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Patented Dec. 10, 1946
William ‘Ernest Stokes, Garden City, and Mar-1'
garet H. Kennedy; Bronx, N; 'Y., assign'ors to
Standard Brands‘ Incorporated, New York,
N. .Y., a‘ corporation of Delaware
No Drawing. Application‘ July '20, 1943,
Serial No. 495,496
8 Claims. >(Cl. 99-430)
' 2
The invention relates to a food product and. a
procedure for its preparation.
More particularly,
’ the product.‘ A satisfactory gelatin product, and
one suitable as a dessert, may contain 8 to 12
it pertains to an edible gelatin food product; and '
parts ‘of gelatin, 80 to 95 parts sugar, 0.75 to 2
includes correlated improvements and discoveries ,
' whereby the qualities thereof are enhanced.
mixture of fumaric and tartaric‘acids,v and a small
An object of the invention is to ‘provide an
edible gelatin product characterized by improved
keeping qualities and facility of utilization.
parts iacid'substance', as fumaric acid or an ad
‘amount of ?avor.
As ‘an illustrative embodiment of a manner in
whichthe invention may be practiced, the follow
A further object of the invention is to provide , _ ing examples are presented. The parts are by
a gelatin food product that may be produced '10 weight.
readily and economically in commercialamounts.
Example I
An additional object of the invention is the
provision of a gelatin food product containing
fumaric acid vas an acid ingredient.
Sugar _________________________________ __ 88.5
Gelatin _____________________ __- _________ __
A speci?c object of the invention is to provide
a gelatin dessert and a procedure for its prepa-'
ration which ‘contains as ingredients gelatin, a
sweetening agent, fumaric acid and a small
Tartaric .acid _______ _'__, _______________ __
____ __
Flavor and color in small amounts.
Preparation ‘of the product may be effected by
‘Other objects of the invention will in part‘ be 20 combining the ?avor with a small amount of the
sugar and a small amount of the gelatin, and
obvious and will in part appear hereinafter.
the color'may rbe combined with a portion of the
The invention accordingly comprises the'sev
sugar. Flavoredwgelatin and colored sugar are
eral steps and the relation of one or moreof such
then ‘combined with the remainderfof the sugar
steps with respect to each of they others, and the
product possessing the features, properties, and 25 and gelatin‘ and ‘with the tartaric and fumaric
. vacids.
If desired, the acid ingredient may 'be
the relation of constituents, which are exempli?ed
composed entirely of fumaric acid whereupon the
in the following detailed disclosure, and the scope
amount of ?avor.
of which invention will be indicated in the claims.
amount thereof to bev combined would be about
In-the practice of the invention an edible gel,
one part inasmuch as an e?ective amount of
as a gelatin product, may be prepared by com
fumaric acid in comparison with tartaric acid is
bin'ing‘gelatin, a sweetening agent and fumaric
Example II
. acid as an acid constituent, ‘Additionally, a small
_ amount of a ?avor, natural or synthetic, or a
compatible admixture thereof, may be included
especially when the product constitutes a gelatin‘
dessert. .The Igelatin‘ employed may be any edible
type, and preferably in a granular form.
As a
sweetening agent there may be included. sugar
' Parts
Sugar ____
.. 80
Granulated gelatin_________-____________ 10
Fumaric acid
The foregoing amounts may becombined in '
a suitable manner and, upon solution in water
and setting to. a gel, the product has a. sweet
the like. While fumaric acid may constitute the 40
astringent taste ‘and a pH value of about 3.
sole acid constituent, nevertheless other acid sub
if desired, the product may be pre
stances may also be combined, as various fruit
pared with a small amount of flavor and an
acids, e. g., tartaric, citric and malic acids. In
edible color. order to provide a relatively quick-setting gelatin
Example II]
dessert the composition may include salts of or 45
(sucrose), crystallized dextrose, saccharine and
ganic acids, as acetates, lactates, tartrates and
citrates, preferably in the form of alkali metal
salts, and speci?cally sodium‘hydrogen tartrate.
These salts act as bu?er salts and repress the
ionization of the acid. The quantity thereof con
sequently should be su?icient to repress the ion
ization of the acid which leads to a decrease in
the time required for setting of a water solution
of a composition. Further, this is effected with
out deleterious in?uence upon the palatability of
____ .._
crystallized dextrose..____,_____________ __'__
Fumaric acid
____ __
The foregoing may be combined to form a
gelatin dessert composition, and there may also
be-included a small amount of ?avor and of an
‘edible color. As above indicated, the flavor may
be either a natural or a synthetic one, and usual
?avors are lemon, lime, orange, strawberry, rasp
berry, cherry and pineapple.
of the fact that the solubility in water and rate -
or solution thereinof fumaric acid is relatively
Gelatin products conforming to the above pre
sented compositions are well adapted for the
Gelatin desserts are frequently prepared in the
preparation of gelatin desserts by dissolving in 5 ‘form of a dry powder. They, however, are some
water, preferably Warm, and permitting the solu
times produced by dissolving the dessert com
tion to cool, with setting to a gel. Desserts so
position in a small quantity'of water _.or other
produced have an agreeable taste and ?avor and,
suitable liquid, and permitting the solution thus '
in addition, they are tender, permanent, tart,
obtained to set. Thus, there may be produced
clear and brilliant in color and ?rm in texture.
a ?rm gel which may be cut-into cubes or .other '
“ -.»Moreover, the inclusion of 'fumaric acid-leads to , desirable form of suitable size and marketed as »
a distinct dimunition in the quantity of acid,v
such. When utilization is, made of this form,
namely, tartaric acid, usually employed. Thus,
it is necessary‘only to dissolve the desired amount
it is found that fumaric acid may be introduced , yin water and permit such solution to set. It will
in an amount which is 57% of the weight of 15 be realized that the invention described herein‘
the tartaric acid. Additionally, the gelatin com
relatesnot ‘only to the dry form of‘gelatin com-a
positions containing fumaric acid are markedly
position but also to that which vis a ?rm gel.
Furthermore, fumaric acid gives to-the product
a greater tartness or stronger acid taste, and in
asmuch as the pH value of the solution is some
' Since certain changes in carrying out the
7 above processran'd certain modi?cations in the
20 composition which embody the invention may be .
made without departing from its scope, it is in
what higher, namely, about pH 3.0 and higher,
there is a‘ saving in the amount of gelatin re
tended that all matter contained in the above
description shall be interpreted as illustrative
quired to give a gel of a certain value ‘of set.
"and notinalimiting sense.
This saving has been found to be about 2%.
Fumaric acid, also imparts to the product a
distinctive water repellent property and when'in
the crystalline form it is not readily wet by
water. These properties permit of the inclusion
It is also'to be understood that the following
claims are intended to cover all of the generic
and speci?c features of the invention herein de
scribed, and all statements'of the scope of the
invention which, asa matter .of language, might
of a relatively small amount of fumaric acid 30 be said to fall therebetween. '
and a low hydrolyzing action which results in a
Having described our invention, what we claim. '
gelatin product, as a dessert powder, having im-‘
‘as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:'
proved keeping‘ qualities. This is illustrated by
1. A gelatin productcontaining ‘fumaric acid
. the following tabulation of results obtained in a .
as an acid ingredient.
comparative test between dessert powders pre 35
pared with tartaric acid and with fumaric acid. '
The compositions were the same, excepting that
the acid ingredient in the one was tartaric aci
and in the other furnaric acid.
as the acid ingredient.‘
3. A: gelatin product comprising gelatin,‘ a
- sweetening agent and fumaric acid.
d v
2. A gelatin product containing fumaric acid
4. A gelatin product comprising gelatin, sugar
and fu-maric acid.
Percent swelling _
5. A gelatin product comprising gelatin, sugar,
Gweeks ............................. ..v____. I
8 weeks _________________ __
28 weeks.-_..___________. ............... -_
'fumaric acid and a ?avor.
6. A gelatin product comprising gelatin, sugar,
Hence, compositions containing fumaric acid as
fumaric acid and a buffer salt.
7. A gelatin product'comprlslng gelatin, sugar, _
fumaric acid, sodium bitartrate and ?avor.
8. A gelatin product consisting essentially of
an edible gelatin containing fumaric acidv as an
an acid ingredient have distinctly improved keep-‘ in acid constituent.
ing qualities.
Itmay be added that inversion of the sugar‘
‘ ‘is low and action upon gelatin slight in view
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