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Dec. ‘10,1946. ‘
A, H, oRcuTT
' Filed Dec. 26 ,
2 Shee‘ts-Sheét 1
112/ z) éizzftiof
Dec. '10, 1946.
Filed Dec. 26, 17945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
_ 2,412,284
7' _> v‘Arthur Hitchcock Orcutt, Shirley, near Birming
ham, England, assignor to The Gear Grinding
Company Limited, Shirley, near Birmingham,
Application December 26. 1945, Serial No. 637,25
_ In Great Britain December 29, 1944
3 Claims.
(01. 51—233)'
‘ valves in a control box It situated at the front. of
V This invention relates‘ to ?uid operated ma
chine toolsof the kind. in which a reciprocatory‘
the machine. This box'contains a pair ‘of‘ro
work- or toolé-carrying slide is movable on a hori
tary valves whichserve to determine whethergthe
zontal bed by pressure of oil 01' other liquid in a
cylinder containing a plunger. In such machine
tools it is usual to provide on the machine a tap
machine shall be operated at‘ a high or a low rate
of speed. Levers m on the outer ends of_ the
the slide at or near either limit of the movements
spindles q of these valves are operable by a hand
lever n. The machine is intended for grinding
longitudinal splines on the work piece. For aue
of the slide, the tappet being adapted to actu
tomatically controlling the reciprocation of the
pet adapted to be actuated by adjustable dogs on
ate a stopping or reversing valve _(herein termed 10 slide (at the rate determined bygthe position of
the hand lever 11), a pair of adjustable dogs 0
a controlling valve) in the system associated with
the cylinder. Also there is usually arranged with
are secured on the front of the slide. These dogs
such a machine tool, means for regulating the
actuate a tappet associatedv with a controlling
valve (in this case a reversing valve) so that at
rate of speed of the slide which means may be
incorporated ‘with the said. valve, or may con 15 the end of eachtravel ofvthe slide the/direction
of action is automatically reversed.
' '
' "
sist of a separate valve or valves: ‘It is well known
It will be understood that when the slide travels
that when the slide operates at relatively high '
at its high rate of speed it tends to overrun the
speed it tends to over-run its normal limits un
position at which reversal of motion is required,
der momentum. Thus if the dogs are set to stop
or reverse the motion of the slide at a given po 20 as already explained. This condition is usually
undesirable and in some cases must be prevented,
sition when the slide is moved at its slow rate,
especially when the splines extend along only a
the slide will often over-run that position with
part of the length of the work piece, it being
the same setting of the dogs when moved at its
essential in this case that at either rate of speed
higher rate of speed. For some purposes it is
important that the slide should be stopped or 25 the motion of the slide should be reversed at
exactly the correct position. The purpose of the
reversed at a given position independently of
present invention is to enable this requirement to
its rate of motion, and the object of the present
be satis?ed in a convenient manner.
invention is to enable this requirement to be met
The mode of carrying out the invention on the
in a simple and satisfactory manner.
machine shown in Figure 1 will now be described
The invention comprises the combination of
with reference to Figures 2 and 3 which illustrate
a tappet, and a connection between the said speed
the invention more fully than Figure 1. The valve
regulating means and the tappet whereby on
levers m are interconnected by a link 10, and on
moving the said means to the fast or slow posi
one of the levers m is formed or secured a cam
tion an appropriate change is made in the posi
tion of the tappet.
35 r. The hand lever n is connected to one of the
In the accompanying drawings:
‘levers m by a link Z. Also on the front of the
valve box It is pivoted a lever s one end of which
Figure 1 is a front elevation of a spline shaft
grinding machine provided with the invention.
rests on the cam, this end being held in contact
with the cam by a spring 15. The other end of
Figures 2 and 3 are respectively front eleva
tion and plan illustrating to a larger scale than
the lever s is connected by a link u to a lever 22
pivotally mounted on the top of the box It. To
Figure 1 the portion of the machine which em
the lever 'v is pivotally attached a tappet lever to
bodies my invention.
carrying a pin :1: which serves as the tappet, the
To elucidate the purpose of the invention I will
upper projecting end of the tappet pin being
?rst describe brie?y the main features of the
machine shown in Figure 1. On the bed a of the .45 arranged in the path of the dogs 0. The lower
end of the tappet pin :0, in this example, engages
machine is mounted a horizontal reciprocatory
slide b which carries an indexing head 0 and a
a connecting piece 1:; which is carried by and is
tail stock (1, the work piece 6 being carried by the
transversely slidable on a slide bar 2, which is
parts 0 and :1. At the left hand end or the slide
movable in the direction of its length as indicated
is mounter a trimmer f for periodically trimming 50 by the arrow in Figure 3. This bar serves to
the grinding wheel .17, the latter being carried
actuate the controlling valve in any convenient
on a vertically movable slide it which is adjust
manner. As the bar 2 and the controlling valve
able by a hand wheel 1'. The slide is recipro
are already known, it is unnecessary for the
cated by a plunger in a hydraulic cylinder (not
present purpose to describe or illustrate them, it
shown), and ‘the motive ?uid is controlled by 55 being su?icient for the’ present purpose to under
" "
cation of the invention to a spline shaft grinding i
stand that longitudinal movement of the bar 2
serves to operate the controlling valve. It will be
noticed that each dog 0 is formed with an in
machine, it may be applied in essentially the
clined striking face, andthe arrangement is such
same manner to gear wheel grinding and other
forms of ?uid operated machine ‘600,181 . '
that when either dog strikes the upper end of the
tappet pin :c' the latter is moved by the dog in the
claim as new and desireto secure byLetters Pat
direction for moving the bar a in the appropriate
direction. During each movement the lever w
Having thus described my invention what'I
which carries the pin rocks about its pivotal QQne‘
nection with the lever '11.
In the example illustrated it is required to. de
ent is:
1. In a variable speed ?uid operated machine
'tool having a reciprocatory slide carrying dogs
for. actuating a tappet associated with a con
trolling valve, and having also manually operable
termine accurately the reversing positionof the
speed regulating? means, the combination of a
slide when it is moving towards the left. When
the machine is at rest the hand lever n occupies
the position shown in the drawings, To obtain 1.5
slow speed travel of theslide the lever n, is moved
to the left. This causes the tappet pin to be
moved to the right, thus bringing it to the ap
propriate position relatively to the right hand
dog. To, obtain high speed travel the hand lever 20
movable tappet, and a connection between the
tappet and the speed regulating means whereby
on moving the said meansrto the fastor slow
position’ an appropriate change is made in the
nvis moved further to, the left. ~ This causes the
ing means, a tappet'arranged in operative ‘con,
nection with the controllingvalve, a lever carry;
tappet pin to be moved further to the right and
position of the tappet.
2. In a machine tool having the features specié
?ed in claim 1, the combination of a cam
arranged in associationrwith the speed regulat
ing the tappet, and means interconnecting the _
so cause it to be struck by the right hand dog at a
cam and tappetlever,
sufficiently earlier period in the travel of the slide
3.. In amachine tool having the features speci
to, ensure that notwithstanding the increased 25
?ed in claim 1, the combination of a cam arranged
momentum of the slide it will not over-run, but
in association with a lever‘of the speed regulat
come to rest at the same position as when the
ing means, a lever operable by the cam, a tappet
slide was actuated at the slow rate.
arranged in operative connection with the con
By this invention the desired result, is obtained
in a very simple, convenient and reliable man 30 trolling valve, .a' lever carrying the tappet, a lever
carrying, the tappet lever,v and a link intercon
ner. The invention is not, however, restricted
necting the last named’ lever with the‘ lever which
‘to-the example described. as the mechanical de
is operable by the cam.
tails may be modi?ed to suit different require
ments. Also it will be understood that whereas
I have in the foregoing described a specific appli-v
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