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Filed June 5. 1945
no. 1
= = =F=
% ?g‘ a,
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
, imitation Juliet, 1945‘, Serial ‘No. 597;667"
7 Claims. (01.- 272-:-'9)_
This invention relates to skating costumes, and
more particularly to a skating costume for en
tertainment or theatrical performances.
A main object of the invention is to provide a
novel skating costume wherein the performer
will appear to the audience or spectators to be
skating on his hands instead of on his feet.
A further object of the invention is to provide
by an inverted shirt garment 9, the sleeves of
which cover the performer’s legs, simulated
gloves or mittens l0, 10 being provided for the
performer’s feet to which are attached skates
II, II. Simulated head (iv protrudes through the
collar of shirt garment 9 creating the illusion of
the performer standing on his hands.
To create the illusion of a female performer,
a skirt may be substituted for trouser garment
a novel and improved skating costume for en
tertainment or theatrical purposes wherein the 10 1, with appropriate hoop or frame members se
cured to upstanding members 3 for securement
performer appears to be skating in inverted posi
of the skirt thereto to maintain the skirt in in
tion on his hands with his feet and legs up
verted position.
Instead of rigidly securing strip 5 to vest I,
Further objects and advantages of the inven
tion will appear from the following description 15 said strip may be carried by a belt [2, as shown
and claims, and from the accompanying draw
ing, wherein:
in Figure 4, worn by the performer, whereby
head 6 may be moved relatively to the upraised
leg members to heighten the illusion.
When wearing the costume, the performer’s
Figure 1 is a View of a skating performer wear
ing a costume in accordance with this invention.
Figure 2 is a View of the skating performer of 20 arms are held close to his sides or behind his
back, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 1 with the outer garments of the cos
If desired, leg members 2 may be suitably
tume removed.
hinged to leg members 3 to provide simulated
Figure 3 is a front elevational view of a por
knee joints.
tion of a simulated leg member employed in the
25 > The costume as disclosed above is adaptable
costume of this invention.
for ice skating performances, roller skating per
Figure 4 is a front elevational View of a modi
or any other performance where it is
?cation of a simulated head member and sup
desired to provide the illusion of the performer
porting means therefor, as employed in the cos
acting in inverted position.
tume of this invention.
Referring to the drawing, l designates a jacket 30 While a speci?c embodiment of a skating cos
tume for entertainment or theatrical purposes
or vest garment of stiff material, such as heavy
has been disclosed in the foregoing description,
it will be understood that Various modi?cations
within the spirit of the invention may occur to
pair of upstanding rigid bracket members 2, 2, 35 those skilled in the art. Therefore, it is intended
that no limitations be placed on the invention
which may be rigid strips of light metal such as
other than as de?ned by the scope of the ap
aluminum. Secured to each bracket member 2
leather, which is adapted to be worn by the
performer in the normal manner. Rigidly se
cured to the shoulder portions of jacket I are a
pended claims.
is a leg element 3 comprising a rigid frame
What is claimed is:
formed of stiff strip material provided at its tip
1. A costume comprising a vest garment adapt
end portion with a shoe 4. Rigidly secured to the 40
ed to be worn by a performer, a pair of upstand
lower front portion of vest l is a rigid strip 5
ing support members rigidly secured to the
carrying at its lower end a simulated head 6.
shoulder portions of said garment, shoes car
The upper portion of the performer is covered
ried at the upper ends of said support members,
by an inverted trouser garment 1, the leg por
tions of which contain the upstanding brackets 2 45 aniriv'erted trouser garment, the leg portions of
which respectively cover said upstanding support
and leg members 3, said trouser leg portions be
members and are secured thereto adjacent said
ing secured at their upper portions to transverse
shoes, said inverted trouser garment being adapt
bar elements 8 provided on leg members 3 ad
ed to cover the upper portion of the performer,
jacent shoes 4. Transverse elements 8 may be
merely rigid strip membersormay be frames for 50 an inverted'fshirt garment adapted to cover the
lower portion of'the performer with the per
?lling out the trouser 1e
ortions. ‘The front
former’s legs received in the sleeves of said shirt
portion of inverted trons
arment ‘I is suitably
garment, a simulated head depending through
perforated to provide ,éye'f‘ holes for the per
The lower portion of the performer is covered 55
the collar of said shirt garment, and supporting
means for said head.
5,41 2,241- -
.t 7
2. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
supporting means for said head comprises a
member secured at its lower 'end portion to said
head and at its upper end portion to said vest
to cover the lower portion of the skater,‘ with
the skater’s legs received in the sleeves of said
shirt, a simulated head depending through the
collar of said shirt, and means for supporting
said head from the intermediate portion of the
g 3. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
supporting means for said head comprises a
skater’s body.
5. The structure of claim 4, and wherein frame
member secured at its lower end portion to said
means are provided on said upstanding support
head and at its upper end'portion to a’bélt
members for’?lling out said inverte'd'fgarment.
i6.~"The ‘structure of c1aim~4jand wherein said
'4. A skater’s costume comprising a vest gare
head supporting means is a belt adapted to be
ment adapted to be worn by a skater, a pair of ~71" ‘ worn by the skater, said head being secured to
adapted to be worn’ by the performer.
' upstanding support members rigidly secureditok
- ‘- said
said vest garment, shoes carried at the upper '
" '7'. The structure of claim 4, and wherein said
ends of said support members, an invertediga‘ra '15 head-supporting means is a member secured at
> ment covering said upstanding support members, I ._
its’, lowervportion to said head and at its upper
and secured thereto adjacent said'shoes; said in! " ' " portion "to said vest garment.
verted garment being adapted to cover the-upper I "
portion of the skater, an inverted shirt adapted
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