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Dec. 3, 1946.
Filed OCt. 2, 1945
62/ 60/ 7'67
, fzy/enZLo/nl
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
Archibald MacLachlan, Chicago, Ill.
Application October 2, 1945, Serial No. 619,756
1 Claim. (01. 24—206)
be used on wrists of different sizes. My device
also has a locking means preventing loss or be
coming loosened. My device is simple, improved
and economical in construction, lasting in wear
and comfortable in use.
My invention also contemplates such other ob
jects, advantages and capabilities as will later
more fully appear and which are inherently pos
sessed by my invention.
into box like member 50 through open end 52.
The forward end 56 of spring 54 contacts remov
able end member 59 but does not prevent its for
ward movement in box like member 50. Rear
ward movement of member 59 is prevented when
end 56 of spring 54 bears against one of the
My invention relates to a wrist band primarily
for watches, identi?cation bracelets or the like.
Among the objects of my invention is to pro
vide a wrist band adjustable to receive and hold
watches or other objects of different sizes and to
spaced ridges 65.
By manual forward ‘movement on ends 58, rod
51 moves end 56 of spring 54 away from contact
10 with ridges 60 of a removable end member 59 and
permits its rearward movement. When manual
‘ pressure is released on rod 51, spring 54 returns
to contact member 59.
A ?xed end member 5| is attached to the other
15 end of said box like member 50.
The outer portions of end members 59 and GI
While I have shown herein a preferred em
bodiment of my invention, yet I wish it under
stood that it is susceptible of modi?cation and
change without departing from the spirit of my
Referring to the drawing, Fig. 1 is a front ele 20
vational view, Fig. 2 is a top plan view and Fig. 3
is a rear elevational view of my device; Fig. 4 is
an enlarged detailed view on line 4—4 of Fig. 3
are adapted to receive means for the attachment
of a watch, bracelet, or other object. The box
like member is adapted to receive engraving for
identi?cation purposes.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
A buckle comprising an elongated box like
member of rectangular cross section and having
an interior face and an open end, a spring at
sectional view; Fig. 6 is a face view of the remov 25 tached at its rear end to the interior face of said
box like member adjacent the open end of said
able strap and Fig. 7 is a perspective view of my
partly in section; Fig. 5 is an enlarged detailed
assembled device.
The embodiment selected to illustrate my in
vention comprises an elongated box-like member
55 of rectangular cross section and having an in 30
terior face 51 and an open end 52.
Attached to
said interior face 51, adjacent said open end 52,
is the rear end 53 of spring 54. Said spring 54
extends diagonally forwardly and upwardly from
said open end 52 to transverse embossment 55,
beyond which it extends diagonally forwardly and
upwardly to free forward end 56.
A rod 51 is positioned in embossment 55 with
its ends 58 extending beyond box like member 50.
A removable end member 59 having a plurality 40
of spaced ridges 60 may be forwardly inserted
box like member and extending diagonally for
wardly and upwardly therefrom, said spring hav
ing a diagonally forwardly and upwardly extend
ing free front end, said spring having a trans
verse embossment intermediate its ends, a rod
positioned in said embossment and extending be
yond said box like member, the free front end of
said spring normally contacting a removable
member inserted into said box like member
through said open end thereof, said rod upon
manual forward movement against said spring
adapted to move the front end away from con
tact with the removable member.
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