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Dec. 3, 1946.
Filed May 6
BYJbbn lib-y
Patented Dec. 3, 1946‘
John Petr-y, Bayside, Long Island, N. Y., assignm
to Raylite Electric Conn, Bronx, N. Y., a cor
poration of New York
Application May 6, 1946, Serial No. 667,580
1 Claims. (01. 240-10)
lutions are enclosed accidentally break, and in
having limited range of unpredictable bubbling
This invention relates to the manufacture of
devices of producing ornamental and decorative
bubble lighting effects and more particularly is
directed to the construction of such devices and
the use of improved compounded bubbling solu
To overcome these deficiencies, as seen in the
drawing, there is provided improved device III for ‘
producing ornamental and decorative bubble
Among the objects of the invention is to gen
' lighting effects suitable as Christmas tree orna
ments, or for ‘other display purposes, constructed
erally improve devices and compounds of the
to embody the invention. As shown in Fig. 1,
character described which shall be easy, simple
device III may include a vertically disposed
and economical to manufacture and adapt for 10 said
transparent tube body made of glass or other
quantity production so as to provide a cheap and
translucent material designated as I I, having an
inexpensive product, which shall be dependable
closed lower or bottom flat end Ila and
and reliable in operation requiring a minimum
a sealed top end I lb. Said body portion I I, when
‘of external heat supply, which shall be capable
device III is intended, as here, to ‘be used as
of giving a wide range of predetermined bubble 15 the
a Christmas tree decoration, is made in ap
lighting effects, which improved compounded
pearance, such as contour and size, to simulate a
solutions may be made non-in?ammable, non-ex
plosive and readily removable when spilled to
eliminate permanent stains, and which shall be
practical and e?lcient to a high degree in use.
_ candle.
In the ‘forms of ‘the invention shown in the
20 drawing, the tube body contains a translucent
liquid I2, comprising an improved compounded‘
Other objects accordingly consist of features
bubbling solution of a character hereinafter de
of constructions, combinations of elements, ar
scribed. Said liquid may be placed into the tube
rangement of parts which will be exempli?ed in
body II through the upper or top end llb there
the constructions hereinafter described and of
of before fusing or closing the latter for her
which the scope of the application will indicate 25 metically
sealing the liquid l2 therein at a level
in the following claims.
so as to leave anadequate condensing chamber
In the accompanying drawing in which possible
or space It in the tube end Ilb. -As shown in
illustrative embodiments of the invention are
Figs. land 2, said sealed space I3 may be left
under substantially atmospheric pressure, and
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view, partly broken 30 constitutes a heat dissipating means for lique
away to expose the interior construction, showing
faction of large bubbles I5 and small ones I50
a device for producing ornamental and decorative
rising in the liquid I2 to the upper level thereof.
bubble lighting effects constructed to embody the ’
invention and operating under substantially at
mospheric pressure.
There may also be provided a ?at disc or wafer
35 I6, preferably ?rmly fitted or seated in fixed posi
tion to substantially cover the lower end of‘ the
Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary front eleva
tube body II and abutting against the inner sur- '1
tional view of the bottom tube body and of the
face of the tube end Ila, said disc l6 preferably
device shown in Fig‘. 1.
being made of a' suitable porous surfaced mate
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary front elevational view
rial such as cork, to serve as a bubble generating
similar to Fig. 1, showing the bubbling e?'ect op
activator or stimulator. Said disc l6 may also
erating at less than atmospheric pressure, and
be made of glass which like cork has relatively
Fig. 4' is a fragmentary front elevational view
high heat insulating properties that are effective
similar to Fig. 1 showing a variation of bubbling
to equalize and retain the heat transmitting con
effects by operating with a solution having a rel
atively greater proportion of readily volatilized 45 ditions for smooth and prolonged bubble gener
ation in the operation of the improved device l0.
constituent than that shown in Figs. 1 and 2.
Said disc or wafer It may have spaced peripherial
Devices for producing ornamental and deco
through passages I'Ga provided which appear to
rative bubble lighting effects heretofore avail
serve as focal points for initiating bubble gen
able have been found to be de?cient in reliability
of operation, in being relatively expensive to man 50 eration.
ufacture and dif?cult to produce in quantity pro
duction to provide a cheap and inexpensive prod
uct, in liability to cause dangerous explosions,
fires and permanent stains due to spillage of the
bubbling solutions when'tubes in which said so
For supplying operating heat and light to
device Ill any suitable radiant heat source may
be provided.' For example, as shown in Fig. 1,
the tube II is supported with the lower or bot
tom end Ila thereof located in close proximity
to. lamp bulb 20a of an incandescent lamp 20, the
latter being mounted in an electric socket 2| of
conventional ‘construction to form part of a
Christmas tree lighting out?t or other display
or decorative (not shown) in the well understood
the well understood manner, heat radiating from
the lamp ?lament 20b is eifective to heat the tube
end I la and the cork or glass disc I‘ therein. The
lower end of the column of solution liquid I2 is
heated by contacting said disc l8 and the readily
volatile and low viscous constituent thereof is va
A sleeve holder or connector 22 is ?tted snugly
porized therefrom. Said peripherial grooves "a
over the lower or bottom tube end Ila and the
serve as focal points. of the bubble generation
lamp bulb 20a to provide a ?rm interconnecting
to form bubbles l5 and lia rising through liquid
support or rigid coupling for mounting the device 10 column l2, the latter being under substantially
ii in position. Said holder 22 may be made of
atmospheric pressure as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.
?bre, glass, plastics or other non-combustible
The sleeve holder 22 serves as a conduit to e?ec
material and serves as a conduit to guide the air
tively con?ne the heat conducting medium,
surrounding the lamp bulb 20a with the glowing ' namely, air, therein.
_ ?lament 20b as a heat conducting medium to the 15
Thus there is provided the degree of heat nec
tube bottom end Ila.
essary from a minimum heat source at lamp‘?la
The use of the improved compounded bubbling
ment 20b, su?icient light beams from bulb 20
solution forming liquid l2 which comprises a plu
being projected either through the glass disc IO,
rality of constituents of different physical char
or when disc I6 is made of cork through the side
‘ acteristics is one feature of the invention. While 20 walls of the transparent tube body II to illumi
it has been generally recognized that bubbling
nate the liquid column l2 and bubbles II and lia
devices of the character described could be made
thereby producing an attractive activated novel
and operated using readily volatilizable liquids of
bubble lighting e?'ect.
- relatively low viscosity, as for example, ether,
By using colored glass
discs l6 various desired colors may be produced
in liquid l2 and bubbles l5 and lid.
wood alcohol, methylene chloride, methanol and
the like, such prior volatile liquids have been
The column of solution liquid ‘ l2 within the
found de?cient and undesirable in practical use
tube body II, which when said device I0 is op
for one or more reasons given above. It has also
erating, extends between .the cork or glass disc
been found that it is di?lcult to predict within
it and the top tube space I2, and may be under
reasonable and practical accuracy the bubbling
atmospheric pressure condition in the top space
performance effects to be expected using such
it, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. Said solution liquid
prior liquids in commercial manufactured devices.
l 2 has external illuminating radiant heat applied
It is proposed herein to use instead of said prior
thereto, as by. means of the glowing lamp ?la
volatile liquids, improved solutions each com
ment 20b which is positioned to maintain the disc
prising principally of‘ at least two constituents 35 l8 heated and supplied to an effective degree sui
having such reverse type of character, as for ex
?cient to volatilize the low viscosity constituent,
ample, an oil like constituent of relatively high
or constituents when carbontetrachloride is .in
viscosity which at operating temperature is rela
cluded, of the solution liquid l2 contacting the
tively non-volatile and a readily volatilizable con
cork or glass disc II and at the focal points pro
stituent of relatively low viscosity, such as 40 vided at the peripherial slots lta dissociating the
methylene chloride, chloroform or ether and the
same from the solution to form bubbles II and lia
like. While various products of mineral, animal,
which ?oat up through the length of said liquid
vegetable and synthetic origin may be used as
column l2. The high viscous constituent pro
the relatively non-volatile and high viscous con
vides a ?oat support medium of substantial buoy‘
stituent, organic oils such as inexpensive rape : ancy in the liquid l2 for said bubbles II and Ila.
seed, castor or cod liver oils and the like have
Under certain effective conditions such as pro
been found to give satisfactory results in making
viding substantially atmospheric pressure in tube
solutions with one of said readily volatilizable
space ll many minute bubbles Ila will also be
constituent in providing the improved solution
formed which slowly rise and simulate a back- ‘
liquid l2. The amount of such volatilizable con- .
stituent in the solution of liquid l2 may be varied
greatly to give various bubbling effects. Though
such volatilizable constituent alone may be ?am
mable, in solution the oil like constituent serves
as a fire retardant. Where the volatilizable con
stituent is flammable, a relatively small amount
of carbontetrachloride which is also readily
volatilizable, may be included in the solution liq
uid to insure against ?re and explosion hazards.
Liquid synthetic resins, containing poly
styrene or vinyl plastics (such as commonly
known as “Lucite”) may also be used in solution
liquid I: if desired as the oil like viscous vand
non-volatilizable constituent, the latter being sol
uble in methylene chloride may be added thereto
in granular form when providing said liquid l2.
By using'organic oils instead ‘of those of syn
thetic origin, such as lacquers, liquid synthetic
resins and the like, stains that may be accidentally
caused by spillage in breaking of the tube I l are
more readily removed.
In practicing the invention,
the 7
socket 2| forms part of a Christmas tree or other
decorative display, and is connected in an elec
ground for .a stream of individual relatively
more rapidly rising larger bubbles IS. The flow
ing bubbles Ii and Ila rising through liquid col
umn l2 produced are illuminated by light beams
emanating from the lamp ?laments 20b as shown
in Figs. 1 and 2.
The bubbles II and lia on reaching said top
' space.“ after passing through said liquid col
umn l2 are cooled, condensed and liqui?ed, and
?ow down into the solution liquid l2 for replen~
60 ishing and restoring the‘ relative constituent so
lution composition to repeat the cycle of opera
tion above described. Said bubbling action con
tinues as long as there exists a sumcient heat
gradient or di?erential temperature between the
65 vapor in bubbles l5 and Na at said disc IQ and
the condensation in top space I! after liquefac
tion of said bubbles I I and lie, that is as long
as vapor pressure at'bottom of liquid column l2
at disc it exceeds the vapor tension in said space
70 It.
After the lamp 22 is lighted, self-starting of the
bubbling operation of device I0, takes place on
the heated surface of disc l6 and in one or more
of the peripherial slots Ila, the heating of non
tric circuit (not shown) for lighting lamp 20 in 75 volatilized oil constituent of solution liquid l2
appears to favor such action. The surrounding
oil constituent of relatively high viscosity left,
when said low viscous bubble forming constituent
or constituents volatilize from solution. liquid ‘I2,
serve as a viscous drag to retard bubble movement
in the above invention for use for diiferent pur
poses and various changes might be made in the
embodiments above set forth, it is understood
that all the above matters here set forth, or
- shown in the accompanying drawing are to be in
and aid in building up the larger individual bub
terpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting
bies I5 which form a stream moving up through
the solution liquid I2 slower than otherwise would
be the case.
In the above construction and operation, no
static condition is experienced and self-starting
of the bubbling operation eliminates all neces
sity of jarring the .tube after turning on the heat
Thus having described my invention, I claim
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
1. A bubbling device of the character described
comprising a sealed transparent elongated tube
body, a solution liquid compounded of a plurality
of constituents in said tube body, a holder for
supporting an end of said tube body with the
thus providing a more practical device of the
character described than those of the prior art. 15 solution‘ liquid, means in said holder for applying
heat externally to said tube body end, one of said
Further advantage of using a solution liquid
constituents having high volatility and low vis
I2 comprising high and low viscous constituents
cosity, the other of said constituents having low
is that the range of bubbling effects can be great
volatility and high viscosity so that said‘?rst
ly varied particularly when different pressures are
provided in tube space I3. Thus by varying the 20 constituent is more volatile and'less viscous than
the said second constituent, whereby on the ap
quantities of high and low viscous constituents
plication of said heating means the ?rst constitu
making up the solution liquid I2 and providing
ent is dissociated from said solution and vola
relatively a high, intermediate, or low pressure
tilized to produce a ?owing stream of bubbles in
in space I3, a great variety of bubbling effects
are produced each of which can be predetermined 25 said liquid.
2. A bubbling device of the character described
by reproducing the solution liquid I2 of the same
having 'a transparent tubular body, a solution
constituents and providing the same pressure in
comprising a plurality of liquid constituents
space I3 of the device III. In Fig. 3, for example,
sealed in the body, at least two of said constitu
there is shown the effects ofsimply providing a
reduced pressure in tube space I! instead orat 30 ents having reversed characteristics as .to vola
tilization and viscosity, one of said constituents
mospheric pressure to permit lowering the boil
having high volatility and low viscosity, the other
of said constituents having low volatility and high
viscosity for producing on heating dissociation
as in Figs. 1 and 2. The bubbles I5 are accelerated
in movement through the liquid I2 and said bub 35 and vaporization of the high voltile constituent
to form a ?owing bubble stream in said liquid, the
bles I5 appear in greater quantity and mpre uni
relative proportions of said constituents being se- '
form in size. The top He of the liquid column
ing point normally required for the constituents
in liquid I2 but retaining the same liquid I2‘
lected to attain a characteristic bubbling e?ect.
I2 also appears frothy in this operation.
3. A bubbling device of the character described,
In Fig. 4 .there is ‘shown another modi?ed form
of the invention e?ective by merely varying the 40 having a transparent tube body with sealed-in
bubble forming solution liquid comprising a plu
proportions of the relatively readily volatilizable
rality of constituents, one constituent having
and low viscous constituent with relation to the
relatively low viscous and highly volatilizable _
relative viscosity of the liquid I2 so that the
characteristics,‘ and another constituent having
amount of volatilizable constituent used is much
relatively high viscous and low volatilizable char
greater compared with that producing the effects
acteristics, said ?rst mentioned constituent be
shown in Figs. 1 and 2 and described above. The
_ ing vaporizable on application of heat to the so
bubbling effect in Fig. 4 appears as continuously
lution liquid in said tube body to dissociate same
winding stream ?ows I I5 intermingled with small
and form ?owing bubbles therein.
?oating bubbles lie in liquid I2 and is headed
4. The bubbling device as defined in claim 3 in
,in space I3 by a bubbling froth I2a. Various 50
> which vaporization of said low viscous and highly
other different bubble eifects can be produced by
volatilizable constituent is effective under sub
using other solutions of liquid I2 comprising vari
stantially atmospheric 'pressure.
ous diiferent proportions and kinds of said con~
5. The bubbling device as de?ned in claim 3
stituents and operating under different pressures
in space I3.
- .
in which vaporization of said low viscous and '
highly volatilizable constituent is effective under
pressure less than atmospheric.
after once produced, by duplicating the kinds and
6. The bubbling device as de?ned in claim 1
proportions of constituents making up~the solu
having bubble stimulating means positioned in
tion I2 and by operating under the same pressure
conditions in space I3. I
60 said tube body end to facilitate initiating bub
bling operation on the application of heat.
It is, therefore, seen that there is provided im
' 'i'. The bubbling device as de?ned in claim 2
proved devices and solution liquids in which the
including bubble initiating means in said tube
objects of the invention are achieved and which
body to facilitate self-starting generation of the
are well adapted to meet all conditions of prac- '
tic-a1 use.
65 ?owing bubbles on said application of heat.
" *
As various possible embodiments may be made
All of the above effects can be predetermined,
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