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Pafenfed Dec. 10, 1946
NoSE fUffP
Quan Ifof, Boston, ffoss.
Applic?fion August 11, 19??, Setial No. 5?9,061
(cL 128?Z06)
This inventiof1 felates to a nose p11Inp eSpeoia?11y
adapted fof foroing nledicated air into the nostrils
of the nose When congested and the prinlafy ob
ject of the invention is the pfovisiof1 of a? device
of this charaotef Whioh wi11?be sifnple to opef?
a?te and very inexpensive to Inanufacture, con?
Sequently pefInitting the dist1'ibution?thefeof a?t
a1OW ooSt.
with these and other objects in vieW aS Wi11 be?
oofne n1ofe appafent as the desofiptiof1 pfo?
ohafge e1eInents 6 in difect ooInInunioation v??ith
the inteffof of the beHoWs.
?f deSired, the thon1b and 1?nger stTaps Inay
be oonstfuoted of aj single length of Inatefial
Which has itS ends Secufed to the top and bot?
ton1 vva11S and then Secufed to the end wa11 ls
to stfengthen of feinfofoe the lattef.
The use of the flap valves l2 in this device Wi11
pfevent the entrance of fofeign n1atter to the
10 interiof of the bellovvs when the devioe iS idle.
vvhile the device Inay be constfucted of any
oeedS, the invention conSiSts of ceftain nove1 fea?
fnatefial Suitable fof the pufpose, ft iS pfeferable
tufes of oonstruotion, ooInbination and arfange?
thart it be Inade of stfong papef in ofdef that
n1ent of pafts as Wi11 be hefeina?fter lT1ore fully
the fnaJ1ufactufing ooSt of the device may be held
desofibed and olaifned.
Fof a? conlplete undefstanding of ITly inven 15 to al fnininlufn.
In uSe, the elefnentS ?6 aAre inSefted in the
tion, fefefenoe iS to'be hajd to the foHowing de?
nostrils of the nose and the top and botto-Tn wans
sofiption a?nd aooofnpanying dfavving, in Which=
n1oved towafdS and ffom eaoh other by the opef?
?gufe 1 is a top plan vieW illustfating a? nose
atof to foroe aif thfo?gh the fnedioated Inatefia?1
puInp oof1StfIfcted if1 arocofd?nce With fny inven?
20 7 into the nostfils to felieve oongestion of the
Figllre 2 is ?a? Side elevation illuStrating the de?
vvhile I have shown and desofibed the pfefeffed
enlbodinlent of Iny invention, it Wi11 be undef?
??gure 3 iS a? veftical sectional view illustfat
Stood that Ininof ohanges in constfuotion, ooIn?
ing the devioe.
Befeffing in detail to the dfaWing, the nofnefal 25 bination and arfangen1ent of partS Inay be Inade
Withont depafting frofn the spifit and Scope of
5 indicates an air be11ows, vvhile 6 repreSentS
the invention as olaifned.
spaced tapered aif diSchafge elefnentS halving
?Ia?ving th11s deScribed fny invention, What ?
con1nlu11ication vVith one end of the bellows and
in vvhich is arfanged fnedicated fnatefia1 T pfef?
1. In a nose pt1Inp? a SubStantiany reotangular
efably in-the fofm ?of f?W ootton fmpfegnated 30
box like oof1Stf11ction inoluding ofeased vva11S to
vvith a seleoted Tnedicine. ThuInb and ?nger
fofn1 al beHoWS oonstruotion and having aiI' intake
Stfaps 8 ?and 9 afe seoufed to the benows to f?
and out1et openings, SubStantiaHy oonioal shaped
oilitate the hand1ing and operation of the lattef.
elefnents oaffied by one end of the box 1fke oon?
Air intake openings ID are fofIned in opposite
wallS of the benows and diSchafge openings || 35 stf11ction ovef the outlet openings, n1edicated ffla
tefia1 in Said elefnents, and thumb and fingef
? afe pfovided of one of the end vva11S, plaoing the
StfapS Seoufed to the box like conStruction, and
aff diScha?fge eleInents 6 in difect oofnfnunioa
of a single strip forolation Said Strip being Se?
tion vvith the intefiof of the be11ovvs, ????1a.p type
o11fed to opposite vva?11S of the ??box like conStfIlo
vallves lz fnay be pfovided fof the inlet openingS
In adapted to pefInit aif to entef the bellows 40 tion and one of the end walls thefeof.
2. In al f10Se plufflp, 34 SubStantiaHy feotangulaf
ffeely, but whjoh Wi11 olose and pfevent the eS?
box like oonStfuction iflo111ding ofeased vva11S to
cape of aif thfough the openin?gs ?? when the
foITn a? beno?vs oonStfuction and having air in?
be11ovVs iS oonapSed. ?f desifed, the flap valves
ta?ke and ootlet openings, a sobstantiaHy conioal
?2 Inay be on1itted and the openings fQ oon?
troned b? the index ?ngef and thumb of the op? 45 sha?ped elefnent oafffed by one end of the box
1ike conStfuction over the outlet openings, fned?
efatof,s hand.
The be11ows 5 is of a box-1ike oonStfuotion of
icated nTatefia1 in said elen1ent, and thufnb and
?ngef stfaps secufed to the box. 1ike conStruc?
substantially fectangu1a?f shape inc11lding tooand
tion? and of a single Stfip fofn1ation, said stI'ip
botton1 wanS |3 and |4, end walls l5 and lB and
side vfalls fT, a11 of integfa1 construotion. The 50 being secufed- to opposite wallS of the box like
end v7a11 ls and the Side vva11s IT have creaSeS
oonstfuction and one of the efld vvalls thefeof,
and flalp valveS fof the intake openingS.
thefein so that the top and bottom Waj11S may
be to flex towafds and ffom eaoh othef
undef 1f1an11a?1 pressofe. The efld, WaJ11 |5 has
the openingS ll thefein to plaoe the aif dis 55
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