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Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed July 12, 1943
- /5/
// _
‘ U\\
(2/ 49. 9241/
Patented Dec. 151}.
eiey, ‘Salli.
This invention relates generally to the man»
tincture and construction of metal tanks and
Referring to the drawing:
‘ "hers, and is of value where the use to
such tanks are su
cten is apt to cause
~ '1‘. l is
cross sectional view, of the portions
detrimental corrosion.
of a tank adapted to he joined according to the
present invention.
past nonucorrodihletanlss end contain~
have been made from relatively expensive
metals and metal alloys which, as distinguished
of a tank which have been joined according to
‘the method of the present invention.
2 is a cross sectional View of the portions
from ordinary steel, are sulz/stantialiy non=cor~
is. 3 is an emerged cross sectional detail of
rodihle for the service desired. For example, 39
‘3 showing the welding togefner of the two
copper, brass or bronze have leech used to a con“
halves of the con'tv'ner and the method of cone
ducting away the welding heat.
siderable extent and more recently the sc=called
stainless alloys, such as lis‘onel metal. All such
the preferred embodiment of my invention,
have shown vthe
portion as being composed
metals or alloys are comparatively expensive, and,
in addition, their use involves manufacturing dif~
of two
or shells l9 and ii. Sections iii
and i i may be of any suitable metal and may he
fanned in any conventional manner such as rlv»
It has been attempted to provide non-corrod-=
ible liners for metal tanks Toy
the in»
terior of the same but the
has not met with
notable success. The dii?culty oi‘ ens-incline‘ the
interior of a metal tank after the same has been
fabricated is obvious, as it
impossible to in
sure an even coating on the interior and inspecu
tzon is difficult, if not impossible.
C) vided ori?ces i2 and M respectively which may’
be threaded for suitable connection to the piping
system of which the ta i: is to he a unit. I have
also provided an annular ring iii made of any
It is an object of the present invention to pro»
vide a simple metal tank or container which will
maize use of any suitable metal from which e.
tank or container may be made and which may
be coated with an inner lining of enamel or
other elastic non-corrodliile materiel.
It; is another object of the invention to provide
a simple metal tank which will make use of any
suitable material from which a tank or container
may be made and which may be lined or coated
with a. metallic non-corrodible lining.
It has been attempted to provide a. liner of
such non-corrodible metals but the same have
not met with notable success because of the mam
ufccturing di?iculties involved.
It is another object of the invention to provide
a novel method of manufacture, whereby such
tanliis or containers can be simply made in quan
titles with a high degree of uniformity and with
out the possibility of undue stresses being applied
to the lining or any defects being created in the
lining during the manufacture of the tank.
It is a further object or‘ the invention to pro
vide a method of manufacture whereby the in
terior may be easily examined for purposes of
inspection of the non-corrodihle surface.
Further objects of the invention will appear
from the following description in which the pre
ferred embodiment of the invention has been set
_forthin ‘detail in conjunction with the accom:
panylng drawing.
welding, spinning, drawing or pressing. In
end of each of halves ill and ii I have pro“
suitable material, preferably, however, of the
seine material of which the two halves iii and ii
made, said annular ring‘ however being of
substantially greater gauge and thickness.
The inner surfaces of shells it! and H are thor=
ouglily coated or lined with a. suitable non-cor»
inedible material to provide a. non-corrodible sur
v race l5.
A suitable coating material may be
enamel or any one of several materials which will
form an elastic non-corrodible surface and which
he applied by brush or as a spray, including
enamel. I also contemplate that a duc~
co do;
tile nonworrodible metal lining may be used. For ‘
example, when the two halves i0 and ii are
rawn. a sheet of copper or other ductile non
corrodlble metal may be drawn with them, form
line; a bonded metal lining. The annular ring it
is also thoroughly coated with the same mate“
rial to n-rovide a similar surface it. and the two
halves ill and H and the annular ring M are al
lowed to dry or cool depending on the non-cor
rodible material used. ‘Where vitrous enamel is
used the pats are treated in a suitable vitrify~
lng oven. The non-corrodible surfaces may be
inspected thoroughly during and at the conclu
sion of the coating operation. It; is evident that
when a non-corrodible metal lining is used rather
than an enamel or elastic non-corrodible lining,
inner ring Id may either be coated with or may
be made entirely from the non-corrodible metal.
The two halves l0 and H and the annular ring
84 should be so constructed that when the coat~
111% material has been applied the outside diamen
ter of annular ring it will be slightly greater
than the inside diameter of shells in and Ii at
their lips.
The lips of shells it and Ii are then heated
suinciently so that they will expand in such a
manner that their inside diameter is slightly
greater than the outside diameter of annular
ring it. The two shells in and ii are then
gently urged over ring it until they meet approx
imately as shown in Fig. 2. Care should be taken
water may vent through the ori?ces i2 and H.
In the design of particular tanks, other ori?ces
25 and 28 may be provided but their provision
in no way alters the manufacture of tanks ac
cording to my invention.
It is to be understood that the particular shape
or form of tank manufactured in no way affects
the application of my invention and that the
same may be used in any number of ways ac
cording to shop practice and mechanical ex
during the heating operation that the charac
teristics of the particular non-corrodible mate“
1.111 a method of manufacturing enclosed
tanks, lining two portions adapted to be Joined
rial are observed in order that said material will
suffer no deleterious effect or lose its non-cor
rodible characteristic upon cooling.
The two halves‘ l0 and ii are then allowed to
cool and their lips to contract snugly about an
nular 'ring l8. As shown, all of the surfaces
'with which water or other liquid placed within
I claim:
with an elastic non-corrodible material to form
a complete tank, each portion consisting of an
end wall and a cylindrical side wall, coating with
a non-corrodible material an annular member
adapted to ?t within said portions at their joint,
the inner diameter of said lined portions being
the tank may come in contact, are surfaced with 20 less than the outer diameter of said coated mem
non-corrodible material.
I then mount the semi-?nished tank upon a
pipe 20 which is of slightly smaller diameter
than the inside diameter of ori?ces i2 and i3.
ber, heating the open ends of said portions to
expand the same and ?tting them over said
annular member whereby when cooled they will
form a tight bond therewith and present ‘a seam
Pipe 20 has an ori?ce 2! through which water 25 adapted to be welded, cooling and contracting
under pressure may be sprayed. The tank is
said open ends snugly about said annular mem
then slowly rotated on pipe 2i! and water is
ber, mounting said assembly for rotation, rotat
forced through ori?ce 2! in such a manner that
ing said assembly, welding the said portions at
it will impinge against the inner surface of
their seam, and spraying water upon said annu
annular ring M, as shown, preferably at its up 30 lar member immediately behind the point in the
permost point. The two shells in and I i are then
path of rotation at which the welding heat is
welded together as the tank rotates. The weld
applied to dissipate said welding heat to prevent
ing torch or other welding medium is prefer
. said non-corrodible lining from being heated to
ably operated just in advance of, in the path
of rotation, the water spray from orifice 2 l . The
35 its fusing point.
2. In a method of manufacturing enclosed con
purpose of the water spray is to cool the "annu
lar ring I4 and thereby conduct away the weld
tainers, lining two portions adapted to be Joined
with an elastic non-corrodible material, coat
’ing with a non-corrodible material an annular
ing heat.
When the weld has been completed, a cross
member adapted to ?t within said portions at
section thereof will resemble Fig. 3 as shown. 40 their joint, the inner diameter of said lined por
It will be noted that the two halves i0 and H
tions being less than the outer diameter of said
have been welded together and that the weld
coated member, heating and expandingthe open
has not destroyed any of the non-corrodible sur
face. If, perchance, some of the non=corrodible
surface immediately adjacent the weld should be
‘damaged, the material immediately adjacent
ends of said portions and ?tting the same over
' saidannul'ar member whereby when cooled they
will form a tight bond therewith, cooling and v
contracting said open ends snugly about said an
nular member and ?nally welding said portions
where they join over said annular member and
oorrodible surface at all points within the tank. 56 cooling said welded portions and dissipating the
The water entering through ori?ce 2! may pos
welding heat whereby said non-corrodible lin
sibly be su?icient to ?ll the tank. However, it
ing and coating will not be injuriously a?ected.
. should be noted that ori?ces i2 and it are
thereto‘ will fuse and unite with the surface of
the annular ring It thereby presenting a non
slightly larger than pipe 28 and the surplus
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