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Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed June 9, - 1945
v Flbrqh qm Hbramsm
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Abraham Abramson, New York, N.5Y., assignor'to
Raylite Electric Corp., Long Island City, N. Y.,
a corporation of New York
I ‘
Application June 9, 1945, serial No..5as,569
7 Claims. '(01. 240-10)
This invention relates to improvements in illu
minated devices, and more particularly. is directed
to devices of the character described which'pro
vides continuous unbroken streams of ?owing
‘ device IIl‘constructed to embody the invention I
which is' seen to include a vertically disposed
transparent tube body of glass or other transev
lucent material designated generally as I I having
an integral closed bottom end I I a and sealed top
vapor in a body of transparent liquid embodied
end IIb, said tube body I I for the purposes of
in the operation and construction of illuminated
ornamental and decorative display devices such ' forming av Christmas tree lighting ornament may
be made in appearance to simulate in ‘outline,
as for Christmas tree lighting, signs and the like.
Among the objects of the invention is‘ to gen
form, shape and size-that of a candle. j
In one form of. the invention, shown in detail
erally improve devices of the character described 10
’ in Fig.2. the tube bottom end I Ia may be mo‘ded
in which a simplified construction of few and
or otherwise formed toprovide spaced?recesses
easily assembled parts are required, which shall
No on the interior side thereof, The tube body ‘I
be economical to manufacture especially in quan
II contains a readilyvolatilizable liquid I2. such
tity production, which shall be positive‘ and relia
ble in operation requiring arminimum of external 15 as ether or wood alcohol but preferably a trans
lucent liquid which has a like relatively normal
heat supply, and which shall be practical and
low boiling point but which is non-in?ammable.
' ef?clent to a high degree in use.
The liquid I2 maybe‘placed in the tube body II
Other objects of the invention will in part be
through the top end IIb thereof before fusing
obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.
The invention accordingly consists of featuresv 20 the latter‘ for hermetically sealing the-liquid I2
of construction, combinations of elements, ar
rangement of parts which will be exempli?ed in
the constructions hereinafter described and of
which the scope of the application will indicate
therein at a level short'of said top end IIb so as
to leave a space I3 therein as shown in Fig. 1.
The space I3 above theliquid I2 in the tube body
I I may be evacuated before said tube top end I I b
25 is sealed to permit lowering the boiling point nor
in the following claims.
In the accompanying drawing in which possible ‘ mally required for the liquid I2. S‘aid space I 3
constitutes‘ va condensing and heat dissipating
illustrative embodiments of the invention are
means for the device I0.
The recesses IIc formed in said lower bottom
Fig, 1 is a front elevational view partly broken
away to expose the. interior, showing a unit of a 30 end Ila, each provides a focal point to serve as
Christmas tree lighting outfit constructed to em- _
body the invention. ’
Fig. 2 is an enlarged detailed fragmentary view
' of the integral vapor current generating means
as shown in Fig. 1, and
Figs. 3 and 4 are similar ‘views to Fig. 2 showing
’ two modi?ed constructions of vapor current gen
erating means embodying the invention.
a source or‘beginning for the generation“ of‘ a
continuous current. that is. an unbroken ‘stream
I4 of vapor extending upwardly through the
liquid column I2 on the application of i1luminat_
7 ing heat as for example by an incandescent elec
tric lamp I5 in the manner hereinafter described.
If desired. the recesses Ilc may be of various
shapes and sizes, and irregularly spaced anart so
that entwined ?uttering ribbons I4 producing a
Heretofore devices used for purposes similar
to that for which applicant’s is utilized, have as 40 wide vrange of contrasting attractive lighting
effects are made available,
their principal feature the generation ofv illumi
' " In Fig. 1 of the drawing, the invention is ‘shown
nated vapor bubbles passing in individual spaced
with the Improved ornamental illuminated device
succession through a liquid column. In the pres
‘ III having the lower bottom end He of the tube
ent invention improved devices of most simple
body II supported in close'proximity to the bulb
construction are made available which differ from
I5a of lamp I5. The latter as here shown is
the prior art in providing ‘for the generation of
mounted in one of the electric sockets I6 of a
illuminated currents or unbroken streams of
Christmas tree lighting out?t of any‘well under
vapor extending as waving bands through a liquid ’
stood construction (not shown), by means of a,
column,‘ a plurality of such‘ currents forming in
appearance interlaced or entwined?ut'tering'rib 50 sleeve holder or connector l‘l made of ?ber, glass, ‘
bons in activated dancing array to produce a con
plastic or any other non-combustible material;
trasting attractive and novel lighting effect pass
.The lower end lid of the sleeve holder I1 ?ts
To this end, as seen in the drawing, there is
snugly over the lamp bulb I5a and the upper end
I") ?ts snugly over the lower ‘bottom tube body
provided an improved ornamental illuminated
end I Ill SQ that said holder I‘Iprovides a relatively
ing through the liquid column.
?rm interconnection support or rigid coupling.
tricately contrasting and attractive lighting. ef
The holder I ‘I also serves as a conduit to guide or
The vapor forming currents Ilon‘reachingthe .:
con?ne the surrounding air heat conducting
space I3 after passing through the liquid column
medium from the lamp bulb l5a to said bottom.
tube end Ila as is clear. for Figs. 1 and 2. Said Ci _ I2 condense and disappear. The condensed;
vapors return to the liquid in body II for re
lower end Ila formed withthe internal recesses
plenishing the same to continue the cycle of
He is thus disposed directly over the source of f
heat and light which in this instance is the
glowing lamp ?lament lib.
operations above described as long .as said ,illumi- .
nating radiant heat from lamp ?lament lBb is.
In practising the invention, assuming the 10
In Fig. 3 a modi?ed detailed construction of
socket IS in position on a Christmas tree (not
shown) or arranged for other decorative display / ' the-invention is shown in which there is provided - '
bottom end 2Ia of a tube body 2|. Hereinstead
purposes and connected in an electric circuit
power supply (not shown)v for lighting the lamp ,
of providing‘rec'esses '1 I0 as in bottom tube end
I5, heat and light radiated from the lamp ?18,-‘_' fIIa shown inYFigs. 1 ‘and 2, spaced protuberances ment I 5b herein referred to asradiant illumi¢ ' Zlc of the same or irregular formation are in?
tegral molded or formed to project up from the
nated heating, is effective to cause the generation
of vapor currents with each of the recesses Ho
interior, walls of said bottom tube end 2 Ia.» Each
of said protuberance 2Ic serves as a focal point
as a focal point when the heat from. said lamp
?lament 15b is maintained to a sufficient degree
or generating source of __a continuous stream of
unbroken current ‘24 similar in all respects to
to generate. vapor at a rate to make the ?ow
thereof continuous in an unbroken stream' or
the continuous ?ow of currents I4. in the» device ' ‘
streams through'the liquid column. The portion“
In ‘as described ‘above; 1 ~ '
I‘Ic of the sleeve holder I‘I between .the lamp bulb
I51: and the tube body end Ila serves as a' conduit
to con?ne the heat conducting medium therein
.II1'_F'ig. 4 still, another modi?ed detailed con-1.
struction embodying the invention is shown in‘
for producing the aforesaid degree of heat with a 1
minimum heat producing source.
which instead of providing recesses I Ic- as intube'v
Light beams from lamp ?lament I5'b_ are'proJ
2 Icin tube end'2l as shown in Fig.3, the interior
‘side of bottom tube "wall'tlcis-resurfaced'by
etching, sandblasting, molding ‘or otherwise'to
the‘ form of bottom end _'3I 'of a tube body 3| ‘
end I la shown in Figs. 1 and 2, or a protuberance ‘
jected longitudinally the length of, each of ‘said, :
flowing current I4 which forms a waving illue
minated band as seen from the exterior of the
provide a roughened or patched surface or spaced
tube body I land shown ‘inFig. 1. As each of the
surfaces 3 Io which serve as focal points or sources I ,
those currents together appear to either interlace,
for generating continuous streams ‘of unbroken '
currents 34 similarin all respects to ?owing cur- I
entwine or emerge into fluttering ribbons thereby
rents I4 and 24 described above. 1‘
recesses IIc cause a separate ?owing current I4,
e?ects in the liquid column.
While in the above described manner of opera
forming contrasting attractive activated lighting
tion a continuous unbroken stream current of .
?owingvapor is produced in’ the liquid body, the
‘The lighting of bulb I5 also illuminates the
side wall of the transparent tube body II to the 40 novel construction may-also’be utilized ‘for pro
ducing'a flowv of bubbles in a-stream by applying
top end Hb thereof and imparts the appearance
lnsu?'iclent heat to form said continuous'stream;
suggestive of allghted candle.
, .
current from the various focal points. ‘
It has been found that the construction, shape,
‘It is to be understood'that the modi?ed con-‘j’ I‘
size, depth and spacing of the recesses Ilgc ‘are
structi'ons shown in Figs. 3 and 4 may be =as-q
effective to control the cross sectional shape, con
tour and general ?uttering path of the ?owing,
sembled in holders 'I’I and'supportingly mounted
stream or streams of the continuous unbroken‘
currents l4 whereby a relatively large range of
on incandescent lamp I5 in the same manner as
have been described for device Ill.‘ The manner’
of operation described [for device‘ I0, above is '
composite illuminating activatedstreamer effects
are made available. 7 '
The column {of volatile liquid I2 within .the
.tube body II which is preferably under, less than
atmospheric pressure because of the evacuated
equally applicable to said modi?ed forms in ilpigacy ,
tising the invention.
. It is therefore seen that there is
improved device in which the objects of the in:
space I3 above the level of the liquid I2, has an ' . vention are achieved and which are well adapted
external illuminating radiant heat applied, as by l - tomeet all conditions of practical use.
As various possible'embodiments may be made ‘
means of a suitable heat source, such as the glow-i
ing ?lament Nb of lamp I5, which acts to focus.
in the above‘inventionlrfor use for different pur{
poses, and as various changes‘, might be madein ‘‘
the effect thereof on the portion of, the liquid
the vembodiments above‘ set forth, it is under
at the tube bottom end I la at each of the recesses“
Ilc. Heat from said lamp ?lament I5b‘ is sup-‘ 60 stood that‘ all the'abovematters here set forth
plied to an effective degree su?icient to generate
a vapor streaming current from each of said re-l 1
cesses Ilc, ?owing in acontinuously and un-‘
broken stream up through the liquid vbody I2.
These currents I4 are illuminated by the light
from said lamp ?lament I5b passing through the
liquid body I2 so that each of said currents I4 is
seen to sparkle in a waving or ?uttering ribbon ,
or shown in the accompanying drawing are to '
be interpreted as'illustrative andnot in a‘limit
Thus having described my invention, 1 claim as _
' new and desire to?secure by- Letters Patent:
VI. A device of f the character described com;
prising ~a sealed transparent bo'dy,a volatile liq-y
uid partially ?lling'said body, the un?lled portion _
stream suggesting in activity rapid dancing move- _‘
of said body‘ being under‘ reduced atmospheric";
pressure, means incorporated in the interior wall
of said body immersed in the liquid to provide'a
Within a wide range of heat supplied‘
such movements can bemade to appear more or
less active as desired. Each of» the various re-‘ .
focal point serving as a source for generating an _
cesses Ilcv generates an individual current I4, as;
unbroken current ofvapor for passing through‘
above described which may be located so as to
the liquid to‘produ'ce an activated light vcifect.v .
interlace, entwine or merge thereby forming in-‘
and a heating and illuminating vmeans of su?i; ‘
cient heating capacity to produce said generated
vapor current light eiIect positioned adjacent
said first mentioned means.
2. A device of the character described compris
ing a sealed transparent body, a volatile liquid
partially ?lling said body, means incorporated in
extending to upstand from said interior wall and
position in the path of illuminated heating beams
radiating from said last mentioned means.
5. The device defined in claim 2 in which said
?rst mentioned means comprises a recess extend
ing‘into said interior wall and positioned in the
path of illuminated heating beams radiating from
said last mentioned means,
for generating an unbroken current of vapor for
6; The device de?ned in claim 2 in which said
passing through the liquid to produce an acti 10' first mentioned means comprises a roughened
vated light effect, and a heating and illuminating
portion on said interior wall and positioned in
means of su?‘lcient heating capacity to produce
the path of‘ illuminated heating beams radiating
said generated vapor current light effect, posi
from said last mentioned means.
tioned adjacent said ?rst mentioned means.
7. The device de?ned in claim 2 in which said ‘
3. The device de?ned in claim 2 in which said 15 last mentioned means comprises an incandescent
the interior wall of said body immersed in the
liquid to provide a focal point serving as a source
?rst mentioned means includes a plurality of ~
spaced focal points integrally formed with said
lamp, and which includes a supporting holder for
coupling‘ the lamp to said transparent body, said
holder con?ning the radiant heat passing from
rality of said generating sources.
the incandescent lamp to concentrate on said
4. The device de?ned in claim 2 in which said 20 focal point.
?rst mentioned means comprises a protuberance
interior of wall to serve as corresponding plu
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