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- 17, 1946- ~
Filed April 9, 1945
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\.| l1, .
Rm Rm|IY
Patented Dec. 17, -1946
f i
STATES PATENT orrlclaà i
Harry G. Hìllard and Clinton J. Jaeger, Sr.,
Bayonne, N. J.
Application April 9, 1945, Serial No. 587,410 ,
5 Claims.
(o1. verr-28)
>'Our invention relates generally to light-produc
ing mechanisms, and in particular it relates to
port or handle member Ill, of any suitable size
and shape as to permit its attachment to a
camera (not shown) on which support I0 we
mount a Y-bracket I2 having a pair of outwardly
diverging arms I4, I6, terminating in a pair of
avdevice for producing light of such intensity as
to permit the taking of photographs thereby.
Artiflcially-produced light for the taking of
photographs is and has been well known for
years and has been produced, for example, by
the ignition of a powder of magnesium filings
mixed with potassium chlorate, electric flood
lights, electric flash bulbs, etc. These methods
and apparatuses, while producing light of suf
ficient intensity to permit the taking of photo
graphs thereby, are accompanied by explosions,
upstanding parallel arms I8, 29. ' Between arms
I8, 20 and near the bottom thereof, we dispose
, a cross-bar 22 in which we dispose a plurality
of pyrophoric elements 24, 24. A number oi ver
tically extending openings 26, 26 are formed as by
coring, boring or otherwise, through bar 22, the
bottom margins of which openings 26, 25 are
threaded to receive a threaded plug 2S. After
the pyrophoric elements 24, 24, flint or otherwise,
are inserted in each of openings 25, 2E, a nor
smoke or the like, are awkward and cumbersomev
to use and are rather expensive in operation. It is
the main object, of our invention, therefore, to
mally expanding spring` 32 is positioned under
each element 24 and the plug 28 threaded into
each opening, this arrangement normally and
resiliently urging the pyrophoric elements 24, 24
graphs thereby which is simple to construct and
operate, is composed of inexpensive parts, and 20 upwardly. Bar 22 is fixed between bracket arms
I8, 20 against any rotation.
long lasting in use.
Another object of our invention is the pro
Above bar 22, and parallel therewith, we dis
provide an apparatus for producing light of suf
ficient intensity to permit the taking of photo
pose a hollow cylindrical roller 40, the surface
of which is scored or otherwise roughened. We
vision of a device for producing light of sufficient
intensity to permit the taking of photographs
provide an elongated rod 42 which passes through
aligned openings in arms I8, 20 and through
aligned openings in the reduced ends of roller
40, to maintain said roller 4B in slightly spaced,
parallel relation above the'pyrophoric element
thereby which comprises means for urging a
plurality of pyrophoric elements against a Scored
surface in combination with means for causing
relative movement between the scored member
and thepyrophoric elements.
A further object of our invention is the pro 30 containing bar 22, and we provide means to cause
rotation of the roller with respect to the fixed
vision of a device for producing light of sufficient
intensity to permit the taking of photographs
pyrophoric elements, as desired. These means
comprise a large coiledV spring 44 which is dis
thereby which comprises a member containing
posed withinroller 40 and surrounds rod 42, one
a number of pyrophoric elements, means to spring
end 44a of which spring 44 is secured to rod 42
urge these elements into engagements with a
to rotate therewith, and the other end 44h of
scored member, means to rotate the scored mem
which spring 44 is secured to roller 4I! at the op
ber against the pyrophoric elements, and means to
posite end thereof. Rod 42 is provided with a
tension the scored member for rotation.
projecting portion or extension 56 beyond arm 2li,
Other and further objectives of my invention
will in part be pointed out hereinbelow in con 40 and has a key or handle 50, by actuation of which
key or handle rod 42 may be rotated in a coun
nection with the following description of an illus
terclockwise direction to build up tension in spring
trative embodiment thereof, while still other ob
jects will be obvious therefrom.
In the drawing annexed hereto and forming a
part hereof,
arm 2l), which pin is adapted to be engaged by
a ratcheted 'disc 60 slidably disposed on shaft
extension 55. A collar 54 is iixed on shaft 56
and between this collar 54 and disc 5D a coil
Figure 1 is a side elevational view, partly broken
away to show details of internal construction,
and partly in section, of one form of device con
structed according to and embodying our inven
spring 58 is provided which normally urges disc
60 into engagement with pin 52. Extension 56
is square or otherwise shaped in cross section to
Fig. 2 is a side elevational View of a detail
showing the roller locking mechanism in a difier
permit disc B0 to slide laterally therealong and
to prevent said disc 60 from rotating thereabout.
ent position from that illustratedin Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a vertical section on the line 3-3 of
Fig. 2; and
Fig. 4 is a vertical section on the line 4-4 of
Fig. 1.
Referring to the drawing, in the several views of
A pin 52 is provided projecting outwardly fr0-m
Teeth 62, 62 on disc 60 are so biased as to permit ‘
rod 42, 56 to -be turned counterclockwisely while
preventing same from turning in a `clockwise di- -
We also provide means to lock roller 4D against
` which similar parts will be designated by similar
rotation while tension is being built up in coil
reference numerals, our device comprises a sup 60 spring 44 by rotation of rod 42, 56, these means
comprising an angulated lever 86 pivoted at 82
to a stud 84 projecting 'outwardly from arm I4.
of pyrophoric elements disposed therewithìn and
having means to resilîently urge said elements
against the rotatable member.V whereby upon ro
A spring 85 isA provided, trappedY between lever
arm 36 and' Y-arm I3 normally` urging lever arm
tation of thev latter agsloower;y of sparks will be
86 outwardly and the " other lever' arm 88 in
produced from between'the two members con
wardly. A spider 9U is provided, linked to the 1
end of lever arm 88, said spider 90 having aA plu- Y
centrated in a straight path.
rality of finger pieces 92, 92 projectingir’iward-lyf
therefrom and through suitableïopeninggßß., S3;
in Y-arni I8, finger pieces 92, 92"normally`reac á
ing towards roller /äû under the urging of spring.
prising a,~ supporting bracket having a, pair of
"2. A device of the character described com
spacedarms, apairof axially aligned and spaced
,. apart straight 'members disposed between the
spaced arms, one of the members being ñxed and
85, one of ñngers 92 being engag'edïlbyl a` pin\94¿
the» other/being rotatable, one of the members
havingV a plurality of pyrophoric elements dis
posed therewithin and having means to resilîently
projecting outwardly and laterally from` roller
40 (see Fig. l). A string, wire or the like, asv 96,
may bel secured tothe free end of leverarmA 85,
urge said elements against the other of said mem~
and led vdownto a point _ adjacent handley or
bers.'v means_lto tension the rotatablemember for
rotation, andr‘means to hold' the rotatablel mem
ber against rotation during thetensioningyand
mountn‘lûr, and secured to'trig'ger 98: As shaft
or’îro'd 42 ’is rotated,- end Hoof `Vspring lll‘lV is car
ried’arouiidwith it, ‘the other end_wg'beingneld
by the locking of ro-ller 453.
'~With the parts in theppsition shown in Fig. l,
means'. to _release the holding means togpermfit the
rotatable'member to rotate andl strike" a shower-
ofy sparks from thev pyrophoricv elements,> said»
andiv roller 'lilY lockedV against rotation, counter
shower falling on one side of the device in the»
direction of rotation and concentrated'~ in» a
clockwise rotation offkey~ orvhandle 541,1` causes ro
tationfof shaft 4Z and tensioning of spring 44.
straight path.
When trigger S8ïis pressedinwardlytowards han
3_3 A device of the character described'com-~
prising a support bracket having a pair of straightv
di’ef lo, operating' lever stand-spidersa the roher
will be releasedïand the parts willlaîssume the
positions shown in Fig. ß2, ñngers 92,j 9‘2; being
axially- aligned and'spaced-apart membersifdis
retracted and drawn out of engagement Vwith pin
bersv being ñxed against rotation and;V the other
posed between thebracket‘arms, one of the‘mem
Sli;- permitting roller ¿lilïto be rotatednbyytheefX- :J comprising a rotatable cylinder, the iixed mem-f~
pànsionlrotation of spring'áßl,l and >striking sparks
berg-having a: plurality of _pyrophoric elements dis-»
from theV engagement of ?pyrophoric elements` 2li;
posed therewithin and having means to kresilientlyî
24,» against ‘the scored-‘surfacejof roller 4Q, pro»
urge said elementsl against the cylinder; means
ducing the necessary amount of light.A
comprising in part _a ,rotatableA shaft 'to vtension
"suitable, conventionalL reflector may-be pro
the Ycylinder for rotation, means to hjold_the, cyl-1_
vided (not shown) , to cause the light so generated
f to'bedirectedl in> any' direction desired,- andthe
number of ïpy'ropho-ric elements> must be such as
inder against rotationA during7 the- tensioning.
meansto release the holding meansto permitro
tation of the_cylinder,- and means to lhold'the
shaft against _rotation during rotation of the cyl?
inder, and means to release theA holding means:
to -permit the rotatablel member, to' rotate and
strike a shower of sparks from the pyrophoric
to" provide lightv of? suihciéntjin'tensity to permit
thè taking orp‘hotograpns.' 'Itwiii-bejunderstooo
thatfthe action ofthe camera shutter maybe
evasilìâÍ synchronized-with the lightproduction,> for
thedurationïofï the light is 'easily controllable by
means 'of-'trigger 98, 'an'djit ispossibleV with my
dévice to fcor'itinue- the light at peak intensity dur
ing thè opening aridfclosin'g ofthe shutter, there
elements, said shower falling on one side of the"
device in the direction of rotation andfconcen-v
tratedin» a straight path.
4.» Adevice ofthe4 character described for cre
by »avoiding the necessity for `:precise syncl‘i-'ro'niza-`
non of the'eamera shutter with the «split Ygezond
atingY a shower of sparks concentrated" in a;-`
straight path comprisinga-support bracket have
peaktintensity of light producedasby magnesium
filings, flashïbulbs, etc.Y »As a matter »of fact, with
m-y device it-isïpossibleto avoidgany‘operative
in-g a-Qpai-r -of spaced arms, a iirst 'pin on one arm:l
connection whatsoever tothe camera shutter;`V The
lightïfcan. be created by disengagement. dipinti
fromñng'erfpieces 92, 92«and prolongedlmtilafter.,
theî camerashutter `is actuated,” when! the Nrota
tion „of„roller. 1lltlfniay' be ' stopped. and ¿the ilight
production. ended.«
" '
’ '
projecting outwardly therefrom,r a,- second~pin om
the other armprojecting outwardlytherefrorm
a-straight rodv disposed between uthe arms anda;
cylinder disposed between ther arms in axially)
alignedand spaced relation-to the rod, a plurality
OfpyrOphOric'eIements disposed within the-rodi
andi- means .f to» resilîently >urge- thea elementst
against the cylinder, means >to mount the cylinder:
Our device is composed of easily manufactured.`
parts, and its assembly Lcalls. forno .special skill or
bracket arms and' extending-beyondone thereof;
means on the extension to engage the second pin--
rJ'Jhe. pyrophoric elements . may ,. be- 60
usedtime andtime againltheir replacementbee
ing -easily ,_ and l :cheaply accomplished) , and. the..
dßyicewill be,.,very„inexpensive to opera-te.H
Havinginow,„described _our invention, what Y.we
claiIri-„anddesíre to secureby Letters .Patentisil
vl Aßdevice pf, the ,characterdescribed comprisel .
iris „ai pair or straight ,elOneïatecl,A axially _alignem
and; .Slightly , spaced apart 111er11~-l0e1ss,A-` meansato.
Support Saîdmembersìn said relation,` «meer the.
members .beine ,ñXad .and the; other thereofbeing
rotatable-,f the ñXed member'-havineeagplurality;
as aforesaid compr-isinga- shaft journalledinthee.
permitting rotation ofthe vextension and. ‘ofthe
shaftim one. direction, and means on the cylinder
engaging-.the first .ofsaid pins to prevent rotation»
ofithe cylinder.
5. A device as in claim 4, in which the means
tohold the’cylinder comprise,4 in part, a plurality
o-flingers extending throughthe bracket arm,.onez
of which lingers is engageable by the ñrst referred:y
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