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.DCC- 10,11946-
, ci. s. BJoRKLUNDl-:TAL
Filed oét. 1, 1945
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
'Carl s. Bjorklund, Édgar o. Bjorklund, and Easel
.T. Bjorklund, Milwaukee, Wis.
Application October 1, 1945, Serial No. 619,482
1 Claim. (Cl. 22d-¿91)
Our invention refers to garment hangersand
it has for its primary object to provide a coin
bination hanger wherein, for example, coats,
trousers and skirts may be conveniently suspended .
double spring wires are folded against the backing
strip to form spring clamps 5_5. The clamps
terminate at their ends with gripping loops 6-6,
which gripping loops are spaced apart t0 kform a
throat for the reception of a garment such »as
trouser legs, or the like.
from a single unit, will materially economize in
The backing piece 4 and spring clamps 5 may
closet space, bearing in mind that under usual
be secured together by solder or welding patches
conditions a coat and vest require a hanger and
4’-4", the latter serving to secure the ends of
the trousers require a second hanger, Further
more, a single unit is particularly useful for 10 the loops 6.
As best indicated in Figures 3 and 4 of the
cleaners or tailors in delivering garment articles.
drawing, when it is desired to insert the legs
The specific object of our invention is to provide
of a pair of trousers into the hanger, one of the
a garment hanger comprising‘essentially a'yoke
therefrom. Thus the garments, being suspended
spring clips is pulled outwardly to form a throat,
having a backing piece extending thereacross with
a pair of spring clips attached to the backing 15 whereby one edge of the trouser legs is inserted
piece, whereby the legs of trousers may be quickly
slipped into the clips for suspending the same
under the coat in a compact unit.
With the above and other objects in view, which
will appear as the description proceeds, the in 20
vention resides in the novel construction, com
bination and arrangement of parts, substantially
between the clamp and backing piece 4. The
opposite gripping clamp is then pulled out, under
spring tension, whereby the other creased edge
of the trouser legs, as indicated at A, is inserted
into the throat. Thus said trousers are firmly
held in position, as indicated in Figures 3 and i,
it being understood that due to the spring clamps,
the trousers are securely held in suspension irre
spective of the fact that they may or may not
stood that such changes in the precise embodi 25 have cuffs at their bottom edges.
Under usual conditions the coat or coat and
ment of the herein disclosed invention may be
vest are then inserted over the yoke and, should
made as come within the scope of the claim. ,
it be desired, another garment may be hung over
In the accompanying drawing is illustrated one
as hereinafter described, and more particularlyV
deñned by the appended claim, it being under
the strip 2.
complete example of the physical embodiment of
Obviously, in some instances, we may dispense
the present invention constructed according to 30
with the connecting strip 2, and while we have
the best mode so far devised for the practical
shown the yoke and backing piece 5 fabricated
application of the principles thereof.
from wire, these parts may be formed from a
In the drawing:
single nat backing of wood, paper ñber, or other
Figure 1 represents a perspective view of a
garment hanger embodying the features of our 35 material, in which instance the spring clamps
would be secured thereto.
It is also within the scope of our invention, in
some instances, to provide a long single spring
clamp as a substitute for the two clamps shown
ure 1.
Figure 3 is a similar sectional view showing 40 in this exempliflcation of our invention.
We claim:
the legs of trousers gripped therein, and
In a garment hanger provided with downwardly
Figure 4 is a fragmentary cross section of the
inclined wires, connected by a cross strip, the
hanger, the section being indicated byline 4-4
inclined wires being offset above the cross strip
of Figure 1, the same being illustrated as having
45 to form vertically disposed seats, a trouser sup
trousers legs gripped therein.
port for the hanger comprising a double wired
Referring by characters to the drawing, IY indi
backing piece looped about the yoke offsets and
cates a yoke formed from a single piece "of vwire
A-folded upon itself to form spring clamps asso
having a bottom connecting strip Z'fandfa'isus
Figure 2 is a plan sectional view of the same,
the section being indicated by line 2-2 of Fig
pension hook 3, all of the same beingstandard
' ciated with a back, the clamp ends terminating
50 with gripper loops spaced apart to form a :gar
and form no part of the invention.
ment receiving mouth.
The downwardly inclined yoke wires I-l are _
provided with vertically positioned offsets I’
for the reception of a double wire backing piece
4, which backing piece is looped >about the yoke
offsets I’ to eii'ect a joint. From this joint the 55
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