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D86. 10, 1946.
Filed Nov. 2, 1945~
78 T!
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Joel s. Blood, San (and, cam} :
‘ Application November 2, 1945, Serial No; 626,418
(01. 51-241)
5 Claims.
(Granted under [the act of March, 3', 1883, as
amended ‘April 30, 1928; ‘370 0. G..~757)
screw‘ threaded portion’ M at its, extended end
portion. The pivot post mounted on the‘ ball J8
isthereby swivelly. engaged with the spider 3.
Tolcontrol the ‘position of the pivot post 12, a
levelling plate I5 is secured to‘ the pivot post in
- This invention relates to grinders and (‘more
particularly to mountings therefor.
‘Objects of the present invention are to provide
for the accurate grinding of marginalv edge por
tions'lof'opening's in walls, ‘partitions, bulkheads
a 'circum'jacent position. Stud bolts l6 are‘screw;
andgother members having openings therein; to
threadably engaged within the levelling plate l5
provide an improved grinder for reducing por
in a position to engage the spider member 3'and
tions' of members ‘surrounding openings therein
by their adjustment, position the levelling plate
to a predetermined plane; to provide an improved
and. thus the pivot post l2 in relation thereto.
mounting for grinders adjustably embracing 10 A roller bearing I‘! having an inner'race l8,
bounding edge portions of’ openings in members
rollersv l9 ‘and ‘outer race 20 islmounted onrthev
to be‘ ground; to provide a mountingior grinders
pivot-post by the screw threaded‘engagement: of
accurately restricting the movement of the grind~
the inner race I8 on the male screw threaded
ers to predetermined‘ planes of movement; to
portion I4.‘ The ‘spaced relationship between the
provide a grinder mounting capable of restrain
bearing l1 and the spider 3 is adjustable by ‘screw
ing grinder manipulation to. circular paths of
ing the inner race of the bearing 18 on the pivot
predetermined radii; to provide amounting for
post l2. To look the bearing H in place in ad
a portable grinder ‘permitting convenient manip
justed position," the lock nuts 2| and 22 are‘ tight
ulation of the grinder while the grinding means
ened against the bearing 11, the lock nut 22 ‘being
ismaintained in a predeterminedplane- of move 20 provided with a depending frusto-conical portion
ment; and to provide improved elements and
to assistin positioning the inner bearing race I8.
arrangements thereof in a 'mountingof the char-.
To provide greater security the nut‘ 2| is slotted
acter and for the, purposes set forth.
as at 23. A stud'bolt 24 is engaged within the
locking‘ nut 21 so as to compress the slot portion
In accomplishing these and-‘other objects of
thepresent invention, I have provided improved
23 and jam the'locking nut. A lubricating open
details of structure, the preferred form of which
ing 25 is provided through the outer race 20 of
is illustrated in the - accompanying drawing,
the bearing 11. _ Bearing seals 26 are provided to
wherein the simple ?gure is-a side elevational
retain lubricant within vthe bearing.
view'oi the improved grinder 'and mounting em 30 A rigid‘ arm’member 21 is secured to the outer
bodying the features of the present invention,
race;20 of the bearing I‘! ‘as at 28 in a'radially.
part of the device being‘ shown in cross-section.
extended position. The arm member is secured
.Referring more in detail to the drawing:
so as to rotate about the pivot post I2 in a plane
1 indicates a member having an opening 2
formed therein, the bounding edge portions-of 35
said‘opening'. being a surface required to be
A spider member 3 having a-central body por
tion 4 and radially extended leg portions 5lis
positioned within'the opening 2. Stud bolts 6
are screw threadedlyengaged to the outer end
portions of the legs 5 so as to be radially extensi
ble. ‘ The spider member 3 is secured‘ in the open
of movement substantially at right angles to the
pivot post.
' "ll-1-
A screw threaded opening 29 is formed in the
outer end portion of the arm member‘Z'l and a
bearing'supporting element 3!] is screw threadedly
engaged ‘in the arm. vA roller bearing 3| having
40 an inner race 32, ball bearings 33, and outer race
34 is mounted on the outer extended end portion
of the arm member 21 by the supporting" element
30. A spacer 35 is interposed between the inner
ing 2 by rotating the stud bolts 6 to engage the
32 and the‘ arm member 2'1. A collar 36
surrounding member I. A socket 1 islformed in 45
embraces the outer race 34 of the bearing 3| an
thevce'ntral body portion 4 of the spider‘3. '
inner ?ange portion .31 thereof extending between
A ball-shaped element 8 having a screw thread
ed opening 9 formed therein is positioned ‘within
the outer race and the arm member 21.. An an
maintain the pivot post securely in engagement
as at 4| so as to pivot with the collar on the bear
nular plate 38 is positioned circumjacent the
the socket ‘I. Retaining plate I0 is secured as
at H to the spider member 3 to retain the ball 50 supporting element 30 and is secured to the collar
36 by screw threaded means as at 39. Thecollar
shaped element 8 in place.
> A pivot post [2 ‘is screw threadably engaged
36 and plate 38 tightly embrace the outer race 34.
within the opening Set the’ ball element 8.. To
An arm extension 40 is secured to the collar'36
within the ball 8, ‘a locking means is‘ provided as 55 ing‘supporting element'30 in a plane substantially;
atl'3'l. f The pivot post I2 is provided. with-‘a male
parallel to the plane of rotation of the arm mem
ber 21.
a universal coupling permitting swivel movement
of the shaft 12 in relation to the shaft 88 without
It is sometimes desirable to lock the articulated
interrupting the communication therebetween.
joint so that the arm 21 and extension 40 are
rigidly connected. To this end, socket openings
42 are formed in the collar 36 on the surface
thereof 'facing'the arm member-21in ‘a circular
pattern arranged colaxially to the pivot center of
the articulated joint. A receiver 43 is formed in
To permit this freedom of motion it has been
found necessary to sever the housing 53 as at 8|.
_ The severed housing at 8| is provided with co
operatively engaged tongue and groove portions to
guide the movement of one portion of the housing
53 on the other. Rotation of the housing in the
the arm member 21 in spaced relationship to the 10 , plane of the'arm member 21 and extension 40 is
permitted by the movement of the housing 53 and
the receiver 43. The pin 44 has a spring engage
the keeper 58 within the opening 5|.
ing shoulder 45 and a knurled head 46 formed
A-driving spindle of a conventional prime mov
thereon. A spring 41 is positioned. within the
er, not shown, is indicated at 82.
receiver 43 so as to bear againstthe shoulder~45. 15 ‘Toconnect the driving spindle 82 to the con
A spring keeper 48 is screw threadedly engaged
necting portion 16 of the shaft 12, coupling ele
in the opening 43 circumjacent the pin 44 so as
ments 83 and 84 are provided. The coupling 83
to retain the spring 41. To maintain thev pin in
,is screw threadedly engaged to the male coupling
a disengaged position when it is desired to do so,
portion 16. The coupling 84 is screw threadedly
a receiving opening 49-is formed in the pin 44
engaged to the spindle 82. The coupling 83 has
and a locking pin 58 engaged therein to hold the
a recess 85 formed in the end thereof. The cou
pin 44 in a retracted position.
' '
pling 84 has a projecting stud portion 86 formed
An opening 5| is formed in the outer end por
on the end thereof. The stud 86 is engaged within
tion of the extension 48 having a ?ange portion
the opening 85. To maintain this engagement a
52 inwardly disposed relative to the opening. A
taper pin 81 is passed through juxtaposed open¢
gear housing 53 is ?tted within the opening 5| so
ingsin the coupling 83 and the stud 86. The stud
as to rest upon the ?ange portion 52. A bearing
86 is madeof a diameter slightly smaller than
receptacle portion 54 is formed in the housing 53.
the opening 85 in which it engages. Thisgdi?‘er
A ball bearing having an inner race 55, ball bear
ence in size imparts a ?exibility to the'coupling
ings 56, and an outer race 51 is mounted within 30 of the prime mover to the shaft 12.
the receptacle 54 by the engagement of the outer
A housing 88 for the connection of the spindle
race therewith. To maintain the bearing in posi
82 to the shaft 12 is screw threadably engaged to
tion, an annular bearing keeper 58 is screw
the‘ housing 53.
threadedly secured to the housing. 53 as at '59,
the shoulder 52 being embraced by the coopera
tivev action of the housing 53 and the bearing
The operation of a grinder constructed as de
‘keeper 58.
scribed is as follows:
‘A shaft 60 having a pinion gear portion 6|, a
sockets 42. A locating pin 44 is positioned Within
- bearing engaging shoulder 62, a screw threaded
The spider 3 is positioned within the openingv
portion '63, and a grinder mounting portion 64 is 40 2 and locked in place by rotating the stud bolts
6 outwardly to engage the member |. The spider
rotatably mounted in the inner bearing race 55.
3 ispreferably secured in a plane substantially
A bearing lock nut 65 is screw threadedly engaged
parallel to the surface of the member | to be
to the threaded portion 63 in cooperation with
the pivot post |2 being positioned sub
the shoulder 62 to embrace tightly the inner bear
stantially in the center of the opening 2.
ing race 55. A jam nut 66 is tightened against
The pivot post |2 being swivelly supported in
the bearing lock nut 65. A grinding wheel 61 is
the spider member 3 by means of the ball ele
mounted on the mounting portion 64 of the shaft
ment 8, said pivot post I2 is positioned'substan
60. A‘grinding wheel washer 68 and a jam nut
tially at right angles to the surface of the mem
68 are employed to secure the grinding wheel 61
in place. A double faced bevelled gear 10 is ‘ ber | to be ground by adjusting the stud bolts
"5 to secure the levelling plate I 5 in selected
mounted within the housing 53 to cooperatively
spaced relationship to the spider 3.
engage the gear portion 6|. A pin 1| is employed
The inner race l8. ofthe bearing I1 is rotated
to rotatably mount the gear 18 within the hous
on the pivot post |2 to adjust the height of the
ing '53 Oman axis of rotation substantially at right
grinding wheel 61 supported thereby. The lock
angles to the axis of rotation of the gear portion
nut -2| is tightened into place and secured by
6|. A shaft 12 having arpinion gear portion 13, a
tightening the stud bolt 24. The lock nut 22 is
bearing‘embracing shoulder 14, a screw threaded
also tightened into place, its conical portion en
portion 15, and a male‘ coupling portion 16 is
gaging the inner race 58 of the bearing |1. '
_mounted within the housing 53 in a position en
, When it is desired to have the‘ grinding wheel
gaging the pinion gear portion 13 with the oppo
61~conform to a circular path, the radius of ro
site face of the bevelled gear 18 from that en
gaged by the bearing portion 6|. the axis of rota
tion‘of the shaft 12 being substantially at right
angles to the axis of. rotation of the gear 10. ‘A
roller bearing 11 is employed to mount the shaft
12 within the housing 53. An annular bearing
retaining plate 18 is secured to‘the housing 53
tation thereof is determined vby the distance be~
VIZ. This distance‘is controlled by locking the
tween the grinding wheel 61 and the pivot post
articulated joint between the arm member 21 and
the extension 40. The articulated joint is locked
by permitting the spring loaded locating pin 44
to engage in a selected socket 42giving the de
so as to bear against the outer race of thebearing
sired radius of rotation.
11 and so maintain the bearing in position. A
look nut ‘E9 and a jam nut 80 are screw thread 70 ‘When it ‘is desired, movement of the grinding
wheel 61 may be restricted to‘ movement in a
ably engaged to the shaft 12 as at 15 in coopera_
predetermined plane without'the circular limita
tion' with the shoulder 14 to tightlyembrace. the
tion. . o accomplish this, the locatinglpinr 44 is
inner race‘of the bearing 11.
disengaged from the socket and held in such dis~
The gear portion 6|, the gear 101 and the gear
portion 13 are cooperatively engaged to comprise 75 engaged position ‘by inserting the-lockingipin
50 ‘to hold the l'ocatingpin in retracted “position.
When the locating pin 44 is thus disengaged, the
place within openings in members whose sur—
rounding material is to be ground, a universal
joint mounted in the spider member, a pivot post
swivelly supported by the universal joint, 9.. level
ing plate secured to the pivot post in circumjacent
relation thereto, adjustment means borne by the
leveling plate for embracing the spider and po
extension 60 is free to pivot on the arm member
2? and the predetermined plane of the grinding
wheel may be manually traversed at will.
The communication of the driving force
through the
and shaft arrangement pre
viously described from the prime mover to the
sitioning the pivot post, a. radial arm member
grinding wheel 6'? permits swivel movement of
rotatably supported by the pivot post in a plane
the spindle 82 and prime mover in relation to
the mounting therefor. This swivel movement 10 substantially at right angles to the pivot post,
screw threaded means on pivot post and arm
permits the convenient manual manipulation of
member for adjusting the height on the pivot post
the grinder and enables grinding to be accom
at which the arm member is permitted to rotate,
plished in restricted spaces.
an articulated joint in the arm member permit
As the grinding of the member I progresses, the
ting the outwardly extended end portion thereof
grinder is lowered by readjusting the inner race
to pivot in a plane substantially parallel to that
18 of the bearing I‘! on the pivot post I2.
While I have shown but one embodiment of my
of the rotation of the arm member, a grinding
wheel rotatably supported in the outwardly ex
invention, it is susceptible to modi?cation with
out departing from the spirit of the invention.
tended end portion of the arm member, and a
I do not wish, therefore, to be limited by the 20 universal joint communicating between the driv
ing means of the motor and the grinding wheel.
disclosures set forth, but only by the scope of the
3. In a grinder mounting of the character de
appended claims.
scribed, a spider member having extensible leg
The invention described herein may be manu
portions for mounting the spider in openings in
factured and used by or for the Government of
the United States of America for governmental 25 members whose surrounding material is to be
ground, a universal joint mounted in the spider
purposes without the payment of any royalties
member, a pivot post swivelly supported by the
thereon or therefor.
I claim:
1. An apparatus for use with a portable motor
Comprising a spider member comprising a cen
universal joint, adjustment means for position
ing the pivot‘post in relation to the spider mem
her, a radial arm member rotatably mounted on
the pivot post to swing in a plane substantially
at right angles to the pivot post, means on the
pivot post for adjusting the location on the pivot
the body portion, adjustment studs screw-thread
post at which the arm member is permitted to
edly engaged in the outer ends of the leg elements
so as to be outwardly extensible; a ball element 35 rotate, an articulated joint in the arm member,
a grinding wheel rotatably mounted in the ex
supported in the socket of the body portion; a
tended end portion of the arm member, and a
retaining plate secured to the body portion to
universal coupling providing communication be
maintain the ball member in the socket; a pivot
tween a prime mover and the grinding wheel to
post sorew-threadedly engaged to the ball member
and swivelly supported thereby; a leveling plate 40 rotate the grinding wheel in a plane determined
tral body portion having a socket formed therein,
a plurality of leg elements radially extended from
transversely secured circumjacent the pivot post;
by the adjustment of the arm member on the
post; an articulated joint in the arm member
tion of the arm member, a driving means for the
permitting the pivoting of the outer end portion
of the arm member in a plane substantially par
allel to the rotation plane of the arm member;
sockets and a spring loaded catch in spaced re
lation thereto in opposite arm portions to lock
grinding wheel, and a universal coupling inter
posed between the driving means and grinding
wheel permitting freedom of movement of the
driving means while the grinding wheel is main
tained in a predetermined plane.
the articulated joint at selected points of adjust
5. A grinder comprising a mounting means en
pivot post.
a plurality of adjustment studs screw-threadedly
4. A grinder comprising a spider member hav
engaged in the leveling plate in a position to en
ing extensible leg portions, a pivot post swivelly
gage the spider member and in cooperation there
with to maintain the pivot post in selected posi 45 mounted in the spider member, an arm member
rotatably mounted on the swivel post, means for
tion; a radial arm member; a roller bearing screw
adjusting the plane of rotation of the arm mem
threadedly mounted on the pivot post spacially
ber in relation to the spider member, an articu
adjustable thereon in relation to the spider mem
lated joint in the arm member, a grinding wheel
' ber and rotatably supporting the arm member in
a plane substantially at right angles to the pivot , supported in the outwardly extended end por
gageable in openings in members to be ground,
ment; a grinding wheel; a mounting shaft for
a pivot post swivelly supported by the mounting
the grinding wheel; a bearing engaged in the out
wardly extended end portion of the arm member 60 means, a radial arm member rotatably mounted
the pivot post, means for adjusting the plane
to support the mounting shaft substantially at
of rotation of the arm member in relation to
right angles to the plane of rotation of the arm
the mounting means, a grinding wheel rotatably
member; a universal coupling means engaged to
supported by the extended end portion of the arm
the mounting shaft; and a coupling member for
connecting the universal gear means to the driv 65 member, means for varying the distance from the
grinding wheel to the pivot post and a driving
ing means of the motor.
2. A grinder adapted for use with a motor com
means supported by the arm member in com
prising a spider member having extensible leg
portions for tightening the spider member in
munication with the grinding wheel.
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