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Dec. 17, ‘1.946.
Fil'ed July 10, 1945
$az:- Qunm
C1222” 12,03 '
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
George Ilii‘fe, Llandaif, Cardiff, Wales
Application July 10, 1945, Serial No. 604,227
In Great Britain July 19, 1944
1 Claim.
(Q1. 309-47)
This invention comprises improvements in or
relating to piston rings, piston valve rings and
the like of the type in which the ends of the pis
ton ring are adapted to form a joint with a sepa
rate segment disposed in the piston ring groove
in the piston.
In the beiorementioned type of piston ring,
when the piston has been withdrawn from the
The segmental member I I has a hole I3 formed
therein which ?ts over the bar I2 to form a float—
ing ?t thereon, which permits the segmental
member I I having horizontal and vertical move
ment in the groove of the piston and moving into
contact with the cylinder wall to make the neces
sary joint therewith.
The tenons 8 of the piston ring are adapted. to
?t into slots I9 in the segmental member II.
At the ends of the piston ring 'I and under the
tenons 8 are formed steps I4, into which are
adapted to ?t the projections I5 formed on the
The object of the present invention is to over
segmental member I I, which arrangement pro
come the beforementioned defect, in that the ends
vides an abutment against which the recesses I4
of the piston ring willbe retained in the segment,
in the piston ring abut, whilst the portions I‘! of
when the piston is removed, but at the same time
the piston ring fit into the slots I8 of the seg
the joint formed by the ends of the ring and the
member I I, thus providing means for re-‘
segment will be e?'icient and freedom of move
taining the segmental member I I', which is freely
ment will be permitted to the ends of the ring in
mounted on the bar I2 in position in the ends of
the segment.
20 the piston ring ‘I, in the event of the piston ring
Referring to the drawing:
being withdrawn from the cylinder.
Figure 1 is a plan of a piston ring and seg
In the modi?cation of the segmental member
mental member, according to this invention.
I I as shown at Figure 3 of the drawing, a slot I6
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the piston ring
is provided for accommodating the bar I2.
ends and the segmental member, and
I claim:
Figure 3 is a perspective view of a modi?ed
Improvements in piston rings, comprising in
form of segmental member.
combination a segmental member which is adapt
In carrying the present invention into practice
ed to be removably mounted in a piston ring
as shown upon the accompanying drawing, the
groove, an inwardly projecting recess on each
piston ring ‘I is formed at its ends with tenons 8,
side thereof near its base, vertically disposed slots
whilst the parts of the piston‘ring ‘I at the two
positioned on each side of said member extending
sides of the tenons 8 are cut away to form re
from the top of said member into the inwardly
cesses 9, the inner ends of said recesses 9 being
projecting recesses, a piston ring formed at each
formed to a radius Ill.
The two ends of the piston ring ‘I make joint ., end_on the underside with a cut away portion,
and a projecting portion having a tenon on the
with the segmental member I I which is positioned
top of each portion which are adapted to ?t into
in the groove of the piston and is located in posi
and be complementary with the segmental mem
tion by means of the bar I 2 which is positioned in
ber, to provide means for preventing the disen
an aperture in the bottom of the piston ring
gagement of the ring from the segmental member.
cylinder, the ends of the piston rings disengage
the segment, thus necessitating the replacement
of the ends into the segment, before the piston
can be replaced in the cylinder.
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