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Dec. 10?v 1946.
c, F_ J_ DUPUY
Filed Dec. 9, 1944'
27 22
Patented De'c. 10. 1946
Charles F. J. Dupuy, Mahwah, N. J.,.assignor to
O-Cedar Corp’n, Chicago, 111., a corporation of
Application December 9, 1944, Serial 0. 567,379
3 Claims.
This invention relates to vaporizing device and
more particularly to devices adapted for domestic
use to vaporize perfumes, deodorants, disin
fectants or the like.
One of the objects of the invention is to pro
vide a vaporizing device which is extremely
(01. 299-20)
is adapted to be closed by a threaded cap I1
having threads rolled in its main body portion
to engage with the threads on the neck I5 and
terminating at its open end in a rolled bead I8
of greater external diameter than any other por--'
tion of the cap. In use, the cap is removed from
the bottle I4 and is dropped into the shell in in
verted position as shown in Figure 2, so that the
bead I8 will engage the bead II to support the
Another object of the invention is to provide a 10 cap in the shell. The bottle may then be placed
in the shell above the cap with its bottom outer
vaporizing device in which the container for the
edge resting on the bead I8 and with its top
liquid to be vaporized can easily be replaced with
open to expose the upper pad portion of the wick
out the necessity of replacing the entire device.
I6 to the interior of the shell. In the event it
Still another object is to provide a vaporizing
device in which the rate of vaporization may 15 is desired to discontinue operation of the device,
the cap I‘! may be replaced on the container, any
readily be controlled.
simple and inexpensive to manufacture and
which will effectively vaporize various types of
possibility of loss being avoided by maintaining
The above and other objects and advantages
the cap in the shell at all times.
of the invention will be more readily apparent
The level of liquid in the container I4 may be
from the following description when read in
connection with the accompanying drawing, in 20 observed at all times thru vertically extending
slots I9 formed in the opposite sides of the shell.
By looking thru the slots I9_t0ward a source of
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a vaporizing de
light, an observer can easily determine the
vice embodying the invention;
amount of liquid remaining in the container and
Figure 2 is a central section on the line 2-2
25 can be informed when re?lling or replacement of
of Figure l; and
the container is necessary. When the container
Figure 3 is a horizontal section on the line
in use is empty, it may be removed from the shell
3—3 of Figure 1.
and replaced by a new container ?lled with liquid
The device comprises a tubular shell I0 which
is preferably cylindrical and is opened at its top
without the necessity of replacing the shell.
In order to control the rate of vaporization a
and bottom. The shell ID as will appear herein 30
after may be a permanent unit not requiring re
?anged cover 2| is provided for the shell having
a downwardly turned ?ange 22 adapted to overlie
placement and, therefore, may be decorated or
ornamented in any desired‘manner. The shell
the shell and to terminate adjacent the bead I2.
may be made of any desired material but is shown
The ?ange 22 is formed with a series of openings
as formed of sheet metal and is provided adja
23 of substantially the same size and spacing as
cent its lower end with an inwardly turned bead
the openings I3 in the shell so that as the cover
II forming an internal annular ?ange spaced
2i is turned, the openings I3 and 23 will be moved
slightly above the bottom of the shell. The top
more or less into register to regulate communi
of the shell is formed with an external ?ange
cation between the interior of the shell and the}
or bead I2 to support a cover and is provided 40 atmosphere. For full vaporization the cover 2I
between the bead I2 and the upper edge of the
may be removed from the top of the container
shell with a series of spaced openings I3.
and placed over the bottom of the container for
The shell is adapted to receive and support a
convenience. At this time, the full area. of the
container for liquid to be vaporized shown as a
bottle I4 terminating at its top in a reduced 45 wick I6 is exposed to the atmosphere and maxi
mum vaporization will occur. For a slower rate
threaded ?ange I5. A wick I6 is mounted in the
of vaporization, the cover may be placed on the
container and as shown has an upper ?at pad
top of the container as shown and turned to reg
portion substantially ?lling the neck I5 with legs
ulate the effective size of the openings I 3.
depending therefrom to the bottom of the con
While one embodiment of the invention has
tainer to feed liquid to the pad portion. The
been shown and described in detail herein, it is
wick may be formed with one or more legs as
to be understood that this is illustrative only and
shown and as more particularly described and
is not intended to be taken as de?nition of the
claimed in my copending application, Serial No.
scope of the invention, reference being had for‘
558,631, ?led on October 20, 1944.
During shipment and storage the container I4 55 this purpose to the appended claims.
What is claimed'is:
1. A vaporizing device comprising a tubular
shell open at its ends and having an inwardly
projectingubead adjacent, its bottom, a container
adapted to hold liquid to be vaporized ?tting
posed adjacent the top of the container, and a
?anged cover for the shell, the cover ?ange and
the side wall of the shelladjacent the top being
formed with spaced openings adapted to register
within the shell, 3, cap for the container having
a bead adapted to rest on the bead in the shell
of the shell.
more‘ or less when the cover is placed over the top
3. A vaporizing device comprising a tubular
shell open’ at its ends and having an inwardly
projecting bead adjacent but spaced from its bot
with the major portion of the cap lying below the
bead, and a wick in the container adapted to be
exposed adjacent the top of the container.
10 tom, a container cap ‘having a bead adapted to
2. A vaporizing device comprising a tubular
rest on the bead in the shell, a container resting
shell open at its ends and having an inwardly
upon said cap bead within said shell, and a, re
projecting bead adjacent its bottom, a container
adapted to hold liquid to be vaporized fitting
movable closure for the top of said shell, said cap
being removable through the upper part of said
within the shell, a cap for the container having a 15 shell and adapted to' be placed upon said con
bead adapted to rest on the bead in the shell with
tainer to close the same when said container is
the major portion of the cap lying below the
placed upon the bead in said shell.
bead, a wick in the container adapted to be ex
, '
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