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Dec. 17, 1946.
Filed July 30, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet l’ '
Don D. Brush
Filed July 30, 1945
2 Sheets—Sheet 2
Don D. Brush
' 667W}???
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
Don D. Brush, Detroit, Mich.
Application July 30, 1943, Serial No. 496,699
7 Claims.
(Cl. 105——141)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757)
The invention described herein may be manu
factured and used by or for the Government for
governmental purposes, without the payment to
Figure 4 is a section on the line 4—4 of Fig
ure 1.
In Figures 1 and 2 is shown a track I follow
me of any royalty thereon.
ing any desired path which may, for example,
The present invention pertains to a novel track 5 be straight, circular, or in some cases S-shaped
roller carriage or skate for moving a given load
or U-shaped. The device of this invention, as
along a track. One of the uses of the invention
previously indicated, adapts itself to changes in
occurs in certain military equipment where a
the direction of curvature of a track of given
machine gun is mounted to roll on a circular track.
Other applications of the invention will readily 10 The roller carriage includes a frame or body
be apparent.
The carriage, which is the subject of this in
vention, is designed for use with a load that must
assume a steady or stable condition when brought
to a stop on the track. Consequently, the body
of the carriage engages the track at two spaced
2 which is U-shaped at its ends, as indicated by
the members 4 and it’, to straddle the track by
extending across the top and bottom at two spaced
points along the track, as may be seen by an
examination of Figures 1 and 2. At the upper side
or leg of each U-shaped end is the member 4
positions along its length.
formed as a circular cup or race having its open
A track of this character is generally suitable
side facing downward.
At the lower side, the
for only one size of straight or circular track
member 4’ is a separate circular cup or race hav
and is not suitable for a non-circular curved track 20 ing a separate bottom 3. The parts are suitably
secured together where necessary.
in which the direction of curvature changes.
The bottom of each cup, recognizing that the
This limitation is material in the case of a track
from which the load must be supported laterally,
such as a machine gun track on a military ve
upper cup is inverted, is formed with an opening
5 therethrough for a purpose that will presently
appear. Within each cup is rotatably mounted
a disk 6 having a pair of spaced lugs 1 extending
hicle. The invention provides a carriage struc
ture whereby the horizontal sides of the track
therefrom through the adjacent opening 5. Be
are engaged by opposed horizontal rollers.
tween each pair of the lugs is mounted a roller
The principal object of the invention is to pro
8 carried on a pin 9 passed through the lugs,
vide a carriage of this character which is appli
cable to a given track width, regardless of curva 30 with a suitable bearing I0 inserted between the
pin and the roller. These rollers engage, respec
ture, and automatically adjusts its rollers to the
tively, the top and bottom of a track as clearly
proper relative position. In the accomplishment
shown in Figure 2. Suitable annular bearings
of this object, a pair of spaced horizontal rollers
H are mounted over the upper disks 6 and at
for engaging opposite sides of the track is pro
both sides of the lower disks. The upper disks
vided at each of the two positions where the car
6 are retained in their respective cups 4 by the
riage is to be supported by the track. Each pair
engagement of the rollers 8 with the top of the
of rollers is carried by a member which is freely
rotatable in the carriage body and carries a verti
Each of the disks 6 carries a pair of horizontal
cal roller. An alteration in the direction of the
rollers l2 engaging opposite vertical sides of the
track requiring change in the direction of the
track adjacent to the horizontal surface engaged
center line of the spaced horizontal rollers, auto
by the roller 8 in the corresponding assembly.
matically produces such a change by causing a
Each roller I2 is retained on its disk 6 by a headed
rotative movement of the member carrying the
pin 13 having a reduced threaded end 14 screwed
45 into the disk. A suitable bearing I5 is interposed
An illustrative embodiment of the invention is
between the body of each pin l3 and the roller
described by way of example in the following de~
l2 carried thereby. Each disc 6 and its rollers
scription and illustrated in the accompanying
8 and I2 may be termed abogie or truck.
drawings in which:
The body 2 is bow-shaped in plan, so that the
Figure 1 is a plan view of the device mounted 50 intermediate portion of the frame or body 2 is
on a track;
offset laterally outward from the track and is
Figure 2 is a vertical section on the line 2--2
formed with a suitable vertical bearing or socket
I5 in which may be mounted the load, such as
Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-—3 of Figure
the pivot stem of the cradle of a machine gun,
2; and
55 a portion of a crane, a suspended pulley block,
of Figure 1;
or the like. The carriage is stopped and locked
in rigid load supporting relation to the track in
any desired position on the track by a suitable
brake as shown, for example, in Figure 4.
In this case the brake consists of a pair of
jaws 20 and 2| respectively engaging the top
and bottom of the track and slidably mounted
ers mounted in each disk and adapted to en
gage opposite sides of a track, and means
carried by each disk adapted to engage an in
termediate horizontal surface of the track.
2. A track roller carriage having spaced por
tions adapted for support at spaced positions
along a‘ track,‘a pair of spaced horizontal disks
rotatably mounted in each portion and adapted
on the body 2' by means of headed pins 22 ex
to be positioned respectively at the top and
tending from the latter into vertical keyhole
slots 23 in the jaws. The jaws are adjustably 10 bottom of the track, a pair of horizontal rollers
mounted in each disk and adapted to engage
attached to one another by toggles consisting
opposite sides of a track, and a vertical roller
of a pair of links 24 having one end pivotally
carried by each disk and adapted to engage an
attached to the upper jaw 28 and a pair of le
intermediate horizontal surface of the track.
vers 25 pivotally attached to the lower jaw 2|
3. A track roller carriage having spaced por
and to which the remaining ends of the links 15
tions adapted for support at spaced positions
24 are pivotally connected at 26. The free
along a track, a pair of spaced horizontal disks
or outer ends of the levers 25 are joined by a }
rotatably mounted in each portion and adapted
bar 2'! which constitutes an operating handle.
to be positioned respectively .at the top and
The edges of the jaws are preferably reinforced
20 bottom of the track, a pair of horizontal roll
by webs 28.
ers mounted in each disk and adapted to en
On a circular track a center line through
gage opposite sides of a track, and a vertical
each pair of rollers l2 must be radial of the
roller carried by each disk and adapted to
track. The angle formed by the center lines
engage an intermediate horizontal surface of
from both ends of the carriage remains con
stant in a track of given radius, but obviously 25 the track, the center line of the horizontal
rollers carried by any given disk passing
varies from one track to another having a
through the center of rotation of that disk.
different radius or a change in direction of
4. A track roller carriage as set forth in claim
curvature. The device herein disclosed adapts
3 wherein locking clamps are disposed on said
itself to such changes through the rotatable
track roller carriage for engagement with said
mounting of each disk 6 in its cup 4 or 4’. Fig
track to lock the carriage at any desired posi
ure 3 illustrates the adaptation of the ‘rollers
to another track, shown in broken lines, of the
5. In a roller carriage for azimuthal gun
same width but different radius. In the posi
pointing structures wherein an orbicular track
tion shown, the rollers are at the common tan
gents and lined up on the common radius. In 35 is included and superstructure mounted to travel
thereon, a carriage frame substantially bow
other positions, the roller center line is radial
shaped in plan and having trucks mounted at
of the particular track.
its respective end portions adapted to rotate
The minimum diameter of circular track on
about vertical axes, said trucks having rollers
which the device can operate is the center dis
to engage a horizontal surface of said track and
tance between pins 9 in opposite ends of the
having opposed rollers to engage respective
frame or body 2. On such a track the device
sides of the track, the convex portion of said
rotates substantially within this distance as a
bowed frame being projected away from the
diameter, and the bearing 16 describes a com
track at its inner side, said frame located prin
paratively small circle whose radius is the dis
cipally below the top of the track and above
tance from the center of the bearing perpen
the bottom of the track, and a load carrying
dicularly to the line of centers between pins 9 at
vertical axis pivot bearing on the bowed part
opposite ends of the frame.
of the carriage intermediately of its length
Although a speci?c embodiment of the in~
spaced from a chordal line between the first
vention has been disclosed, it is intended that
alterations in the particulars of construction I, named vertical axes.
6. The structure of claim 5, wherein track
may be made without departing from the scope
engaging locking means is mounted at the con
of the invention as indicated by the appended
The term orbicular is used as a general one,
and not necessarily limited to a circular form ,
or perfect ellipse.
What I claim is:
l. A track roller carriage having spaced por
tions adapted for support at spaced positions
along a track, a pair of spaced horizontal disks ('11)
rotatably mounted in each portion and adapt
ed to be positioned respectively at the top and
bottom of the track, a pair of horizontal roll
cave side of said carriage constructed and ar
ranged to lock the carriage to the track, in
rigid ?xed load transmitting relation there
-7. The structure of claim 5, in which said
carriage is a substantially horizontal member
approximately at the level of the track and
bifurcated at each end to extend over and under
the track, said trucks being mounted in said
furcations respectively.
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