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Filed Feb. 22;. 1944
"18"” 17
Wznslow 19. Pope
Patented Dec. 3, 1.946
_ 2,412,173
Winslow B. Pope, Detroit, Mich., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to United _States of
Application February 22, 1944, Serial No. 523,415
2 Claims.
(Cl. (ill-35.6) '
This invention relates to projectiles and devices
of the type adapted to be projected through space
ring I I‘, which carries the propelling charge,
by the reaction propulsion principle. ‘
Various devices of the reaction propulsion or
rocket type have been heretofore proposed, among
which there is one type which embodies a tubular
casing secured to the rearward end of the pro
jectile proper for housing the propelling charge
and having its trailing end contoured to provide
an axially opening Venturi passage.
which as shown in the drawing may be in the
form of sticks I 2 of slow-burning powder or other
suitable combustible material.
In accordance with the present invention, the
conventional single axially opening Venturi pas
sage, such as shown in the copending application,
Serial No. 487,689, ?led by Warren H. Farr on
May 20, 1943, has been replaced by a multi-jet
In such a 10 rotary device l3.
device, the gases ?owing through the Venturi
To this end, the rearward end of the casing
5 is slightly reduced in diameter and provided
with an internal shoulder l4. Inserted from
through the Venturi passage. Such o?-center
the rearward end of the casing and seated against
?ow or shifting of the flow of gases from truly 15 the shoulder M is an annular ball thrust bearing
passage, due to uneven burning of the charge, or
for other reasons, may ?ow slightly off center
axial ?ow during the ?ight of the projectile
15. The cylindrical rotary dc /ice l3 seats against
will cause the projectile to deviate from a true pre
the outer race of the bearing I5 and is mounted
within the rearward end of the casing for free
rotation by means of circumferentially surround
determined course.
The object of the present invention is to pro
vide a new and novel arrangement whereby to 20 ing rollers l6, commonly known as needle bear
insure an even ?ow of gases from a rocket type
ings, the bearings I6 engaging with the inner
wall of the rear end of the casing 5 and being
Another object is to provide a rocket type
seated in a circumferential recess l1 formed in the
projectile with a rotary gas discharging device
peripheral wall of the rotary device IS.
adapted to provide for uniform axial ?ow of the 25
The device I3 is retained within the casing
propelling gases.
by means of a radially inwardly ?anged ring 22
A further object is to provide a novel arrange
externally threaded to the end of the casing as
ment for preventing premature bursting of the
shown in the drawing.
casing which houses the propelling charge.
The rotary device I3 is provided with a plurality
With the above and other objects in view, which 30 of uniformly circumferentially spaced Venturi
will be apparent from the following descriptions
passages I8 arranged therein at an angle to the
to those skilled in the art to which the
axis of the device I3. The passages It may be
invention appertains, the present invention
formed by drilling and then taper reaming the
consists of certain features of construction and
drilled openings from the opposite sides of the
combinations of parts to be hereinafter described 35 rotary device to provide the restriction ill in the
with reference to the accompanying drawing, and
passages l8.
then claimed.
It will be obvious that the flow. through the pas
In the drawing which illustrates a suitable em
sages l8 of the products of combustion of the
bodiment of the present invention:
combustible propelling charge will, by reason of
Figure 1 is a side elevation, partially in section, 40 the angularly arranged passages I8, cause the
of the rocket projectile,
device l3 to rotate. Since the device I3 is coaxial
Figure 2 is an enlarged rear end view of the
with the casing 5 and the gases discharge through
projectile shown in Figure 1, and
the equally spaced jets, each the same distance
Figure 3 is a transverse section taken approxi
from the axis of rotation, the gases will leave the
mately on line 3-—-3 of Figure 2.
45 device in an annular rotating stream truly coaxial
Referring to the accompanying drawing, the
with the casing thus insuring a uniform annular
rocket device selected for illustration includes a
propelling pressure at all times.
main projectile body 5 having a chamber 6 for
In order to prevent the building up of a pres
the reception of an explosive or other charge. A
sure within the casing prematurely which might
tubular casing l is threadably or otherwise suit 50 tend to rupture the casing before the'device has
ably secured to the rearward end of the body 5,
left the projector and thereby cause serious dam
the casing having an internal shoulder B which
age, the rotary device I3 is provided with a cen
supports a. plate-like member 9. ‘ The plate
tral passage 20 which is counterbored at its inner
like member 9 supports a cage, composed
end to receive a plate 2| having a press ?t there
of the rods Ill and interconnecting end 55 with. The plate 2| is of less yield strength than
the casing wall and is oi’ such predetermined
strength that in the event of the building up of
abnormal or excessive pressures within the cas
ing, it will rupture or blow out to relieve the
pressure within the casing before it can reach
a value which will rupture the casing.
The present invention is applicable to any re—
action propulsion device whether it be for an
explosive projectile, a chemical device or any
an annular end thrust bearing within said end
in advance oi.’ said member and engaged there
with, and means secured to said end for retain
ing said member in said end, said member having
a plurality of discharge passages extending 1on
gitudinaliy therethrough, said passages being in
clined relative to " the axis of rotation of said
member and said axis oi rotation being coinci
other arrangement adapted to be projected 10 ~ dent with the axis of said casing.
2. In a reaction propulsion device, a casing for
housing a combustible propelling charge, a cylin
Various changes may be made in the detailed
‘drical member within one end of said casing and
construction and arrangement of the parts de
having a plurality of circumferentiaily spaced Jet
scribed without departing from the spirit and
substance of the invention, the scope of which 1-5 passages extending therethrough into communi
cation with the interior of said casing, said mem
is de?ned by the appended claims. '
her having an axial opening therein, and a plate
What is claimed is:
closing said opening at the end adjacent the in
1. In a reaction propulsion device, a casing for
terior of said casing, said plate being or a mate
housing a combustible propelling charge, a cylin
drical member within one end of said casing, 20 rial having a yield strength less than the yield
strength of said casing whereby incident to ex
anti-friction bearing means within said end in
cessive pressures within said casing said plate will
surrounding relation with respect to said mem
rupture prior to said casing.
her for supporting said member for free rotation,
through space.
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