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. 3, 1946.
Filed Jan. 10, 1946
BYLawrence JLmdb/om
(SE -L
Patented Dcc. 3, 1946
Lawrence Julius Lindblom, San Francisco, Calif.
Application January 10, 1946, Serial No. 640,300
1 Claim. (Cl. 224-29)
This invention relates to boat loading means,
and has particular reference to means for load
ing a boat on to or taking the same off from the
purpose of illustration is shown a preferred em
bodiment of my invention, the numeral 5 desig
nates a motor vehicle as a whole, having a roof
portion 6. The numeral ‘I designates a boat
which may be of any desired construction.
My invention consists in mounting in the bow
vide means whereby a light weight boat, such as
of the boat a wheel 8, and upon the sides, wheels
a row boat, may be readily placed upon the top
9 and II, which wheels 9 and I I are located fairly
of a motor vehicle by a single person and with-'
to the bow-wheel 8. These wheels 9 and
out undue strain.
A further object is to provide means for plac 10 II serve merely to balance the boat after it is
placed upon the motor vehicle, and during the
ing the boat on the vehicle top without marring
movement of the boat into its securing position,
the same.
Also mounted upon the gunwale of the boat are
A still further object is to provide means for
suction cups, as shown at I2, I3, I4 and I6; and
lowering the boat after it has been placed on the
top of the vehicle against suction cups so as to 15 secured to the transom of the boat are handles I1
and 8.
maintain the same in fixed position.
The result of this construction is that when the
A further object is to provide means for trans
boat is so equipped, the person who is about to
porting the boat after the same has been re
place the same upon‘ the vehicle lifts the bow up
moved from the top of the vehicle.
Other objects and advantages will be apparent 20 onto the back of the car. By now taking hold of
during the course of the following description.
the handles I1 and I8 the bowv of the boat may be
In the accompanying drawing forming a, part
pushed upwardly over the back of the car until
of this speci?cation and in which like numerals
the wheels 9 and I I come into contact with the top
are employed to designate like parts throughout
of the vehicle.
These wheels 9 and I I will now take care of any
the same,
tipping action which might be encountered and
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a motor vehicle
showing the manner in which the boat is moved
prove injurious to the ?nish of the vehicle,
onto the top, and showing in dotted lines the po
As the wheel 8 approaches the front of the
sition the boat will occupy when in ?xed relation
car it will leave the curvature and extend over
30 the engine hood, as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1.
to the vehicle.
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of my boat arrange
The wheels 9 and II_ will also leave the top of
the car due to the forward curvature, and the suc
ment, and
Fig. 3 is a side elevation showing the manner in
tion cups I2, I3, I 4 and I6 will engage the top
which the boat may be transported after being
and then serve to hold the boat in relatively ?xed
removed from the motor vehicle.
Ordinarily when a boat is carried upon the top
In order to safeguard any movement, tie-cables,
of a vehicle it requires the services of several peo
as shown in dotted lines at "A" and "B" may be
ple in order to place the boat onto the vehicle;
also, damage is done to the surface of the ve
When it is desired to remove the boat of! from
hicle clue to the scraping of the boat thereon,
the top of the car the suction cups are released
and the same procedure is required for removing
in the usual manner as by running a toothpick
the boat from the vehicle.
or match under the edge thereof to relieve the
Also, the persons handling the boat are very
~. suction, and. then a slight lift and backward pull
apt to sustain strain due to the awkward posi
on the handles I1 and II! will bring the wheels 9
tions in which they have to work during the 45 and I I against the top and the whole boat may be
loading and unloading of the boat.
moved rearwardly and oil from the vehicle.
Also, after the boat is upon the ground it has
When the boat has been placed upon the ground
to be carried to the point of placing the same in
the wheel 8 may be used to transport the boat in
the water.
wheelbarrow fashion, using the handles to guide
I have, therefore, provided means whereby a 50 the boat, and the same may be transported in this
single individual may very readily place a boat
manner to the place where it is to be placed in
upon the top of a mOtOr vehicle, secure it thereto
the water,
and later remove it therefrom for transportation
It will thus be seen that I have provided a very
along the earth.
simple means for positioning a boat upon 5 ve
top of a motor vehicle.
The principal object of this invention is to pro
In the accompanying drawing wherein for the
vention herewith shown and described is to be
taken a; e preferred example of the ume and that
verioue changes relative to the materiel, else.
to without departing from the epirit or the inven
tion or the scope oi the subloined claim.
Having thus described my invention, I claim: 10
binetion with e boat‘oi' n bow-wheel mounted in
thelmpereuriece oithebowlendepeirolmeed
a relatively short distance toward the stern
.of the boat. and suction cup men-necerriedonthe
:unwalee ot-the boat subetentieily as shown and
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