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ä’ E946'
R. E. FlNK ^ A`
Filed Reb. 25. 1944
/15 ,
`\\\\ i115;
, Patented
' 2,412,45ò
Raymond‘ E. Fink, East Haven, Conn., assigner
to NationalFolding Box Company, New Haven,
Conn., a corporation of New Jersey
Application February 25, 1944, Serial No. 523,922
2 Claims.
(Cl. 20G-44)
wrist bands, bracelets, necklaces and like arti
cles characterized generally as of loop formation,
also for jewelry and like articles, etc.
drawing, in which
Fig. l is a perspective view of a preferred form
of the invention, illustrating the container in
display position.` In thisinstance a wrist watch
_ and its wrist band are shown on display thereon.
A feature of the invention resides in the pro
vision of a panel or extension connected to, and 10
preferably integral with, a suitable closure panel
of the container proper.
Desirably, a container embodying the instant _
invention is designed to be positioned to rest
upon its normal open- side, the closure panel in
this instance sewing as the base of the display
assembly, the display panel extending from the
outer edge of the closure panel. To eñ'ect dis
’ play of the contained crude, the body of the
ing detailed description and the accompanying ’
This invention relates to display containers.
More particularly, the invention relates to col-lapsible containers of_ paperboard or like yield
able sheet material for housing articles of mer
chandlse of the nature of wrist watches and/or
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the embodiment
sihown in Fig. 1, illustrated in its closed posi
t on.
Fig. 3 is a plan of a preferred form of blank,
showing one manner of constructing fthe container
of integral material such as Apaperboard or like
yieldable sheet material.
Fig. 4 is a detail transverse -sectional view on
line 4-4 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 5 is a detail longitudinal sectional view on -
line 5_-5 of Fig. 2.
Referring to the drawing:
The container proper indicated generally I0
be of any desired assembly of construction.>
container is elevated by turning movement about 20 may
as illustrated the container- I0 hasl
its hinge with the closure panel, thevdispl‘ay panel '
being rotated outwardly to afford display of the
article of merchandise, the body of the container
being thus held in elevated position. To insure
its end and front and rear panels and its remain- _
ing closed side formed of a single blank in whichl
the concerned panels are hingedly related to one
another and set-up into position by folding and '
V effectual retention of the body of the container 25 overlapping, Without requirement of gluing. If
in suitable elevated position, it is desirable to di
preferred the container may be secured in seteup
mension the closure panel to extend laterally of
status by gluing pursuant to any conventional
the body of the container whereby the closure
panel is brought to rest when it is moved to its 30 procedure.
As illustrated in the preferred embodmìent
closing position relative to the body of the con
shown in the drawings, the container i0 is pro
tainer and to dimension the display panel at its
vided with a closure panel il hingedly connected
free edge but slightly less than the parallel di
to the free edge of a side panel of the container
mension of the interior of the container, where
I0, proper, and preferably integral with the ma- '
by the display pmel makes a. friction ñt with ^ terial ofsuchpanel.
the innerfaces of the end panels of the container
Associated with such closure panel il and
at the stages when the container is placed in dis
f preferably integral with the material thereof,
play posiiton, i. e. when resting upon its closure
there is provided the display panel l2 serving to
panel and when the container is in closed posi
' support, in suitable display position, an article
tion, at which latter stage the friction between 40 ofmerchandise.
the display panel and the inner faces of the end
As specifically indicated in Vthe drawing, a
panels of the container functions to suspend the
watch I3 is attached to a wrist band I4 and held
article of merchandise above the bottom panel of~
in display position by the provision of the oppo
sitely disposed notches I5, I5 formed at the op
the container. ' `
posite lateral edges of the display panel I2.
For containers embodying the invention and<
In lieu of such notches l5, I5, or equivalent. the
designed for the display of looped articles, the
material of the- display panel l2 may be blanked
display panel may be provided at its lateral edges>
to form one or more tongues i9, or other suit
with notches to receive the loop material. For
able means provided, for holding in display po
containers for the display of jewelry, the dis- .F
sition one or more articles of jewelry or the like.
play panel may be provided with> a blanked-out
The blank designated generally I6, shown in
tongue or sets of tongues or the like, for receiv
Fig. 3, illustrates one manner of manufacturing ~
ing thereon or therebetween the jewelry or like
embodiments of the invention from a single sheet
Further features and objects of the invention ' of material, such as paper-board or like' yield
will be more fully understood from- the follow 55: able sheet material. The blank includes the clo
article to be displayed.
said container being formed wholly of integral,
sure‘panel .II hinged by the score line I7 to the
side panel Illa of the container I0, also the dis
play panel I2 hingedly connected with the closure
panel II. The display panel I2 is illustrated as
yieldable sheet material and comprising a con
tainer proper having an open side; a closure panel
provided with a set of tongues I9, say', blanked
of a certain panel of the container proper, said
from the material thereof, for positioning there
between suitable articles of merchandise, such
closure panel having a dimension parallel to the
as jewelry.
for _such open side hingedly connected to an edge
direction of its stated hinge greater than the
parallel dimension of the interior of the container
proper whereby said closure panel extends later
ally at its opposite lateral end portions beyond
the end panels of the container; and a display
panel hingedly connected to the outer edge of
said closure panel parallel to the line of the stated
As above indicated, and as illustrated in the
drawing, the display panel is dimensioned in the
the direction parallel to its- line of hinge with
the closure panel but slightly less than the par
allel dimension of the interior of the container,
whereby the display panel makes a friction ilt
with the inner faces of the end panels of the
container at the stages of display of the article
of merchandise, as is illustrated in Fig, 1, and
when the closure panel is moved to its closing
position, as is illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5, at which
hinge of said closure panel with the said certain
panel of the container proper, said display panel
being dimensioned in direction parallel to the di
rection of its line of hinging with said closure
panel slightly less than the parallel dimension of
the interior of the container proper to eiîect fric
latter stage the friction between the display panel 20 tional engagement with the inner_faces of the
stated end panels of the container proper, where
and the inner faces of the end panels of the con
«by said display panel is frictionally held in dis
play position at the stage when the container
tainer tends to suspend the display panel and
therewith the article of merchandise supported
thereby out of contact with the bottom panel of
the container, in protection of the article of mer
chandise against possible shocks.
as an entirety rests upon its said closure panel
25 and whereby said display panel is held in sus
pended position interiorly of the container proper
when said closure panel is moved to its closed
positioned in engagement with the free- edges of
the panels of the container proper.
nection with the display panel I2 exceeding the
2. A blank of integral yieldable sheet material
parallel dimension of the interior of the con 30
Preferably, the closure panel II has a dimen
sion in the direction parallel to its hinged ccn
for forming a container for the display of an ar
ticle of merchandise, comprising a central rectan
tainer, thereby providing one or more extensions
or flanges IIa, see Figs. 2_and 5 at one lateral
edge or'both lateral edges of the closure panel, '
gular panel; four rectangular panels respectively
hingedly connected at the margins of said cen
whereby the free edges of the lateral sides of the
container serve to limit the movement of the clo 35 tral rectangular panel, two of said four' rectan
gular panels hinged laterally to said central rec
sure panel thereat, thus precluding the entry of
tangular panel, serving as end panels of the
the closure panel within the interior of the con
container when set up, the remaining two of said
tainer proper.
four rectangular panels serving as side panels of
The remainder of the blank forms no essential
' part of the invention. in that the body of the 40 the container when set'l up; a panel hingedly
connected to an edge of one of said side panels
container proper may be constituted as preferred
which edge is parallel to its line of hinging with
pursuant to conventional procedure, including the
glued types as well as frictìonally set-up types. n
The container is closed by rotating the display
panel I2, with its thereon positioned article of
and a panel serving as a display panel hingedly
connected to said closure panel at its margin par
allel~ to its line of hinging with said side panel,
said display panel being dimensioned in the di
rection -parallel to its line of hinging with said
Whereas I have described my invention Iby ref
erence to speciñc forms thereof, it will be under
stood that many changes and modiñcations may
be made within the purview of the appended
I claim:
1. A container for the display of merchandise,
for the container when set up, said closure panel
being dimensioned to extend at its opposite lat
eral edges beyond the line of its said hinging;
merchandise to pass the free edges of the con
tainer, and assume a position, as desired, such
as at an angle to the horizontal, as indicated in
Fig. 4, or substantially horizontal. as indicated
in Fig. 5.
saidcentral panel and serving as a closure panel >
closure panel less than but within range of fric
tional fit with the inner faces of said end panels
of the container when the container is in display
position and in closed position.
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