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Dec. 10," 1946.
Filed Dec. 24, 194:
Edward’ (2. Rockwell
R Jig” Roz/L.‘
JJZM Z%517§i A
PatentedDec. 10; 1946 _
2,412,428 '
7 Edward A. Rockwell, Cleveland, and Jay M. Roth;
Euclid, Ohio, assignors to Pesco Products 00., '
a‘ corporation of Ohio
_ Application December 24, 1943, Serial No. 515,604
3 Claims.
(Cl. 13’l—153)
The present invention relates to pressure regu
lating valve arrangements and particularly to
the inlet stub. Inlet stub t is threaded to receive
a coupling’ 9 for the feed pipe to leading from
arrangements of this type e?ective'to receive a
the pump (not shown), and the relief or unload- '
‘pressure fluid from a constantly operating gen
ing stub 8 is threaded to receive the fluid return
erator and deliver the same to and maintain a Ch pipe II that leads from the housing back to the
selected range of pressures in an accumulating
pump. The outlet stub l' is threaded‘ to receive
system, unloading or relieving the generator to
a ?anged coupling l2 having a threaded central
the low pressure return when a selected maximum
opening for connection with the pipe l3 leading
Pressure is obtained. '
from the housing to an accumulator or like struc
It is an object of this invention to simplify the
ture_(not shown). '
construction of an unloading valve assembly such
The inlet stub 5 is provided with a port II to ,
as contemplated herein, and to improve the ef
discharge the ?uid into a neck portion I5 of the
?ciency and operation thereof;
housing that is between the outlet stub l and
A more particular object is the provision of a
return or unloading stub 8. This flow is con
improved control valve assembly including a pres
trolled by a one-way outward ‘pressure check
sure delivery valve anda relief return valve, the
valve l8 that functions to prevent reverse ?ow of 1
two valves being connected together against rela
tive movement and being eil’ective to alternately
valve It is cup-shape in axial section and it has ’
engage respective corresponding valve seats and
a chamiered portion I‘! that is engageable with a
the ?uid backward into the inlet stub. Said check
having adjustable resilient means for urging the 20 valve seat it at the inner edge of coupling 9, and
relief return valve in the direction of seating _ it also has passages l9 through its cylindrical
wall which permit the ?uid to flow to the dis
mum value in the closed position of said valve
charge port M when this check valve is unseated. _
decreasing as said valve is moved in the direction
A coil compression spring 2c is interposed between
of open position to thus insure complete opening 25 check valve it and the wall of the housing that
movement of said relief return valve and com—
bounds the outlet port 14, and this spring urges
plete closing movement of said pressure delivery
the check valve in a direction toward tts seat I8.
valve once such movement has been initiated.
The pressure of the ?uid- from the pump will ’
Additional objects, aims and advantages of the
push the valve away from its seat to effect the‘v
present invention will be apparent to persons 30 passage of the ?uid into the housing and any
- skilled in the art after the Iconstruction and oper
tendency of the fluid toreverse its normalv direc
position thereof with a force which has a maxi- ~
ation of this double check unloader valve is un
derstood from the within description.
It is preferred to accomplish the numerous
objects of this invention and to practice the same
in substantially the manner hereinafter fully de
tion of flow will result in the closure of the valve.
The neck portion iii of the housing ‘provides a
guide for the spindle of a double check valve
assembly and at ends of this neck portion there
are valve seats 2l‘and 22 that face in opposite
scribed and as more particularly pointed out in
directions away from each other. The spindle 23 '
the appended claims, reference being made to the
accompanying drawing that forms a part of this
is provided adjacent its ends with splines 24 and
25 that guide the spindle in reciprocal sliding _
speci?cation and wherein the single ?gure is a ' 40 movement in the neck, the said splines also Der
longitudinal sectional view taken axiallythrough
a valve structure incorporating a preferred em
mitting the passage of the?uid in either direc
‘ Mon through said neck;
The spindle terminates
bodiment of the present invention.
adjacent the seats 2| and 22, and at its ends it is
The drawing is .to be understood as being of a,
more or less schematic character for the purpose
provided with check valves 26 and 21 that are
alternately engageable with the respective seats
of disclosing typical or preferred forms of the 'im
2| and/22 to control ?ow through the outlet stub
provements that are contemplated herein.
‘I or the return stub B. These valves 26 and 21
Referring in greater detail to the drawing, a
have their chamfered portions facing in opposed
hollow‘ housingi of elongate cylindrical shape is
directions toward each other. The valve 26, which
provided with a lateral high pressure inlet stub 60 has a greater area than that of the valve 21, is
6, an axial high pressure outlet stubs‘! for the
preferably a separate element that is anchored
?ow of ?uid from__the pump to an accumulator
upon a threaded stub 28 at the adjacent end of
or accumulating system (not shown), and a low
the spindle by a clamp nut729‘providing for ready
pressure return or unloading stub 8 that projects
assembly and disassembly.
laterally from the housing in a direction opposite 65 Yieldable means are provided to- urge. the re
ciprocal double check valve assembly in one di
‘rection of its movement; to normally seat the
check valve 21 and open the valve 26. These re
spective‘positions, which are shown in the draw
ing, are such that the ?owing ?uid moves past
While this invention has been described in de
tail in its present preferred form or embodiment,
it will be apparent to persons skilled in the art,
after understanding the improvements, that vari
ous changes and modi?cations may be made
therein without departing from the spirit or scope
check valve 26 to pass out of the housing through
the high pressure outlet stub and pipe I3 to the,
accumulator, while the check valve 21 is closed
1. In an unloading valve arrangement includ
due to the action of the yieldable means which
is under compression greater than the pressure 10 ing a housing having an inlet port, a high pres
of the fluid from the pump.
‘ sure outlet port, and a low pressure unloading
port. valve seats in said housing at opposite sides
The yieldable means above mentioned embodies
a toggle having elongate arms 30 and 3| ful-.
crumed on a pin 32 mounted in the ears of a yoke
, of said inlet ‘port, a double check valve assembly
- shown the outer or free end of arm 3|] bears,
flow through said low-pressure unloading port
cooperating with said seats comprising a recip
33 that is provided‘with disc-shaped seat 34 and 15 rocal spindle, valves on said spindle alternately
engageable with said seats, one valve controlling
an upstanding post 35. In the arrangement
and the other valve controlling ?ow through said
against the inner end of a tapered recess 36 in
high pressure outlet port, means de?ning a ta
the spindle 23 of the reciprocal check valve as
sembly, and the free end of arm 3| bears against 20 pered recess extending into said spindle from the
back of the'low pressure valve and forming a
‘ the inner end of a tapered recess 31 in a threaded
bearing disposed axially between said valves thus
vconical plug 38 that is'screwed into the end of
improving the balance and stability of operation,
the housing adjacent the relief return stub 8.
a toggle having a ?rst link engaged at one end
The recess 36 extends a considerable distance into
in said recessed bearing and having a second link
the spindle 23 so that the end of arm 30 has its
engaging a'?xed bearing at its other end, and
bearing located at a point between the respective
resilient means exerting pressureagainst said
check valves 26 and,2‘| and beyond the axis of
toggletending to extend the same to seat said
the inlet check valve. The seating of check valve
one valve and to unseat said other valve.
21 provides a stop for arresting the downward
2. In an unloading valve arrangement includ- *
movement and prevents straightening of the tog 30
ing a housing having inlet, outlet, and unloading
gle thereby preventing the fulcrum 32 reaching
ports, a one-way, outward pressure check valve
a dead center position.
controlling flow through said inlet port, double
The fulcrum or knee of the toggle is urged
check valves.connected to each other for simul
downward, tending to straighten the arms .30 and
taneous operation to effect alternate opening and
3|, by the action of a coiled tension spring39 that
closing of said outlet and unloading ports, a
is interposed between the disc-shaped seat 34 and
toggle engaged at one end wi i said connected
a follower 40 that is adjustably mounted in a
double check valves; said toggleacting to nor
tubular boss 4| 0n the housing above the fulcrum
mally open said outlet valve and to seat _Said un-'
32 of the toggle. The follower 4|] has a threaded
edge that engages internal threads in the boss 4| 40 loading valve, the seating of said unloading valve
providing a stop to limit extendable movement
and it has a central aperture 42 that'is provided
. of the arms of said toggle in one direction, the
with an inwardly projecting lug 43. The means
seating of said outlet valve providing a stop to
for rotating the follower 40 comprises an eloné
limit the collapsing movement of the arms of said
gated winding .rod 44 that passes through aper
ture 42 and has a longitudinal groove 45 to ac- ‘
commodate the lug 43. A ?anged apertured cap
toggle in the opposite direction, said outlet port
and said associated valve being provided with
cooperating masking surfaces effective to improve
the positive opening characteristics of said un
46 screwed upon the upper end of boss 4| pro
vides a mounting for the winding rod 44 and per
mits rotation of the rod but also prevents longi
tudinal movement thereof. The adjustment of
' loading valve, and an adjustable tension spring
spring tension is readily accomplished to cause
the follower to be moved up or down in the boss
arms in said extendable direction of movement.
3. An unloading valve arrangement compris
ing a housing having inlet, ‘outlet and unloading
To further insure the completion of opening
movement of relief return valve 21, once the same
operating against said toggle to urgethe vtoggle
ports; an outward pressure check valve control- _
ling said inlet port; valve seats in said housing
has been initiated there maybe provided _a pis
at opposite sides of said inlet port; a double check
ton-like masking surface 26a on pressuredelivery
1 valve unit arranged for reciprocal movement to '
alternately engage said seats thereby to control
flow through said outlet port and said unloading
inder masking surface 2|a. When the closing
_movement of valve 26 has been initiated the 60 port; spring loaded toggle means between said
valve unit and a wall of said housing, said toggle
masking surfaces'2la and 26a are brought into
means being e?ective'to normally seat the un
cooperative relation thus restricting the flow past
loading port valve, said seating being adapted to
valve 26. The corresponding opening of relief
‘ valve 26 cooperating with a complementary cyl
return valve 21 causes a momentary drop of pres
sure within the reduced neck portion l5 of the
housing below that pressure existing on the ac
cumulator side of pressure delivery valve 26 with
the result that the accumulator pressure acts on '
valve 26 as a piston insuring the movement of
the assembly to the rightin the drawing. -
limit extensible movement of said toggle means;
and cooperating masking surfaces on said outlet
port and said outlet valve, said masking surfaces
being effective to improve the positive opening ,
characteristics of said unloading port valve.
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