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Dec" 17, 1946.
Filed Dec. 20, 1943
2 Sheets—Sheet l
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Dec. 17, 1946.
H. _c. ‘FRENCH
Filed Dec. 20, 19,43
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Dec. 17, 1946;
Henry 0. French, Elm Grove,’ Wis., assignor to
The Heil 00., Milwaukee, Wis., a corporation of
Application December 20, 1943, Serial No. 514,950
7 Claims.
(Cl. 37—144) 5
This invention relates to improvements in uni
versal mountings for road machine mold boards.
. Certain types of road machines, such as trail
builders, have their blade-carrying mold boards
arranged for universal movement. Due torthe
massive nature of the parts and the necessity for
unusual strength and rigidity, as well as acces
sibility for repairs, replacements and adjust
ments, the matter of providing an effective uni
versal mounting for a mold board or blade pre
present invention is concerned it will not be neces'4
sary to refer to the details of construction of the
trailbuilder. Su?ice it to say that it is equipped
with a forwardly projecting A-frame 9 whose
inner ends are pivotally mounted on side mount
ing brackets ill with pivotal movement 'of the,
A-frame in a vertical plane being effected and
controlled by a cable system i l.
p ‘ 1
The invention has to do particularly with the
universal mounting for a front mold board ‘I2,
sents a problem which has been effectively taken
the latter carrying or having its lowerlongi-j
care of in the present invention by a commer
cially practical structure.
A further object of the invention is to provide
addition to the swinging movement imparted to
the mold board and cutting blade through the‘
board which embodies easily manufactured sturdy
elements susceptible of simple assembly or dis
and bottom faces projecting spaced apart plates
tudinal edge formed as a cutting blade [3.
a universal mounting for a road machine mold 15 pivotal mounting of the A-frame, whereby the
blade may be raised and lowered relative to the
board which includes an A-frame formed of a
being worked over, the mold ‘board is
pair of complementary, identical interchangeable
susceptible of universal movements or adjust
arms which permits knock down of the unit for
ments relative to the A-frame 9.
shipment and storage ‘and a resulting saving in
The A-frame 9 is composed of a pair of ‘com-i
space and bulk.
plementary and interchangeable arms l4. ‘The
A further object of the invention is to provide
forward end of each arm rigidly carries on its top
a universal mounting for a road machine mold
[5. When the arms M are in assembled relation
to provide an integral A-frame, the forward ends
of the arms 14 have their respective top and bot
plates I5 in lapping relationship, as best
a universal mounting for a road machine mold
shown in Fig. 4, being connected together and to
board which is of very simple construction, which
another element later to be described, by a ver
is highly eilicient in operation, which is strong
tical pivot bolt IS.
and durable, which is relatively inexpensive, and
The rear face of the mold board [2, interme
which is well adapted for the purposes described.
diate the ends thereof, is formed with a plate
. With the above and other objects in view the
portion I‘! having upper and lower flanges l8‘,
invention consists of the improved universal
which ?anges are formed with arcuate grooves
mounting for road machine mold boards, and its
I9 described on a radius emanating from a recess
parts and combinations as set forth in the claims, 35 20 which is located in the plate portion l5 midway
and all equivalents thereof.
between the ?anges l8.
7 \
In the accompanying drawings in which the
Adapted for cooperation with the plate portion
same reference characters indicate the same parts
I1 is a pivot bracket 2| which includes a pivot
in all of the views:
22, corresponding in size and shape to the
Fig. l is a perspective view of a trailbuilder
portion l1 and having curved upper and
equipped with the improved universal mounting
lower edges corresponding to the curvature of the
for its mold board;
grooves I9. The outer face of the pivot plate
Fig. 2 is an enlarged, fragmentary plan view
A further object of the invention is to provide
22 has welded thereto a massive block 23, having
of the forward portion of a trailbuilder pro
a vertical bore 24 to receive the
vided with the improved universal mounting for 45 therethrough
pivot bolt I6. Extending
its mold board, a portion being broken away and
forwardly from the inner face of the pivot plate
in section;
22 and centrally located with respect thereto, isa
, Fig. 3 is a fragmentary, rear perspective view of
pivot stud 25 adapted to be received within the
a road machine mold board showing a pivot
opening 20 in the mold boar-d plate portion l1.
bracket in detached relation thereto;
Prior to assembly of the mold board mounting
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of a
elements, the arms l4, constituting the A-frame
trailbuilder mold board and the complete. uni
9, may be disconnected, and for shipping and
versal mounting between it and the companion
storage they may be disposed very compactly,
A-frame arms of the trailbuilder; and
occupying considerably less space than if the
Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail sectional view taken 55
A-frame were an integral structure. The di
on line 5-—5 of Fig. 2.
vided construction of the A-frame also makes
Referring now more particularly to the draw
for ease in disassembling the mold board carry
ings it will appear that a certain type of road
/‘enera I
ing structure for convenience in repairs, adjust
as a trailbuilder, is designated
In so far as the
ments and replacements. Likewise the pivot
bracket 2! _is readily ‘removable, from the as
face intermediate the ends thereof, and means
sembly. When the parts are to be assembled the
on said pivot bracket removably engaging said
' pivot bracket 2] is'held adjacent the i'r‘iold board'
mold board “recesses and effecting a pivotal con
plate portion H in a position at right angles ,
to that shown in Fig. 3. However, the pivot"
stud 25 is engaged in the aperture 20 and then
the entire pivot bracket is turned through an
nection on a horizontal axis.
3. In a road machine, a yoke-like frame in
V ' cluding separable side arm portions pivotally
. mounted on the machine on horizontal axes and
are so as to engage the curved extremities of
having their front portions extending across the
~ front ofthe machine and meeting in abutting
relationship, clevis means on said abutting frame
arm portions, an independent, detachable pivot
the pivot plate 22 within the arcuate recesses; l9,
as shown in Figs. 4 and 5. Tnerearter'tne for‘
ward ends of the A-frame arms I 4 are brought
together with their ?anged plates 15 iii'lappin‘g"
bracket including a bored block and a plate, a
' vertically disposed pivot bolt removably extended
through said clevis means and the bore of said
Registration of the apertures in the arm plates 15 block, a mold board having recesses on its inner
relationship and also disposed so as to embrace
opposite ends of the block 23 of the pivot bracket.
or tongues should be eifected and the same are
face intermediatethe ends thereof, and- project
ing means on said‘ pivot ‘bracket plate remov
ably engaging said mold board recesses and
e?ecting a-pivotali connection on a horizontal
also brought into registration with the vertical
bore 24 in the block 23, whereupon the pivot bolt
I6 is inserted to join all of the parts.
> v '
With the mold board I? then mounted as
above described, it is obvious that the mold board
4. In a-road machine, a pair of angled, com
may be turned or swung on the pivot bracket
plementary interchangeable arms‘ having their
carried stud 25. The curved grooves lgpp'erm'it .. forward ends formed asclevises and-in mutual
this movement relative to the pivot plate '22 which
lapping engagementasaid arms- forming a frame
is stationary. The movement described permits 25 whose forward- portion is disposed across the
angular adjustments of the mold board in a ver
front of themachi-ne and whose rearwardly dis;
tical plane and transversely of the road or sur
‘posed portions are pivotally mounted on the
face being worked on.
' _ machine on horizontal axes‘, a pivot bracket in
In addition to the pivotal movement just de
eluding a bored block and a plate, a pair of
scribed, the mold board may} be swung in a 30 opposite edge portionsof the plate being curved,
horizontal plane with the mold board and pivot
a pivot member extended through the clevis por
bracket turning on the vertical pivot bolt I6.
tions of the arms and the bore of said block,
During these movements or adjustments, exten-'
a mold board having an intermediate portion
sion arms 26, whose inner ends are slidabl'y or
of its inner face formed with spaced upper and
telescopically mounted on the side horizontal 35 lower shelves having curved'recesses therein and
portions of the A-frame 9, may move compen
a socket between the shelves, the recesses in the
satingly along said A=frame portion. The'for
shelves and the curved edges of the bracket
ward ends of the extension arms 26 are pivotally
plate all being described on a radius emanating
connected to ‘rear side portions of the mold‘board
from said socket,- and a pivot stud on said
l2, as shown inFigs. 1 and 2. \ '
From the'foregoing description it will be seen
that the improved universal mounting for‘ road
machine mold boards is of very simple construce
tion, possesses great strength and durability, per-v
mits ready assembly and disassembly of the parts,
and provides forref?cient universal movements
of the mold board relative to‘ the mold board
mounting elements. The universal rnountingi‘s,v
furthermore, of practical and novel construction
bracket plate removably engaging said mold
boa-rd socket on an axis at right angles to the
axis" of the block carried‘ pivot member, said
curved edges of said bracket plate being ad
justably and removably engaged in said recessed
3 shelves;
5. In a bulldozer, the combination of: a sup
porting‘ frame; a blade, having'a socket on the
rearface thereof; an attaching member, a por
rearwardly extended portions pivotally mounted
tion of which'when properly oriented being
capable of insertion in the socket, and when
otherwise oriented being incapable of removal
therefrom but being capable of swivel motion
therein, and another portion ofwhich when in
the second above-mentioned orientation being
capable of hinge connection with the supporting
frame; and means for effecting such hinge
on the machine on horizontal axes, a pivot
and is well adapted for the purposes described.
What is claimed as the invention ‘is:
1. In a road machine, a’ pair of angled, come
plementary, interchangeable arms disposed ‘with
their forward ends in abutment across the front
of the machine to form a frame and having
bracket interposed between the" abutting forward
ends of said arms, a vertically disposed pivot bolt
6. ma bulldozehthe combination of: a U
shaped: supporting frame; a blade, having one
connecting said portions of the arms together GO member of a combined bayonet joint and swivel
and to the pivot bracket, a mold board, and a
connection on the center of the rear face there
detachable connection eifectinga pivotal mount
of; an attaching means comprising the other
ing on a horizontal axis between the pivot‘br‘ac'ket
and an intermediate portion ofvthe mold board.
2. In a road machine, a pair ‘of complementary,
separable arms disposed with their forward ends
, member of the bayonet connection; and a ver
tical pivot hinge connection between the attach
ing means and the frame.
'7. In a bulldozer, the combination of: a U
in abutment across the front of the machine to
shaped supporting frame; a blade, having the
form a frame and having rearwardly' extending
female member of a combined bayonet joint
portions pivotally mounted on the machine on
and swivel connection on the center of the rear
horizontal axes, clevis means on the abutting ends 70 face thereof; an attaching means comprising the
of said arms, an independent, removable pivot
male member of the bayonetconnection; and a
bracket, a vertically disposed pivot member con
necting a portion of said bracket to said clevis
means, a mold ‘board having recesses on its- inner
vertical pivot hinge connection between the
taching means and the frame.
at- -
HENRY‘ o. FRENCH-1, j a,
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