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Dec.’ 10, 1946.
Filed Nov. 28, 1944
3 I"I
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Carl J. Crane, Sacramento, Calif.
Application November 28, 1944, Serial No. 565,557
5 Claims.‘ ((51.177-311)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757)
The invention described herein may be manu
factured and used by or for the Government for
governmental purposes, without the payment to
me of any royalty thereon.
This invention relates to sensitive switch con
trol apparatus in which a very sensitive indicator
is used to accurately control the operation of a
second switch control or indicating device for
eating conduits II and [2 being provided, con
necting the pump in with the suction conduits 8
and 9. The suction conduit 8 is connected at one
end to a closed cylinder l3 having spring seated
venting valve I 4 in one end Wall thereof and a
piston rod l5 extending through the opposite
end wall l6 and connected to a piston member I‘!
which is operable Within the. cylinder I 3.1-The
venting valve M has a stem, I 4a projecting in-"
indicating the operation of the former indicator,
and moreparticularly the invention relates to v10 wardly into the path of movement of the piston
an electrical switch control device, operable by
I? when the piston is moved to the right by suc
the indicator or pointer member of an extremely
sensitive value-indicating instrument, such as a
microammeter of a radio compass indicator for
tion pressure, or a reduction of pressure within
the cylinder I3. The piston l5 operates a second
ary indicator or signal device I8 through the in-'
15 strumentality of a circuit-closing switch lever l9,
An object of my invention is the provision of
having a spring 20 yieldably holding the electri
an electric switch actuator or control device
cal contact 2| which is carried by the lever, in
which is positively responsive to the most minute
spaced relation to a stationary electrical contact
effort of a primary indicator, in accordance with
22 carried by a yieldable resilient bracket arm 23
the movement of the primary indicator, from a
which is insulated from framework 24 of the
predetermined position without subjecting the
primary indicator to any additional or reactive
force that would tend to disturb or reduce the
supporting structure.
The circuit-closing switch lever I9 is grounded
the metallic framework of the supporting
sensitivity of the primary indicator.
structure through its pivot connection, as indi
Another object of the invention is the provision 25 cated at 25, and a conductor 26, having a battery
of a value-indicating device having sensitive
21 intermediate its ends, connects the bracket
pointer means with means’ associated with the
arm 23 to one pole of the signal-indicating device
pointer means for operating a second indicating
or lamp 18. The other pole, of the signal-indicat-1
means, incident to limited movement of said
ing device or lamp I8 is grounded to the sup
pointer means, from a predetermined reference 30 porting structure at 28, completing the electrical
position without affecting a restraint on the
operating circuit for the signal lamp l8 when
movement of the pointer means from said refer
the two contacts, 2| and 22, are brought together.
ence position.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent from the following descrip
The other suction conduit pipe 9 is in communl-_
cation with a second suction operated cylinder
l3’ having a spring seated venting valve 14'
therein. The cylinder has a movable piston l1’
drawing, disclosing somewhat diagrammatically
therein having a piston rod [5' for operating a
in side elevation a sensitive indicating device
signal device 29 in a manner identical to the
having my improved switch control apparatus
operation, of the signal device l8. The piston l‘l'
shown in cooperative association therewith, parts 40 operates the piston rod l5’ which is connected to
being broken away and shown in section.
a switch lever l9’ having a return spring 20' for
The reference numeral l indicates a micro
holding the circuit-closing lever contact 2|’ on
ammeter or a radio compass indicator device
the lever in spaced relation to a stationary con
preferably of conventional construction, having
tact 22’ carried on a bracket 23', in insulated
a pointer 2, movable by the meter l around a
relation to the metallic supporting structure 24'.
pivotal center 3, current being supplied to the
The switch lever I9’ is grounded to the metallic
indicator device i through the input circuit con
supporting structure at 25'. An electrical con
ductors 4. A ball-shaped closure member 5 is
ductor 26' having a battery 21' intermediate its
secured to the outer end of the‘ pointer 2 form
lends, establishing an electrical connection to the
ing a valve closure member for two vent open
yieldable resilient bracket arm 23' and toone
ings 6 and 1 in the ends of a pair of spaced, axially
pole of the signal device 29 while the other pole
aligned suction conduit pipes 8 and 9.
of the signal device is connected by a short con
Suction pressure is maintained in the section
ductor to the ground terminal 28, as shown in
conduit pipes 8 and 9 by any suitable means, such
the drawing.
as by a suction or vacuum pump [0, communi
The suction vent openings 6 and ‘l are prefer
tion, taken in connection with the accompanying
' 2,412,206
ably disposed in opposed spaced relation at op
posite sides'of the movable closure member 5,
which is carried on the end of pointer 2 and the
positions of these vent openings are adjustable
sufficiently near the vent opening ‘I to partially
close this opening, causes an increase in the .
vacuum or suction pressure in the conduit 9,
and the closure 5 will be tensioned by this suc
tion pressure in the same direction as it moved
preferably with respect to the closure member 5.
during its initial indicating movement, com
The end portions 29 and 35) of the venting con
pletely closing the vent opening ‘I and the in
duits 8'and ,9 which carry the vent openings 6
crease in suction pressure causes the operation of
and 1 are axially adjustable with respect to each
the auxiliary power take-off and indicating mech
other and the closure member 5 and are adapted
to be held in their adjusted position by tubular .10. anism 29.
While I have described my invention in con
clamp members 3| and 32. This adjustment is
with a simple embodiment for illustrat
provided so that the intermediate control or '
ing anoperative structure for carrying out the
reference position of the indicator '2 and its
invention, it is'obvious that various changes may
closure 5 may be varied.
made therein, without departing from the
If desired, a dash~pot 33 may be provided and
spirit of the invention as de?ned in the append
connected to the pointer 2, to prevent too rapid
ing claims.
oscillation of the indicator member 2 when the
I claim:
closure member 5 is released from the ventopen
1. In an indicating device of the class described,
ing by the venting of the suction conduits, by the
20 a supersensitive value indicator having pointer
venting valves hi’ or M.
closure means movable in opposite directions, a
In the’ operation of the device, the end portions
suction conduit having vent openings at oppo
29 and 30 are adjusted with respect to the closure
member. 5 carried by the pointer 2 of the super
. site sides of the pointer closure means, means
sensitive ‘value-indicating instrument i so as to
for creating a suction pressure in said conduit
sufficiently to move the piston member ll’, or the
piston member [1' inwardly to operate one or
the other of the switch levers It) or IE’ to close
either of the circuits to the secondary signal
sure in said conduit when said venting 'means
position the vent openings 6 and l in equally 25 to be selectively closed by said pointer closure
means upon movement thereof toward said vent
spaced relation to the closure member 5 at each
openings from a predetermined reference posi
side thereof when the pointer is in a predeter
tion between said vent openings to cause said‘
mined value or direction indicating position.
pointer to be held by said suction pressure, clos
'- ,With the suction pump 10 in operation, suc
tion is applied equally to the conduits 8 and 9, 30 ing'sald vent openings, suction operated second
ary indicating means disposed in communica
but :the spaced arrangement of the venting open
with-said suction conduit, operable by a
ings 6 and 1 with respect to the closure 5 prevents
predetermined degree of increased suction pres
this suction or vacuum pressure from increasing
devices ‘l8 or '29.
When the pointer -2 moves toward one of the
is closed by said pointer closure means, and
means operable by said secondary indicating
means incident to movement thereof by said
increased suction to relieve the suction therein,
" to free the pointer closure means from said suc
pressure operable thereon when the same is
vent openings 6 or 1, sufficiently close to reduce 40 tion
disposed to close the said vent means and to
the area of that opening, the closure 5 thereon
simultaneously render said secondary suction op
will be immediately drawn against the'vent open
erated indicating means non-operative.
ing by the suction pressure within the conduit,
2. In an indicating device of the class de
completely closing the vent opening. The point
scribed, a pairof open-ended fixed suction con
er willsbe positively moved or tensioned irr the 45 duits disposed with their ends facing each other
same direction as it was being moved by the
in spaced relation, a closure member movable
indicating device as it closed off the vent open
from a normal intermediate spaced position'be
in‘g. When the vent opening is closed, the suc
tween the ends of said conduits toward one or
tion pressure within the conduit 8 increases and
the other suction conduit ends to close one or
draws the power take-off piston (‘I to the right,
the other of said suction conduits, suction pro
rocking the switch lever I9 to bring the two
ducing means in communication with said con
electrical contacts 20 and "2| into contacting en
duits to increase the suction pressure therein
gagement ‘closing the operating circuit to the
.when ‘closed by said closure member, suction
electric signal or indicating means I8, or other
operated indicating means in communication with
device-that may be controlled by the ‘circuit.
each of said suction conduits operable by apre
Final movement of the piston I'I toward the
determined increase in the suction pressure with
suction conduit 8 ?exes the contact armlzz and
insaid conduit, venting means for each of said
causes the venting valve II to be forced to'open
suction conduits movable to venting position by
‘position by the piston l1, relieving the suction
pressure-within the cylinder l3 and within the (30 said suction operated indicating means incident
to operation thereof by said predetermined in
conduit 8. This reduction in pressure permits
crease in suction pressure, to vent the suction
the piston to return to its initial non-operative
conduit and relieve the suction pressure on said
position, and causes the ‘contacts 20 and 21 to be
last-mentioned suction operated indicating
again "separated from ‘each other, rendering the
means, and to relieve the suction pressure on
signal device la non-operative. The venting
said closure member to release the same, and
valve Mvalso functions to simultaneously‘ vent
on said last~mentioned suction operated indicat
the conduit .8, which relieves the suction pres
ing means to normalize the same.
sure on the vclosure member 5 on the pointer 2,
- 3. In an indicating device of the class de
permitting the pointer to return freely to its
scribed, a pair of suction conduits having vent
{proper indicating or reference position.
openings therein, disposed adjacent each other
When the pointer 2 moves in the opposite di
in spaced opposed relation for venting said con
rection or to ‘the right, the same operation will
duits to relieve the suction therein, a vent clo
take ‘place with respect to the other power take
sure member movably disposed between said
off or indicating apparatus controlling the other
vent openings to close one or the other of said
signal 20. Movement of the closure member 5,,
vent openings upon movement thereof in one
direction or the opposite direction to increase
the suction in one or the other of said conduits
to render the conduit suction pressure operable
upon said vent closure member to tension said
vent closure member toward the vent opening,
sensitive actuating means for operating said vent
crease in the suction pressure within said suc
' tion conduit, and means for rendering said signal
means non-operative when said suction pressure
conduits are vented by said secondary venting
5. Apparatus as claimed in claim 3 in which
said power means comprises a closed cylinder
having a piston therein operable by predeter
mined suction pressure within said cylinder, and
means in communication with each of said con 10 said secondary venting means comprises a vent
ing valve movably disposed in the path of move:
duits, operable by predetermined suction pres
ment of said piston, to be operated there-by, to
sure within each of said conduits to actuate said
vent said cylinder when saidpiston is operated
secondary venting means, to relieve the suction
by said suction pressure, to relieve the suction
pressure Within said conduit acting on said vent
closure member when the same is in its‘ vent 15 pressure in the cylinder and in the communicat
ing suction conduits, and power take-off means
closing position and relieve the suction pressure
which is connected to said piston to be operated
on said suction pressure operated power means.
closure member, secondary venting means for
each of said conduits, suction operated power
‘i. Apparatus as claimed in claim 3 in which
signal means are provided, operable by said power
means incident to movement thereof by an in 20
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