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Filed Aug. 21, 1943
2,412,290 .
Patented Dec. 1Q, -1946
, ¿A122299
.Y «
Y ' l'
¿ai î, .,
Gr.v Rieske,
21, 1943,
N. No.
Y. 499,438
1 Claim.
(Cl. 280-11.10)
This invention relates to certain new and useful
improvements in sport devices but more particu
bracket I9 on which the companion center or in
termediate wheel I5 is mounted. Each of the
. '
pulley-like wheels or rollers has a groove 20 in its
It has for one of its objects to provide a novel
periphery for the engagement of the belt I6, and
skate device of this character which is so lde 5 each has an axle in the form of a bolt 2 I` for sup
signed and constructed as to afford enjoyment
porting it on the frame. By preference, the heel
and exercise to the user, and which employs a
bracket I1 is provided with a plurality of horizon
combination of rollers and endless belt construc
tally alined axle-receiving openings 22 while the
tion wherein the lower stretch of the belt consti
toe bracket I8 has horizontal slots 23 therein for
tutes a ground-engaging track over which lthe
supporting the axle of the roller I4, whereby the
rollers travel during the skating operation.
end rollers may be adjusted toward and from
Another object of the invention is to provide
each other to accommodate and adapt the frame
a roller skate which is simple, light and inexpen
I0 to different sized shoes. Furthermore, the lon
larly to roller skates.
sive in construction, whose rollers are adjustable
gitudinal slot adjustment provided in the toe
bracket enables the companion roller to be ad
belts, and whose belt and roller construction is
justed as desired to place the proper tension on
such that the belt is eifectually retained on the
the belt I6. For the purpose of effectually retain
rollers and serves to protect the rims of the rollers
ing the toe roller I4 in a set position of adjust
and prevents them from scratching the skating
a washer 24 is applied to its axle and has
20 locking teeth 25 on its inside face which are
A further object is to so arrange the rollersand
adapted to mesh with corresponding rows of ser
belt that the skate will have a rocker action.
rations or notches 26 formed in one side of the toe
Other features of the invention reside in the
bracket I8 in parallel relation to its companion
construction and arrangement of parts herein
slot 23.
after described and particularly pointed out in 25 The intermediate roller is adjustable vertically
the appended claim.
on its bracket I9 and for this purpose the latter
In the accompanying drawing:
has upright slots 21 therein through which its
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a roller skate em
axle extends. For the purpose of retaining the
bodying my invention. Figure 2 is a bottom plan
axle in a set position of vertical adjustmentl it
view thereof. Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical sec 30 is provided with a washer of the same type as the
tion taken on line 3-3, Figure 1. Figure 4 is an
washer 24 adapted to engage companion serra
enlarged horizontal section taken on line 4-4,
tions 26 formed on the bracket alongside its slot
Figure 1. Figure 5 is a perspective view of one of
21. As shown in Figure 1, this intermediate roller
the lock washers for adjustably retaining a roller
I5 preferably assumes a position below the axial
to accommodate diiîerent sized shoes as well as
in a set postion of adjustment on the skate-frame. 35 plane of the end rollers I 3 and I4 to cause the belt
' In the preferred embodiment of the invention
to take a substantially arcuate path of travel
shown in the drawing, the same consists of a
along its lower stretch and accordingly afiord a
frame I0 of substantially U-shape in cross sec
rocker-like action to the skate.
tion which carries the roller elements of the skate
The belt I6 is preferably of frusta-conical shape
and which is rigidly secured to the shoe ~I-I by 40 in cross section, and the roller-grooves 20 which
bolts I2 or like fasteners. The roller elements
consist of ball-bearing supported rollers or pulley
receive it are of similar cross section, as shown
in Figure 3. 'I'he periphery of the belt projects
like wheels I3 and I4 disposed, respectively, ad
beyond the peripheral edges of the rollers and its
jacent the heel and toe ends of the frame, and
outer or ground-engaging face is preferably made
intermediate like roller or pulley-like wheel`I51 45 of rubber and is crowned or arched in cross sec
disposed between the end rollers, and an endless
tion. The side edges of the belt are straight and
belt I6 of rubberized or like material passing
are coextensive or in registering alinement with
around the several wheels, the lower stretch of
the side walls of the roller-grooves to resist dis
the belt constituting a ground-engaging track
placement of the belt from the rollers. Adjacent
over which the roller-like wheels travel during. thev 50 their bottom faces the opposite side walls of the
skating operation.
belt-receiving groove are widened by the pro
The frame I0 is provided with depending end
vision of circumferential recesses 28. By this con
walls or bracketsI Il and I8 on which the com
struction, the belt has a tendency, during the
panion rollers or wheels I3 and I4 are respectively
skating operation, to be crowded into the roller
mounted, and intermediate depending wall or 55 grooves and .'to be thereby expanded into the
2,412,290 l*
gaging the grooved rollers, said belt and roller
widened portions or circumferentiaI recesses 28 to
grooves being substantially frusto-conical in cross
section with the tread portion of the belt project
thereby prevent the belt from accidently coming
off the rollers, as when skating round turns. Fur
ing beyond the periphery of the rollers, and thei
thermore, the belt projects somewhat beyond the
peripheral edges of the rollers and ythereby serves .
as a guard or protector and prevents the edges of
the rollers from scratching the skating floor.
I claim as my invention:
A skate, of the character described„comprising
a framefadaptedvforattachment toèa shoe, longi
tudinally-alined, grooved rollers applied to the toe
and heel ends of said frame, an endless belt err-_
lower stretch of said belt constituting a ground
engaging track over which the rollers travel dur
ing the skating operation, the side Walls of the
roller-grooves adjacent the bottoms thereof hav
ingy circumferential grooves ,therein4 into which
10 the-inner yportion of the beltíisgadaptedto extend.
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