is secured so as to completely cover the
front and rear openings for the purpose of com
fort, which steel frame is provided with a -leather 40 plate by stitchings 26, which stitchings extend
covering securely holding the metal frame in posi
tion and eliminating discomfort in the use of such
A further feature of the invention is~the pro
vision of a steel frame having appropriate open
ings, having a leather cover and having leather
straps secured to said cover and arranged to se
cure the brace to the body of the user.
Further objects and features of the invention
may be seen from a study of the accompanying 60
speciñcation and drawings, in which:
Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of one of
my improved braces, shown in place on a por
tion of the body of the wearer (such portion of the
body being shown in outline) and having por
completely around the periphery thereof and
around the periphery of the openings therein.
The straps I9 and 2I are secured by stitchingsl
21 and the buckles 28 and 29 are similarlyl
stitched to the 'tabs I5 and I1.
I have found that a cloth covering is not satis
factory because it will give and also is objec
tionable for sanitary reasons. I therefore use
leather as a cover for .the steel plate.
In the modification shown in Figures 4 to 6
inclusive, the brace I I I is similarly provided with
upper and lower openings through which the
body may protrude, and with a rear opening IIB
and a forward opening II4 and similarly has a
55 metal sheet |22 and leather covering I 23 com
prising sheets |24 and |25. It is provided with
straps |19 and |20 and buckles |28 and |29, and
is stitched similarly to the preferred embodiment
as shown at |26.
It is also provided with upwardly extending
projections |3|, |32, |33 and |34, which extend
above .the level. of the arm-pits and provide braces
for upper portions of the body where such sup
port is necessary. This embodiment of my inven
,tion is constructeçlfespeciallyV for vcases where
there are breaks in 'theback-bone in the upper
part of the back of the wearer.
In putting on and adjusting for the wearer a 4
brace constructed according to my invention, the
.. ¿1.
. _4.
may be made therein without departing from the
spirit and scope of the invention, as defined 'oy
the following claims.
I claim:
1. Foruse in supporting the body of a person
having injuries to his back, a brace comprising
a metal sheet bent substantially in the form of
a disconnected cylinder, provided with projec
tions atthe disconnected portion extending to
ward each other and with strapsconnecting such
projections, formed with openingsvfr‘ont’and rear
whereby the wearer may breathe and eat nor
" mally without destroying the bracing effect of
the brace, and also provided with two upstand
straps I9 and 20 (or ||9 and |20) are released 15 ing tabs in the front one on each side and with
from the buckles 28 and 29 (or |28 and |29) and
two upstanding tabs in the rear one on each side
the brace is put around the body in a manner l y for sup-porting the shoulders above the level of
similar to the usual manner of putting on, a belt,
tthe arm-pits.
the natural spring of the steel plate allowing the
2. A Itorso engaging brace comprising a gener
front tabs to be separated farther while the brace 20 ally cylindrical metal sheet interrupted in front
is positioned. Thereafter .the straps are> rein
and provided with vertically spaced upper and
serted in the buckles and tightened and the brace
lower integral projections extending toward one
then forms a perfect support for the body. At
another at the interruption, and fiexible means
-the same time the wearer, because of the open
connecting the projections to form a unitary
ings in front and rear ofthe brace, may breathe 25 structure, .the back engaging portion 'of said sheet
normally and naturallyï and similarly, because
having an opening therein and said projections
and nexible'means deñning an opening inthe
of said openings, the distentio-n of the stomach
after eating does not affect the ñt .of the brace.
front of the structure whereby lthe wearer may
breathe and eat normally while wearing the
l It is to be understood that the above described
embodiments of my invention are for the pur 30 brace.
pose of illustrationonly, and'various changes
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