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Dec. 3,
Filed Dec. 23, 1944
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
Lawton D. Giantvalley, Oakland, Calif., assignor
of one-half to Carl F. Carlson, Oakland,
Application December 23, 1944, Serial No. 569,556
6 Claims. (Cl. 219—4)
My invention relates, to stingers, and more par
ticularly to stingers for use in the application
of insulation to walls of metal.’
Among the objects of my invention are:
(1.) To provide a novel and improved stinger
for use in applying insulation to walls of metal;
for holding-the chuck in its assembled position
(2) To provide a. novel and improved stinger
of light weight andcapable of extremely efficient
use. in the application of’ insulation to metallic
in the front wall adjacent the finger channel 35,
which will normally be occupied by the index
?nger, the wall is provided with an opening 49
10 to permit of the protrusion of a ?nger control ele
during use of the device.
The body is contoured to provide a pistol grip
including ?nger channels 35,31, 39 and 4| in the
front wall 43, and a shoulder 45 in the upper por
tion of the rear wall 41 of the body. At a point
(3), To provide anovel and improved stinger
permitting of the welding of insulation holding
ment such as a trigger 5| forming part of a
switch assembly 53 mounted on the inside of the
pins in. a minimum of time;
(4) To provide a. noveland improved stinger
for the application of insulation to metallic sur
front wall of the hollow body.
This trigger extends through the bottom 55 of
the switch assembly and is mounted on a pivot
51 supported between the side walls 59 of this
assembly. Movement of the trigger controls the
faces, such stinger having a contour conducive
to the eiiieient use thereof;
(5.). Tolprovide a novel and improved stinger
of extremely simple design, for use in applying
insulation to metallic surfaces.
Additional objects of my invention. Will be
brought, out in the following descriptionof a pre
ferred embodiment of the same, taken in con
junction with the accompanying drawing, Where
20 of extended contacts 65, each of which is mount,
ed- on one side of a block 61 of insulation affixed
to the bottom of the switch assembly. The
switch is made self-opening by means of a restor
ing spring 69 surrounding the trigger pivot and
25 exerting pressure against the trigger in the direc
Figure 1 is a plan view with cover plate re
operation of a switch including a toggle 6 l, which
carries a connector 63 adapted to bridge a pair
Figure 2 is a section taken in the median plane
of the device.
tion of opening of the switch.
Closing of the switch is effected by ?nger pres
sure upon the trigger, and as long as such pres
sure is maintained, the switch is restrained from
Referring to the drawing, my improved stinger 30 opening under the restoring action of the spring.
As soon as-the ?nger pressure is removed, how
ever, the spring is free to act against the trig
ger and throw the toggle in the reverse direction,
to bring about a quick opening of the switch.
able to the principal body portion by machine
screws engaging bosses 9 and II extendingtin 3.5 In‘ adapting the stinger for use, the cable 2'!
wardly from the opposite side of the body,
which forms the high side of a welding circuit,
is connected through the normally opened con
At one end of the body, there is mounted a
chuck I3 for receiving the large disk-like head
tacts of a solenoid or relay ‘H to the high side of
l5'of a pin ll employed in ailixing insulation
a source of low voltage power such as a gen
l9 to a metal wall 2|. This chuck includes a cir 4.0 erator (not shown), the low side of which is
cular arrangement of chuck jaws 23 for resil
normally grounded. The switch is connected in
embodies a hollow body I preferably of metal and
having an opening 3 and 5 at each end respec
tively, and‘ including a side cover plate ‘I a?ix
iently receiving the pin head, and an integral
the low side of anauxiliary circuit '13 which feeds
shank 25 extending into the end opening 3. This
the winding of such solenoid or relay. Inasmuch
shank is preferably hollow and internally thread-v
as this auxiliary. circuit embodies the solenoid
ed to receive one end of a cable 21 entering the 45 or relay winding, the snap action realized through
hollow body through the other end opening 5.
the-use ofya toggle. switch in the opening and
A setscrew 29 through the shank serves to guard
against accidental disconnection of the cable
closing of the circuit is highly desirable in mini
mizing arcing-at'the. contacts of the switch,
In utilizing" the device, a pin is snapped be
A sleeve 3| of insulation surrounding the chuck 50 tween the- chuck jaws, the switch is closed and
shank 25 serves to insulate the body proper from
held in such condition to energize the welding
circuit and temporarily maintain it so, following
the cable and chuck. This insulating collar also
which the pin is pushed through the insulation
permits of the application of pressure to the
until contact with the metal wall is effected, and
shank by means of a setscrew 33 through the
wall of the hollow body, to provide positive means 55 then withdrawn slightly to establish an are be
condition during application of pressure thereto.
tween the point of the pin and the wall to pro
duce a weld. The establishment of an arc, I have
2. A stinger for applying insulation to metallic
found, can readily be sensed by an operator,
surfaces, comprising a hollow body of a size and
contour to ?t the hand of an operator, and hav
ing an opening at each end, means insulatingly
for this condition sets up a slight pull on the pin,
which is readily detectable by the operator. At
this instant, the welding circuit may be opened
by removal of ?nger pressure from the switch
trigger, following which I have found it possible
to remove the stinger from the pin head with
out delay. Thus only the minimum amount of 10
time is utilized in the welding of the pins through '
the insulation to the metal wall.
When forcing a, pin through the insulation,
the shoulder 45 provides foref?cient application
of pressure in the direction of the pin axis with
out necessitating a conscious effort on the part
supporting a pin head holding chuck in one of
said end openings for connection to a cable in
sertable through the other of said openings, a
self-opening switch mounted within said body
and including control means extending outside
thereof and actuable within an area normally oc
cupied by the ?ngers of such operator’s hand in
gripping said body, for restraining opening of
' said switch from a closed condition during appli
15 cation of pressure thereto.
3. A stinger for applying insulation to metal
. lic surfaces, comprising a. hollow body in the shape
In conjunction with the fact’that an opera
tor, once having developed this sense of feel
of a pistol grip and having an opening at each
end, means insulatingly supporting a pin head
of the operator toward this end.
which determines the minimum time require 20 holding chuck in one of said end openings for
ment in the actual welding of the pin, the ex-'
treme simplicity of my device enables the same
to. be designed to minimum weight requirements,
thereby makingit possible for an operator to
connection to a cable insertable through the other
of said end openings, a self-opening switch mount
ed within said body, and including means ex
tending outside said body for restraining open
minimize on time, in carrying through the other 25 ing of said switch from a closed condition during
application of pressure thereto.
steps associated with the procedure involved in
4. A stinger for applying insulation to metal
utilizing the stinger. ‘
' ‘I
lic surfaces, comprising a hollow body in the
Additional advantages accrue by reason of my
shape of a pistol grip with ?nger channels in
improved stinger, in that thewelding circuit may
belmaintained energized if desired, fora period 30 the front wall and a shoulder in the rear wall,
and having an opening at each end, means sup
in _ excess of the minimum normally required
porting a holding chuck in one of said end open
in the welding of a pin.’ This becomes of inter
lugs for connection to a cable insertable through
est‘ under conditions where a pin effectively'be
the other’cf said end openings, a self-opening
comes vtoo long for application at a particular
point, in which case, through the continued appli 35 switch mounted in said pistol grip shaped body,
and including a trigger extending outside said
cation‘ of'pressure and'maintenance of the ener
body vand actuable within the area occupied by
gized'welding circuit, the 'pin' may be burnt down
said ?nger channels, for restraining opening of
until the chuck bears against the outer surface
said switch from a closed condition during appli
of theinsulation, at which time the welding cir
cation of pressure thereto.
cuit may be opened and‘the stinger removed.
5. A stinger for applying insulation to metal
' ‘It may be noted also that the bosses which
lic surfaces, comprising a hollow body including
serve for a?ixing the cover plate, "not only per
a removable cover plate, a pin head holding chuck
form this particular function,‘ but are so disposed
supported at one end‘of said body for connec
as to maintain'separation between the cable and
tion to a Welding cable insertable through the
the ‘switch, and thus act‘ as a guard to protect
other end thereof, a switch mounted within said
operation of the switch against'interfering move
body and having a ?nger control extending
“ment of the cable within the stinger body.
through a wall thereof, said switch being adapted
_ The simplicity of my device reduces troubles
to open‘ or close an auxiliary circuit, .a boss ex
‘to a minimum, and if and when repairs may be
‘needed, the same may be effected on the job 50 tending interiorly of said body from the wall op
posite said cover plate to which said cover plate
with ‘a minimum loss of time and minimum
may be a?ixed, said boss being. located between
such cable and said auxiliary circuit switch to
Thus it is apparent that my device ful?lls all
constitute a guard for said switch.
the ‘obiects of my invention as previously, recited,
'6. A stinger for applying insulation to metal
and whileI have disclosed a preferred embodi
lic surfaces, comprising a hollow body with an
ment of the same in great detail, I do not desire
opening at each end and a trigger opening at
to be limited in my protection to such details,
an intermediate point,lpin head holding chuck
except as may be necessitated by the appended
having a hollow shank extending through one end
opening in said body to receive. and hold one end
I claim:
of a cable inserted through said other end open
‘_ l. A stinger for ‘applying insulation to metal
ing, means insulating said shank from said body,
lic vsurfaces, comprising a hollow body of a size
a toggle switch mounted withinsaid body adja
‘and. contour to ?t the hand of an operator, and
cent said trigger opening, said ‘switch'including
having an end opening, means supporting a pin
va restoring spring for automatically restoring said
head holding chuck in said end opening for con
. switch from a closed to an open condition, and a
nection to a cable, a self-opening switch mount
trigger ‘extending through said trigger opening
ed in said body and including control means ex
‘adapted, while under pressure, to oppose the re
tending outside thereof and actuable within an
storing force of said restoring spring.
.area normally occupied by the ?ngers of such
operator’s hand in grippingsaid body, for re 70.
straining opening of said switch from a closed
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