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Dn. 17, 1946. '
Filed Aug. 28, 1944
W „mf/mf
Patented Dec. 17,11946
:rrnn'rïnnn REPAIR PLATE
` HaroldhîV. James, Denver, Colo.
Application August 2s, 1944, serial No. 551,540
6 Claims.
This invention relates Ito a tube vulcanizingde
vice for pneumatic tires, and has for its principal
object the Aprovision of a simple, compact, and
highly eñìcient .tube plate vulcanizer which will
on each of the sleeves >I2 and extends forwardly
thereof, to a tubular extremity 45 having a hori-`
accommodate one or more tube repairs simulta
zontal attachment flange I6 at its bottom.
neously; which will accommodate exceedingly
long repairs in the tube; and which will apply a
uniform pressure ythroughout the entire area of
.the repair.
Other objects of the invention are: to provide
a device of this character in which the hot plate
will be inver-tedand ñxedly supported to prevent
dirt, dust and other foreign materials from ac-v
cumulating on -the surface; to provide a highly
ef'rlcient mechanism for clamping the repair
against the inverted hot plate; to provide means
to ñrst rapidly close the repair against .the plate
and then exert an extremely tight clamping con
tact Ithereon; to provide means for accurately ad
justing the clamping mechanism to accommodate
repairs of various thicknesses; and' to provide
means for vulcanizing the portions of tire‘tubes
around the valve stems thereof.
clamped to the bracket II by" means of Asuitable
clamp bolts I4. A supporting arm I5‘is formed
A heater housing I'I issecuredi-to the attach
ment flanges I6 of the Aarms I5 by means of suit
able bolts I8. The housing I1 is a box-like struc
ture having a normally open bottom. The bottom
is closed by means of a hot plate I 9 secured there
in by means of counter-sunk screws 20. Suit
able heating elements 2 I, of any of the standard:
varieties, are secured to the upper surface‘of the.
hot plate i9 within the housing I7.
The tube .to be repaired is clamped against thel
bottom surface of the hot plate I9, through the
medìumïof a vertical sliding post 22, there being`
one `of these posts s'lidably mounted in each of
the sleeves I2.
The upper extremity of each post 22 is ña't
tened, as shown at 23, to pass between a pair of
levers 24 formed on a bell‘crank lever fitting 25.
The levers 24 are mounted on a pivot pin 30 ex
Other objects and advantages reside in the
tending through the flattened portion 23 of .the
detail construction of the invention, which is de 25 post.` An operating handle 26 extends from they
signed' for simplicity, economy, and eflìcieney.
fitting 25. The fittings 25 are each supported on
These will become more apparent from the fol-,-v
lowing description.
In the following detailed description of the in
vention, reference is had .to the .accompanying
drawing which forms a part hereof. Like nu
merals refer to like parts in all view of the draw
lng. and throughout the description.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a front view of .the improved tire tube
Fig. 2 is a side view thereof in .the _closed posi
Fig. 3 is a similar view in the open position,
showing a portion thereof in section to illustrate
the interior mechanism, `the section being Itaken
0n the line 6-3, Fig. 1:
Fig. 4 is a‘fragmen-tary top view of a recipro
cating post employed in the improved tube plate;
y Fig. 5 is a detail cross-secticn,taken on the
two connecting links 21, the lower extremities of‘
which are mounted on hinge bolts 28 on the op
posite sides of the sleeve I2, and .the upper ex->
.tremities of which are mounted on hinge bolts 23l
on opposite sides of the fitting 25.
A bearing sleeve 46 carrying a swinging brack-A
et 3| is rotatably mounted on the lower extrem
ityjof each of the posts 22. The bearing sleeves
are supported on the posts by means of adjust
ing nuts 32, the lower'extremities of the posts
being threadedvfas shown at 33, for .the nuts 32.4
Each swinging bracket 3| terminates in a hori-`
0 zontal platform 34 from the center of which a
.square stud 35 arises. A cushion member 36 sur
rounds the stud and rests upon the platform 34.
The cushion member may be of any desired re-`
>silient material, preferably rubber. A compres
y sion plate 31 also surrounds the stud 235V and
line 5_5, Fig. 2: and
rests upon the
cushion member 36. The plate.
3l is formed with a diametrically extendingp
Fig. 6 is an enlarged cross-section of the heat
raised, apex ridge 38.
ing plate, taken on the line 6-6, Fig. l.
The improved tube plate is supported upon a
A pressure plate 39 rests upon the apex ridge
work bench or other supporting structure, such 50 38 of the plate 3l. The pressure plate is formed
as indicated at II), by means of a bench bracket
II. The bench bracket is provided with a ver
tical surface against Which one or more vertical
with 1 an enlarged socket 40 in its «bottom for
guide sleeve I2 are secured.
on the‘apex ridge 38, as shown in Fig. 3.
The sleeves are
loosely receiving the upper extremity of Ithe stud
35. This allows the pressure plate to tiltI freely
The „
formed with attachment flanges I3 which are 55 upper face ofthe plate 33 is covered by means .¿
of a suitable pad 4| of cork, asbestos sheeting
extending forwardly from the projecting below
_or similar material.
portion of said post; a pressure plate supported
While the above description applies to a single
by said support below said hot plate; means for ~
post 22, with its attached apparatus, it is to be '
understood thatas many posts and apparatuses
may _be used as desired, Itwo being illustrated on
the drawing.
In use, the tube repair is placed on one ofthe
lowering said support thereon.
pads 4I and the .handle 25 is -.pulled forwardly.
>The ñrst movement _causes the leversî24 to ~'act
raising said post in its guide sleeve to cause said
pressure plate to approach said hot plate, the
lower extremity of said post being threaded; and
a nut carried on the threads for raising and
3. A device for repairingpneumatio tire tubes
comprising: a -supportingßbracketL "ïafvertical
against the links 21 so as to rapidly raise the post
guide sleeve having an open top _and bottom,
22 to bring the repair against the hot plate Ill.>
supported by said bracket; an arm extending
Further downward movement of the handle 26
*'„forw‘ardly from said guide sleeve; a hot plate
brings a toggle actionv into play between 'the `
supported by said arm with its heating surface
levers 24 and the links 21 which exerts an ex 15 facingdownward; a vertically movable post slid
tremely strong upward pressure on'theposts 22
to ñrmly clamp the repair againfst-thevhot»` plate.'
ably'm‘ounted in said guide sleeve and having
‘portions projecting above and below the latter;
The spacing between the hot plate and the
a support rotatably mounted on and extending
pressure fplate 39 may be pre-set to obtain theforwardly from the projecting below portion of
desired pressure on any-repair by adjustment of 20 said post; a platform supported byisaid'support;
a cushio'nïmeinbër carried by 'lsalid'platfìír'?frL a
v It will be noted vthat iir'the extreme 4lower
- p'res'surelplatesupported by-saidïcuslrion mem-'_
position of the handle 2'6, the bolts >29 'willlpass
beyond the'd’ead center position` between the pin
. 3U and the bolts 28, asshotvn in Fig. 2.
ber; arid-> íneans positioned above said guide‘sle‘evé
This 25
and engaging' the projecting above portion- ofï saidY
post for raising said post in its guider sleeveitfo‘
firmly and automatically locks the pressureiplate
cause said pressure Vplate Ato approach sai'd'hïot
in thefraised position. The handle `2t is ‘supe
ported in the lraised position by gravity when
4. A device for repairing pneumatic tire Vtubes',
not i'n- use.
comprising: a supporting bracket; a' vertical
Since' thebracket-B I' is rotatably mounted,` the 3U guide sleevehaving an' op‘en'top’an'd bottorn'sup
plate 35 can` be swung to' any` desired position
portedb'y said bracket; van arm extending forward@V
beneath the -hot plate 19. For long' repairs, the
ly from said guide sleeve; a hot plate supported
pressure >plates 39‘of two of the posts can be
by said >`arm with its heating surface facing downf’
swung together so as to `cover an exceedingly
long area. Means are provided forV curing re
pairs around the Valve stems of’ tubes, by placing
a vround tapereedged plug-42 in the surface of
the hotlpiate i9. This'plug is normally clamped
in place by means of a threaded stud "43 -which
extends upwardlythrough the tubular extremity
45 of the arm I5 toa wing nut 44. To be‘lused
for a valve repair‘the plug' 42 is removed andthe -
tube valve is extended into the tubular extrem-`
ity 45.
While a specific form ofthe improvementrhas'
been described -and. illustrated herein, it is de-`
sired to be understood that the >>same ymay be`
varied, within the scope-of the appended claims,
without departing from the-spirit of the inven
Having> thus described the invention; whatv is
claimed and desired(secured'byïletters Pat'eiitis;i 1. AV device for re'pairingpneumatic tire tubes~
comprising.: a supporting bracket; a vertical.
guide sleeve supported by said- bracket;fa’nfarrny
extending forwardly from` said guide sleeve; al
not 'plate sopportedlby' said" ann 'with 'its ‘nearing’
surface facing downward; "a vertical movable
ward ;>` al vertically movable ’ post lslidably mounted
in said guide sleevesandY _havingfpórtions"proá
jecting above -and below the latter; afs'upp‘orty
rotatably mounted onl and extending forwardly
from the projecting below .portion of'said post;
a platform supported by` said support; a cushion'
member -carried by' said` platform; a'stu‘d extend'
ing 'upwardly from said platform‘through said
cushion member; a compression plate resting on
said cushion member and surroùndingsaid stud;
a pressureplate resting Von said compression plate;
and irieans- positioned above said- guide sleevean'd
engaging the 'projecting above >portion`of`` said
post for raising said post lin its ‘guide sleeve.
5. A device for repairing pneumatic'tir'ejtubes
comprising: 'a :supporting-bracket; ‘ al vertical
guide sleeve'having an open top and- bottom sup
ported by said bracket; anv .arnpexten'ding' for
Wardly from saidvv guide sleeve; ahot plate sup-`> _
ported by said’arm with its heating surfaceffïac
ing downward; a vertically movable ¿post- slidably
55 mounted' in' said guide sleeve ' and having- portions,
projecting above and below the latter;'a support
rotatably mounted' on and extending forwardly',
fromthe projecting «below portion of said post;
post mounted in 'said guide sleeve and h'avîrr‘e.7
a platform supported‘bysaid'support; a cushionL
portions projecting above and below “tlie‘látterç' oo member Carried by Said Dlatfórm; "a'St'ud extend?"
a support vextending foi‘wardly'froni theïp'roje'ct» ° ing 'upwardly from Said ‘platfor?r'tl'ii‘o gli -Saiding below portion of'said post; a prëssure'pl‘ate’
cushion member; a compre's's‘i‘onplate resting'on'
supported by said support below'said hot plate;
said cushion member and surrounding said s'tufd;`
means for raising said post in its' guide sleever
a 'raised medialv portion on said comp'rdssioîi'í
to: cause said pressure plate 'to' ‘approach said'
plate; a pressure plate resting: -ònfthe raised.
medial portion of said compression plate >'soltlda't'
hot plate; and means for adjusting "tlie’ve'rtical'
position of' said-supports- on-said "post,
2. A device for repairing pneumatic tire tubes
a supporting bracket; >a: 4vertical
guide sleeve supported'by said bracket; Ían armi
extending forwardly from-‘said gui'defsleeve'; :alho't
plate supported by‘said‘a'rlm -with itsheating'sun
face facing' downward; 'af vertical movable post"
mounted insaidï g'uideïsle'eveiand
it may'freely tilt thereon; and means' positioned
above said guide'sle'ev‘el 'and `engaging the pro'-V`v
ject/ing>> above p'o'rtionof- saidïpdst for raising said
post inY its «guide’sleeva
-6. vA- tube pl'atevul'canizer comprising: abenc'hi
bracket; afpair yo'f vertical ~ guide ,sleeves securedl
to ~'a- fbrwardfade `>»on said bracket; 'at s"tippo’rtir'rgfy
projecting aböve >`andbelow ïtllíe llat'te'rl; fai-support v 75. wauw-therefrom; ‘en annehmen' @flange mittel
bottom of the projecting portion of each sup
porting arm; a heating housing secured to the
4bottoms of said Íianges and extending between
projecting above portion of the post therein and
adapted to lift the latter; a swinging aim rotat
ably mounted on the projecting below portion
said arms; a hot plate closing the bottom of said
of each post so that it may be swung beneath said
housing; a vertical sliding post in each of said 5 hot plate; and a pressure plate carried by each
guide sleeve and having portions projecting
arm for lifting a tu-be against the bottom of said
above and. below the iatter; toggle links posi»
tioned between‘eaeh of said sleeves and the
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