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- Dec 10, 1946.
File-d Oct. 4, 1943
4 Sheets-Sheet 1
__I / 9/ (Iam,
Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed Oct. 4, 1943'
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
Jnd'rew I.?ae A/
_ (um/#1104} H
In It , /
A tlormfys
Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed Oct. 4, 1943
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mpumH 8
JnJrew .Z‘. M1“.
B] WWW-8%? ‘
Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed Oct. 4, 1943
4 Sheets-Sheet 4
, ‘ Jaa7rewI.]?ae”
WWW 3M3”; ’
Patented Dec.'1_0, 1946 ' _
2,412,358 .
Andrew L. Roe, Bryan, Ohi‘o, asslgnor of one-half
to Clarence Siebenaler, Edon, Ohio
' Application‘ October 4, 1943, Serial No. 504,922 _.
(01.x 56-18)
2 Claims.
The present invention relates to new and useful I
improvements in corn pickers, and has for its
primary object to provide, in a manner as herein
of the truck body 2.
after set forth, a machine of this character which _
mounted on aframe structure 5. Pairs of spaced, ’
parallel guides 6 are mounted in the lower, inner
portions of the housings 4. Slots 1 in the inner
walls of the housings 4 communicate with them
Another very important object of the invention
_ is to provide a corn picking or harvesting machine
' of the aforementioned character which embodies 101
av unique construction, combination and arrange- -
ner guides 6;
Sprocket wheels ‘I’ are journaled in the hous
ment of endless gatherers and snapping and husk-l
allel, elongated, metallic housings 4 of substan
tion on one side of a conventional tractor, motor
5 .- tially segmental cross-section, which housings are
- truck or wagon.
The elevator I includes a pair of spaced, par- 1
is adapted to be expeditiously mounted-for opera
ing rolls.
which terminates ina hook to overlie the top edge
} ings 4 adjacent the ends of the pairs ofguides 6.
Endless conveyor chains 8 are operable in the .
, Other objects of the [invention are to provide
a corn picker of the character described which
151 Flights 9 are mounted at suitably spaced points on
' willibe - comparatively simple in construction,‘
vthe chains 8. The upwardly moving ?ights 9
guides 6 and trained over the sprocket wheels 1'.
strong," durable, highly efficient and reliable‘in . travel in the slots ‘Iv and project between the hous
use, compact, light in weight, and which may be I ings 4. These ?ights, it will be observed, are stag
manufabturedat low cost‘.
' .
_ gercd and overlap when moving upwardly, as il
All of the foregoing andv still- further objects 2c, lustrated to advantage in Figure 4 of the drawings.
and advantages of the invention will become aD-'
- parent from a study of the following speci?cation,
The endless chains 8 may be driven in any suitable
taken in connection with the accompanying draw
chains 8, a platform, I0 for said power plant is
manner. _ If a power plant is to drive the endless
I ings wherein like characters of‘ reference desig-‘-- " ' suspended beneath the elevator I.
nate corresponding parts throughout the several 25
viewaand wherein:
‘ \
Journaled in the frame structure 5 between the
. housings 4 is a pair of coacting rolls II.
Figure l is a view in side elevation with a por- '
of the rolls I'I includes a metal front snapping sec
tion' broken away, showing a‘com picker con
structed in accordance with the present inven
tion I2,"a metaliintermediate husking section I3,
and a rubber, rear husking section I4. The snap
- tionlmounted for ‘operationion, one side of a motor 30 ping and husking rolls I I ,- it will'beobserved, are
below and adjacent the upwardly moving ?ights 9.
Gears I5 between the sections I2 and I3 connect
the rolls II for operation in- unison in opposite
Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof.
‘ Figure‘3 is a plan view of the snapping and
husking rolls.
directions. A plate I 6 is mounted above the gears
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on the line
I5. A gear II on a shaft I8 drives the adjacent
4—5 of Figure 2.
_ gear I5. The shaft I8, is geared to a transverse
Figure 5v is aview showing the drive for the ' shaft I9. A sprocket wheel 20 is loosely mounted '
Snapping and husking rolls. ’ V
on the shaft I9. A sprocket chain 2| is trained
Figure 6 is a fragmentary vi'ew‘in elevation of-v
over the sprocket wheel 20 and a comparatively
one ot the rolls and the adjacent conveyor, look 40 large sprocket wheel 22 on the adjacent rear wheel Y
ing at the inner side thereof.
23 of the motor truck 3. A clutch 24 vwhich is'
Figure 7 is a sectional view taken on'the line
splined on the shaft I9 is adapted to'releasabl'y
7-7 of Figure 2.
connect the sprocket wheel 20 'to said shaft.
_ ‘Figure 8 is a vertical view taken on the line
B—-8 of Figure 1.
,A forked lever 25 on the inner side of the ele-‘
45 vator I engages and disengages the clutch 24.
An actuating rod 26, operable from‘ the driver’s
, Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will
be seen that reference character I designates gen
erally an elevator. In the embodiment shown, in
Figures 1 and 2, of the drawings, the elevator I
is mounted at an inclination on one side of the
body 2 of a motor truck 3 in any desired conven- _
tional manner ‘as through the medium'of one or
more suitable hangers 4'. A hange; 4' prime may
take the form as best shown in Figure l of a sub
compartment 21 of the motor truckq3, is con-J
nected to the lever. 25.
_ v -
A, bracket 28 is removably mounted on the
front portion of the vehicle body 2. Mounted on
the bracket 28 is a toothed ring 29. A reversible I
hand lever 3|] is journaled onthe ring 29,- the
latch' 3| of said hand lever being engageable with
the toothed periphery of said ring for releasably
stantially L-shaped member, the upright leg of 55 ‘securing said lever in adjusted position. A link
on the adjacent portion of the elevator l for ’
It is believed that the many advantages of a
corn picker constructed in accordance vwith the
raising andlowering said elevator. As best seen
in Figure 8 of the drawings, the bracket 33 is
coupled to the lower end portion of the link 32
by a pin and slot connection 34. ‘Thus, the for
ward or lower end of the ‘elevator. i' may have
present invention will be readily understood, and
although ‘a preferred embodiment of the machine
is as illustrated and described, it is to be under
stood that changes in the details-of construction
‘and in the combination and arrangement of parts
32 connects the hand lever '30 to a bracket 33 I
limitedupward movement independently of the
may be resorted to which will fall within the scope
lever 30. Such movement is yieldingly resisted. of the invention as claimed. ‘ by a coil spring .35 on the link 32. Ground shoes 10 ‘What'is claimed is:
. l. A corn- picking machine of the character‘,
' 36 are provided on'the lower end of the elevator I.
Projecting rearwardly from the upper portion
described comprising an inclined elevator adapt
ed to be ‘mounted for vertical swinging adjust‘
of the elevator I is a bracket or the like 31'. A
- bowl or other receptacle 38 is rotatably mounted
ment on one side of a vehicle, a bracket mounted .
~ on the bracket 31 for receiving the ears of corn 15 on the vehicle adjacent the elevator, a toothed '
from the elevator l. Projecting from the rotat
ably adjustable receptacle 38 is achute 39. for
vdischarging the ears rinto the body 2, or, if de
sired, into a vehicle accompanying the picker.
It is thought that the operation of the machine 20
releasably securing said lever in adjusted posi
tion, a link- secured to said lever and having a
.pin and slotconnection to the elevator for raising
- will be readily apparent from a consideration of
the foregoing. Brie?y, the‘ inclined elevator l
' straddles the row to be harvested and the stalks
are directed into said elevator by the outwardly
curved snout portions 40 on the forward ends
ring ‘mounted on ‘said bracket, a reversible lever
'pivotally mounted on "the ring, a latch onthe '
lever engageable with the teeth of the ring for _
.and lowering said elevator, said pin and slot con
. nection permitting limited‘ raising ‘of said
‘vator independently of. said link.
ele- '
of the housings I. The sections l2 of the rolls
ll snap the ears of corn from the stalks, .which
‘2. A" com‘ picking machine of the character
describedpcomprising an inclined elevator and
adapted‘ to be‘mounted for vertical swinging ad
ears are carried up said rolls by the ?ights 9 on
the endless chains 3.’ The husks- are removed
justment'ron one side of a vehicle, a bracket
_mounted on the vehicle adjacent‘ the elevator, a, .
by the sections l3 and. ll of the rolls ll. When
toothed ringmounted on said bracket, a reversi
the husked ears reach the~upper end’ of the ele
‘ble lever pivotally mounted on the ring, ‘a latch
on the lever, engageablewi'th the teeth of‘ the
vator I, they are dropped into the receptacle 38
and discharged by gravity through the chute 33
into the body 2 of thevehicle 3. In Figure 1 of
the drawings, also Figure 2, the hand lever 30 is
operable from the driver's compartment of the
ring for releasably securing said lever in adjusted
position, a link secured to said lever and having
a pin and slot connection to the elevator‘for rais_
ing andlowering said elevator, said pin and slot
If desired, this lever may be reversed
connection permitting limited raising of said,
and the removable bracket 23 mounted, in the’ \ ,elevat'or independently of said link, and resilient
position shown in dotted lines in Figure 1 ofv the
means surrounding‘ said link normally biasing
drawings, whereby said lever may be conven 40 ‘said elevator toward" the extremity of said slot iently operated from within the body 2 for the
awayfrom' said lever. ~
purpose of raising“ or lowering the forward end
' vehicle.
of the elevator.
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