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Filed maren e, 1944
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
Albert F. Isaak, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Application March 6, 1944, Serial No. 525,227
1 Claim.
This invention appertains to new and useful
improvements in garment hangers, the same
being an improvement in my Patent No. 2,232,028.
(Cl. 223-88)
else. In other words, the end portion A is in
serted into the collar of the garment entering
the slot 5 until the edge of the garment reaches
The principal object of the present invention i-s
the inner end T of the slot, the distance between
to provide a garment hanger similar in construc
which and the terminus of the portion B of the
hanger will be the equivalent of the average neck
tion to the construction in my Patent No.
opening of a garment so that the end portion B
2,232,028, but providing more efficiency, is smaller
can be readily inserted and the hanger straight
in size and more economical in manufacture.
cned out.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
Numeral S denotes a hanger hook having a
will become apparent to the reader of the follow
ing description.
shank ill formed with. a reduced lower portion Il
In the drawing:
defining a swivelled connection with the body of
the hanger.
Figure 1 represents a side elevation of the
it will also be observed, that all edge portions
Figure 2 is a section on the line 2_2 of Figure 1. 15 including the edge portions of the slot 6 are en
Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary detailed
larged as at i2 for the purpose of reinforcement
sectional view taken substantially on the line
and also to afford gripping formations to prevent
3--3 of Figure 1.
the hanger from slipping from one’s grip.
Referring to the drawing wherein like numerals
NVhiie the foregoing speciñcation sets: forth the
designate like parts, it can be seen that the form
invention in specific terms, it is to be understood
of the invention shown in Figure 1 may be con
that numerous changes in the shape, size and ma~
structed of plastic or some other similar attracf
terìals may be resorted to without departing from
tive and readily available material. This form
the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed
of the invention is constructed from an elongated
piece of material 5 shaped in the general con 25
Having described the invention, what is claimed
iiguration of a hanger, but having a horizontal
as new is:
slot 6 extending inwardly from one shoulder por
A garment hanger comprising a hanger body
tion to a point '1, a slight distance beyond the
of solid material having a hanger hook, said body
mid-point of the body 5. At the inner terminus
having an inwardly disposed horizontal garment
of the slot 5 the material is formed thick as at 8 .
receiving slot extending therein from one shoul
to reinforce the body at this point (for rigidness
der portion thereof to a point substantially past
and additional strength) and this is especially
the vertical center of the hanger and having a
desirable if the material is of plastic.
closed inner end, said body at the inner end of
As can be seen in Figure 1, the lower portion
the slot being thickened around said end to rein~
of the slot 6. at the outer end thereof ha-s an
force the saine, said slot being straight and par
upward bulge 9, this for the purpose of prevent-'
allel sided and opening at its outer end onto the»
ing garments from slipping out of the slot 5 after
shoulder portion, said slot having at its open end
the same have been properly inserted.
an upstanding bottom bulge therein merging into
It can be seen, that the hanger is particularly
the shoulder portion at an intermediate point
adapted for use in applying garments without 40 thereon and adapted to prevent easyl displace
necessarily unbuttoning the collar of the garment,
ment of garnichts out of the slot.
Whether it be coat, dress (blouse) or something
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