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Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed May 51, 1944
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\ \.\\\
Ralph F? Engman
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Ralph P. Engman, Milwaukee, Vt’is, assignor to
Eclipse Moulded Products Company, Milwau
kee, Wis, a corporation of Wisconsin
Application May 31, 1944, Serial No. 538,154
3 Claims.
(01. 4-57)
This invention relates to an adjustable rod
The invention has found particular employ
ment in flush tanks as a guide for the rod actu
ating the valve utilized to close off the water
discharge connection.
One of the objects of the present invention is
to provide a rod guide that is quickly adjustable
in length.
Another object of the invention is to provide 10
an adjustable rod guide that can be fabricated
at low cost and which will stand up extremely
length of the threads for receiving the set screw
‘6, and substantially eliminates danger of strip
ping of the threads.
The horizontal arms 5 extend complementary
to each other outwardly for a substantial dis
tance from ring member I and are preferably
formed integrally therewith. The arms are sub
stantially resilient and exert a clamping force
when forced apart.
The inside edge of one of arms 5 is provided
with serrations ‘l and these serrations are com
plementary to serrations 8 on rod guide block 9.
Arms 4, are forced apart to receive block 9. and
when the prongs are permitted to spring back
resilient prongs project horizontally from a guide 15 into place the serrations on the prong and'block
bracket and at least one of the prongs is provided
?t together in a complementary manner to pre
with serrations on the inner edge. A rod guide
vent any longitudinal movement of the block by
block having serrations complementary to those
interlocking the same with the arm.
of the prong is disposed between the prongs, the
If desired, serrations may be provided on op
serrations holding the block securely against lon 20 posite sides of block 9 and on the inside edges
gitudinal movement and ?anges on the block
of both prongs.
preventing vertical movement thereof. The re
Block 9 is generally rectangular in shape and
siliency of the prongs permits movement of the
is cut out in the middle portion thereof, as par
block from place to place therebetween to serve
ticularly illustrated, in Fig. 2 to provide the
as a guide for a rod passing therethrough, at a
?anges ID on either and corresponding to the top
number of di?erent locations.
and bottom thereof. The material of the body
An embodiment of the invention is illustrated
is recessed at H between the ?anges l0 and ser
in the accompanying drawing in which:
rations or side faces to avoid any interference
Figure 1 is an enlarged side elevation of an
with a proper interlock between the block and
adjustable rod guide mounted in a ?ush tank and
the prongs 5.
showing only a portion of the tank;
When block 9 is disposed between prongs 5
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a serrated rod
?anges l0 rest above and below the prongs to
guide block;
prevent vertical movement of the block.
Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the guide with the
An aperture l2' extends vertically of block 9
block in one position and showing in dotted lines
from end to end and the valve rod l3 or the like
the normal position of the arms before the block
passes therethrough with the ball valve l4 dis
is inserted;
posed on the lower end thereof to rest on seat
Fig. 4 is a top plan view with the block in an
l5 of the discharge connection for ?ush tank 3.
other position; and
The diameter of aperture I2 must be su?icient
Fig. 5 is an end view of the prongs and block 40 to permit free vertical movement of rod 13
well in service.
According to the invention two complementary
looking from the right in Fig. 4.
The adjustable rod guide illustrated comprises
a supporting ring member I to be disposed around
the over?ow pipe 2, or the like of ?ush tank 3
and having a strengthening projection 4 extend
ing from one side thereof and a pair of arms
or prongs 5 extending from substantially the 0p
posite side thereof.
Under one method of assembling the invention
in ?ush tank 3 the supporting ring I is ?rst se
cured to over?ow pipe 2 at the determined
heighth with the prongs 5 extending over the
center of the outlet valve in the bottom of the
The prongs 5 are then sprung apart from their
A set screw 6 may be threaded through pro
normal position as illustrated in Fig. 3 and block
jection l5 and ring I to secure the ring to the
9 is inserted therebetween at the vertical loca
overflow pipe 2 in any desired position. Projec
tion centrally over the valve where it is deter
tion 4 serves to reinforce the ring by providing
mined that the vertical valve rod l3 should be
additional thickness through which the set screw
disposed. The prongs 5 clamp the block 9 and
must pass. Where the parts are made of plastics
rod 53 may then be inserted through aperture
instead of metal, the projection 4 adds to the .55 E2. If for any reason it becomes necessary to
to hold a valve rod securely at a number of dif
ferent locations.
In practice it has been found that plastic com
other to provide a vertical open slot therebe
tween, serrations on the inner edge of one of
the arms, a rod guide member having a slightly
greater thickness than the slot between the arms
to be clamped and held in position by said arms
when inserted between the same, said guide mem
ber having a vertical opening therethrough of
10 slightly greater cross-section than said valve rod
positions stand up well in service and provide the
resiliency in the prongs that is essential to the
invention. It is preferable, therefore, to make
both the clamp and the guide block of a molded 15
plastic material.
plementary resilient arms extending horizon
tally from the support and separated from each
move or adjust valve rod l3 laterally, prongs
5 are manually sprung apart and block 0 is moved
longitudinally between the prongs to the desired
location. The prongs spring back when released
to clamp the block 9 securely in place at the new
\The invention provides a low cost rod guide
and a structure that is adjustable longitudinally
to con?ne said rod and guide the same, serra
tions on one side of said guide member inter
locking with the serrations of the corresponding
arm in a vertical direction to provide for ad
justment of the guide member to ?xed locations
along the arms, and horizontal interlocking
means extending from said block and engaging
at least one of said arms to prevent movement
of the guide member in a vertical direction when
20 the same is placed between the arms in service.
those employed in ?ush tanks.
3. An adjustable rod guide for guiding a ver
Various embodiments of the invention may be
tical valve rod comprising a support having in
employed within the scope of the accompanying
tegral spaced resilient complementary prongs ex
tending horizontally from one side thereof, a
I claim:
1. In a plastic rod guide for guiding the valve 25 rod guide block of generally rectangular shape
and a body thickness slightly greater than the
rod of ?ush valves and the like having a clamp
space between said prongs and adapted to be
with parallel supporting members extending
clamped by the prongs between the same, said
therefrom, a guide block clamped by said sup
block having a vertical hole therethrough for re
porting members between the same and having
a hole extending vertically therethrough to re 30 ceiving the valve rod for free vertical movement
therethrough, serrations in one side of the body
ceive the valve rod to be guided and having at
portion of said block complementary to the ser
least one side serrated to interlock with a com
rations on said prongs with the resiliency of the
plementary member of the clamp for adjustably
prongs and the complementary serrations of the
supporting the block in operative position, and
block and prongs providing a plurality of ?xed
a ?ange at the upper end of the block for sup
clamping locations for the block and con?ned
porting the same vertically in the clamp, the
rod along substantially the entire length of the
material of the block being recessed adjacent the
prongs, and integral ?anges on opposite ends of
lower side of the ?ange between the ?ange and
said block overlapping said prongs to prevent
the serrations to avoid interference with the
clamping of the same in the support by said sup 40 movement of the block in the direction of the
rod when the block is placed between the prongs
porting members.
in service.
2. A rod guide for guiding a ?oating valve rod
having a support to be secured to an over?ow
pipe, which comprises a pair of integral com
Although the invention has been illustrated in
use in a flush tank it is not so limited as it may
well serve to guide other rods or tubes than
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