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Dec, 3, w46.
Filed Jan. 26, 1945
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
EdwinvR. lìattley and George E.- McCoy,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Application January 26, 1945, SerialNo. 574,789
2 Claims.
This invention relates to an automatic sealed
trap for the liquid discharge pipe of a railway re
frigerator car.
The trap of the present invention is secured to
the under side of the car floor in position to coact
with the discharge pipe of the car, and to provide
a water seal within the trap which serves to pre
vent the ingress of air and heat to the interior
of the car therethrough or egress of cold air from
said car.
The trap is so constructed as to maintain itself
in normal sealing position but is adapted to be
easily tilted to discharge the water therefrom
when it is desired to clean the trap or bowl or car.
(Cl. 182-8)
IU secured to the bottom of the bowl so -that said
bowl and counterweight are fixedly associated to
gether. The respective weightsv of the bowl and
counterweight in relation to their distances from
the hinge axis are proportioned so as to maintain
the bowl by gravity only in closed or service posi
tion, and, furthermore, when so desired, to main
tain said bowl, by gravity, in open position.
In the modification shown the counterweight
8 overbalances the weight of the bowl 4 and holds
the bowl normally in closed position, as shown
in full lines, but when the bowl is manually moved
to open position, as shown in dotted lines, the
center of gravity 9 of the counterweight 8 moves
slightly over and beyond the center of the hinge B
and overbalances the weight of the bowl 4 and
holds the bowl in open position. It will b-e noted
that in open position the center of gravity I2 of
the bowl is practically below the center of the
hinge. Furthermore, the axis of the hinge ex
tends preferably crosswise of the car.
The principal object >of the invention is to pro
vide such a trap wherein the bowl thereof is man
ually movable from under said discharge pipe to
a position where it will remain free and clear of
said discharge pipe so that the latter may be Icon
veniently cleansed when necessary.
1A further object of the invention is to provide
Railway cars in service are violently moved in
a counterweight for said bowl to automatically
all directions due to coupling shocks, air brake
hold the bowl in closed or service position.
application, uneven track causing swaying of the
A still further object is to so associate said
car, etc., any one of which would cause the coun
counterweight with the pivotal support of said 25 terweight, if inadvertently left in open position,
bowl and pipe that said counterweight will, when
to move back over the center of the hinge and'
the bowl is manually moved to open position, au
thence to closed position by gravity. In this ar
tomatically maintain the bowl in said open posi
rangement no manually operable latch is needed
or required to hold the bowl in open position. In
And it is the ultimate object of the invention to y
such installations- as are provided with a latch,
provide such a trap wherein the bowl will be .auto
if such latch were not released by the operator,
matically released from open position by a service
the bowl would remain in open position, thus
movement or jar of the car, so that should said
allowing cold air to escape from the car, or warm
bowl be inadvertently left in open position it will
air to enter the car through the open drain pipe.
automatically return, when jarred, to service po 35 This, obviously is an undesirable situation which
the present invention is designed to overcome.
Other objects and advantages of the invention ,
The axis of the hinge 6 preferably extends sub
will appear in the following description thereof.
stantially transversely of the car since the great
Referring now to the accompanying drawing
forming part of this lapplication and wherein like 40 majority and more forceful movements of the
car are in a direction lengthwise thereof.
reference characters indicate like parts:
Furthermore, it is obvious that the bowl 4 may
The drawing is a central vertical sectional view
be manually moved to open position by simply
of a refrigerator car discharge pipe showing my
raising the counterweight 8 until it passes the
improved trap as secured thereto.
The lower end of a refrigerator car drain pipe 45 center 6 of the hinge, and that it may be re
is shown 'at I as projecting downwardly from the
turned, manually, from open position by moving
bottom of the :car floor 2 for the drainage of mois
said counterweight in the reverse direction over
ture from the melting refrigerant, or other liquids
said center when it will fall by gravity and thus
from the car.
swing the bowl under the discharge pipe.
The sealing trap comprises a bowl 4 of circular 50
The accompanying drawing illustrates the pre
or rectangular cup shape formation, which is
ferred form of the invention, though it is to be
hingedly attached, as at 6, to the drain pipe I or
understood that the invention is not'limited to
other partl of the car. To one side of the bowl 4
the exact details of construction shown and de
a counterweight 8 is supported, it being formed
upon the outer end of the laterally extending strap 55 scribed, as it is obvious that various modifications
4 .
thereof, within the scope of the claims, will occur
to persons skilled in the art.
We claim:
2. A trap for a refrigerator car having a. drain
pipe to drain liquid out of the interior of the car;
said trap including a. bowl and a counterweight
1. In a refrigerator oar having a drain pipe to
ñxedly associated together, `and a hinge having
drain liquid out of the interior of the car; a liquid 5 one part thereof ñxed to a car part and the other
trap for the lower end of the drain pipe, said trap
part thereof ñxed to said trap intermediate said
including a bowl hingedly supported by a ñxed
bowl and counterweight with the hinge axis ex
car part at one side of the hinge axis, and a
tending substantially transverselyof said car and
counterweight `iixedly associated with said bowl
so that said bowl may be swung to a position
at the other side of the hinge axis so as to cause 10 surrounding the lower end of said pipe to provide
said bowl to normally surround the lower end'
of said pipe and provide a water seal therefor,
the respective weights of the bowl and the coun-vr
terweight in relation to their distances from the
hinge axis being so proportioned as to maintain
the bowl in said water sealing position by gravity,
said bowl being movable to open position during
which movement said counterweight passes to the
other side of said hinge axis suiiiciently to over
balance the weight of the bowl and thereby hold 20
the bowl in open position by gravity and when in
said open position a slight movement of the car
will jar the counterweight sufficiently to cause
the bowl to :be moved by said eounterweight to
water sealing position.
a. water seal therefor and be held in said position
by said counterweight, said bowl being swingable
about said ' hinge axis to open position during
which movement the center of gravity of said
counterweight passes the vertical plane of the
hinge axis sufficiently to overbalance the weight
of the bowl and thereby hold said bowl in open
position, and when in said open position a slight
>movement of the car will jar the counterweight
suiiiciently. to cause the bowl to be moved by said
counterweight to water sealing position.
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