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Dec. 17, 1946.
2,412,753 '
Filed 061;. 29, 1942
17.27am 272*‘
deaf/w 8 £95805.
Patented Dec. 17, 1943
Joseph B. Sebok, Detroit, Mich., assignor to
Houdaille-Hershey Corporation, Detroit, Mich.,
a corporation of Michigan
Application October 29, 1942, Serial No. 463,764
5 Claims.
This invention relates to improvements in air
cleaners, and more particularly to air cleaners
of the liquid bath type highly desirable for use
(Cl. 183-45)
with the motorcycle completely over sidewise
without the loss of cleansing liquid.
A further object of the invention resides in,
in connection with internal combustion engines,
the provision of a liquid bath air cleaner which
especially engines associated with various types 6 ‘may be tipped rearwardly to a greater extent or
of vehicles, although the cleaner may have other
greater angle than it is possible for the vehicle
uses and purposes as will be apparent to one
with which the cleaner is associated to climb
skilled in the art.
More speci?cally, the air cleaner embodied in
with a forward motion, all without the loss of
any of the cleansing liquid.
the instant invention is highly desirable for 10 Another object of the invention resides in the
use in connection with motorcycles, although it
provision of a liquid bath air cleaner for ‘ an
will be apparent that it is equally adaptable for
internal combustion engine, in which a single
use on internal combustion engines associated
holding element not only attaches the gcleaner
with various other types of vehicles. For pur
to the engine or a part thereof, but also main
poses of clarity, however, the invention will be 15 tains the separable parts of the cleaner together
described herein mainly in its relationship with
in operative position.
a motorcycle.
Still another object of the invention is the
Vehicles of the character of motorcycles fre
provision- of a liquid bath air cleaner highly
quently overturn during operation, especially
desirable for use on motorcycles, and which is
when being driven over rough terrain as would 20 provided with a single inlet located in a sheltered
occur, for example, during military maneuvers
position so that the inlet will always remain
and operations. Liquid bath air cleaners have
free and‘open regardless of the falling of the‘
proven more e?icient than other types, but when
most of the liquid bath air cleaners of the type
A further feature of this invention resides in
heretofore known have been used in conjunction \ the provision of a liquid bath air cleaner having
with motorcycles and similar vehicles the over
a partial ba?ie below a single inlet disposed at
turning of the vehicle resulted in a loss of liquid
one side of the air cleaner, to insure even dis
from‘ the air cleaner with the ensuing result
tribution of incoming air to prevent turbulence
that when the vehicle was again righted the air
caused by rush of air from one side only of the
cleaner would not operate efficiently. Frequently, 30 cleaner.
too, the motorcycle engine is in operation when
Still another object of the invention resides
the vehicle overturns and some of the misplaced
in providing a liquid bath air cleaner having
cleansing liquid from the air cleaner would then
an inlet passage of varying width within‘ the
be carried into the internal combustion engine,
cleaner, with the inlet opening being disposed
and in many instances the intake opening to the
above a ‘narrower part of the intake passage to
air cleaner became jammed with dirt by close
insure distribution of the air and prevent tur
proximity to or actual contact with the ground.
bulence by a rush of air toward the liquid sump
Also, it is desirable to have a cleaner that may
from one side only of the cleaner.
be‘servicecl as economically and rapidly as pos
It is also a feature of the invention to provide
sible without the aid of any special equipment 40 a liquid bath air cleaner which is extremely
carried for that particular purpose.
‘economical and durable, and highly efficient in
With the foregoing in mind, it is an im
operation, and which cleaner may at the same
portant object of thelinstant invention to pro
time be dismantled and reassembled with very
vide a liquid bath air cleaner, highly desirable
great facility.
for use in connection with motorcycles and sim 45 While some of the moresalient features, char
ilar vehicles, and so constructed that the air
acteristics and advantages of the instant inven
cleaner may be inverted or turned completely
tion have been above pointed out, others will
over without spilling cleansing liquid from the
become apparent from the following disclosures,
cleaner and with only a negligible‘amount of
taken in. conjunction with the accompanying
such cleansing liquid remaining within the ?lter 50 drawing, ‘in which:
medium within the cleaner.
Figure 1 is a top plan view of a liquid bath air
Also an object of this invention is ‘the pro
cleaner embodying principles of the instant in_
vision of a liquid bath air ‘cleaner, highly de
sirable ‘for use in connection with motorcycles
Figure 2 is a fragmentary vertical sectional
and similar-vehicles‘, and which may be rolled w view of the cleaner taken substantially as indi
the direction of the arrows.
As shown on the drawing:
In the illustrated embodiment of this inven
tion there is seen an air cleaner including a cas~
ins comprising a pair of separable sections, an
upper section I and¢a lower section 2.v The up
per section andpart of the lower section are of
general rectangular shape, as can be seen best
in Figure 1, with relatively widely rounded cor
uniform width entirely around the casing wall,
and therefore it will more closely approach the
partition 6 at the front and rear end walls of
the casing than it will at the side walls of the
ners 3, such shaping adding to the ruggedness“
and durability of the casing construction. The
upper casing section is preferablyprovided with
‘ ' casing, as is shown by the dotted lines in Figure
or ?ying debris and dirt.
A relatively narrow passage i9 is thus pro
vidediibetween the-bracket H and the partition
6," which passage’ is wider at the side walls than
at the front and rear walls of the cleaner. Thus,
incoming air descending through the passage I6,
an integral closed top 4% and~the inlet to the
cleaner is disposed centrally in one of the side
walls of this upper casing section. As seen best
in Figure 2, the inlet is in the form of ‘a vertical
series of louvered openings 5, the louver arrange
ment protecting the inlet. openings against falling
air. Near the lower end of the upper casing sec~
tion I an annular Z-shaped bracket member I?
is secured to the inner wall to form a socket for
a gasket. 58 abutted by the upper edge of the
lower casing section when the two sections are
joined together in operative position, as seen
more clearly in Figure 2. The bracket ii‘ is of
cated by the line 11-11 of Figure 1, looking in,
which of 'course will also be wider at the side
walls than at the front and rear walls of the‘cas
20 ing, will tend to spread more uniformlythrough~
Assuming, for purposes of‘ illustration, that
the cleaner ismounted upon‘a'vehicleof the
character of a motorcycle, the louvered inlet 5
is disposed toward the rear, the ‘opposite wider
wallv of the casing. being toward the front of the
motorcycle. Thus, the inlet'is in a sheltered po
sition, and. the forward wall, which is in line ‘for
dirt and debris thrown upwardly from the front
Wheel of the motorcycle, isentirely imperforate.
out‘ the casing and;notfdescendjthrough‘ the pas-.
vsage I9 atrthe rearend wall ofthe casingonly.
By this arrangement 'amore even distributi'ono-f I
,_ air is obtained, and turbulence resulting from the .
This, arrangement prevents undue ‘plugging of
major portion of air atte'mptingto pass through,
a narrow and restricted part ofQthe air path is
avoided, so that when incoming air ultimately
reaches the sump containing thecle'ansing liquid
the air cleaner due to deals of dirt and mud be
inghurled against it.
The upper casing section is provided interiorly
it is relatively evenly distributed throughout the
incoming air passage, and the operating ef?ci
encyof the cleaner as a whole is. maintained atv
a very high level.
The lower casing section, which is of generally
with a cylindrical partition Gwhich is free of the v
rectangular shape inthe vicinity of its junction
casing section and on which is seated an imper- .
with the upper casing section, has a. cylindrical’
bottom portion Eil'which houses a liquidsump
forate substantially dome-shaped cover 'I' which
is secured such as by spot welding or the equiva
lent to the top 4. The outer margin of thiscover
2I. A centrally, disposed outlet-conduit'22-v is
secured’to the lower casingsectio-n. andiorms
1 is?channeledjto provide a seat for an annular ’ the inner wall of the liquid sump .which, of
gasket 8 which rests upon the inturned upper 4:0 course, will be annular around. theoutlet tube.
22. The upper end of the tubeZZIisstepped in
edge of the partition 6,‘ the lower ‘margin of the
wardly, as indicated-at 23Jto form a seat vfor a.
cover telescoping over the partition outside the
gasket 24.
At. the lower. end thereof the inner partition I5
is. turned ‘I inwardly as indicated at 9 . with a
Extending partially into theliquid ‘sump .2I is
a downwardlyand outwardlyslopingba?ie 25
the outer edge of which is spaced inwardly from
the wall of the cylindrical part 28 of the lower.
smootlrcurve to lessen restriction and‘extends'
obliquely upward; terminating in a vertical
section so as to leave a relatively narrow ané
flange ID ,Ispot‘welded or‘ equivalently‘ secured to
nular passage 26 through. which sump liq'uidmay‘
the lower end portion of a centrally disposed out
let conduit II. In its under turned portion. the 50 be educed or aspiratedby incoming. air .traveling ‘
over the upperface of the baffle. Theebaiile .is
partition 6 is provided with a series of enlarged.
annular, and ‘the. upper ,margin ‘or. portion. .of.
apertures I2 each having an inwardly rolled
thebaiile is engagedby an ,outwardlyhcurved.
margin-to, lessen restriction“ This under por
lower edge of the outlet tubeII,‘ sothatithe.
tionof. the partition functions as a support for
ba?ie is ?rmly affixed to the outlet. tube. II and,
av ?lter mass I3. which is disposed 'annularly
?lter holding partition 6..‘
around the center tube outlet II and which may
be made of any suitable material such as a mass
of wavy wire, cactus ?bre, curled cattle-tail hair,
or any other suitable filter-medium.
At an in
termediate part 'of the center tube outlet II an
annular bracket Ili'is. ?xed in position, and be-v
' neath this bracket and ‘under the inturned edge’
of the partition 6 is disposed an annular ?at ring
Thus, it will be seen that thecleaner includes
three separable portions... 'The?rst .of theseipore
tions is the lower casing,section?comprising ,the
outlet tube portion, 22, the. gasketlelu and-the
wall portion Z?'which togetherwith the. part 22
houses the liquid sump 2L1‘. .Theisecondremow.
able 'portion- includes. the, ?ltenholding. partition.
I5 of hardware cloth or the equivalent which‘
6, ' the . ?lter element 7 I 3, the . outletv tube . I [hand
holds the ?lter, mass I3 in position at the vtop.
The outlet'conduit II' freely telescopes within
the baii‘l'e 25,.a11'removable‘ asasingle' unit... The-v
the upper‘partof the ‘dome cover 1 ‘and extends
to the top‘ of ‘the cleaner to give‘ a solid support.
through‘ the center of the cleaner. Within the
cover 1 the conduit is provided withaplurality
Of openings Ila for theexit of cleaned air.~
The outside wall ofthe partition-6 ‘is, of _ course,
imperforate and together with. the inner wall: of
theupper casing section“! de?nes a'downwardly
exténdingannular‘inlet-passage‘I ?’for incoming
thirdtseparable' portion inoludesth'e upper casing
section I for‘the'gasket ‘holding, arrangement
I‘! and‘the gasketrii?at its?low'erendgth'edome
coverv ‘I’ together with its gasket. 8; ‘and .an.
auxiliary outer reiniorcinghcoverato -.bezlater. de
When the cleaner vis; assembled ,joperative
position’,1the"- lower jcasingsecti'on iis?rst seated‘.
, upon'an'intake't’l to the carburetor, of an. inter.
mil combustionengine, orithe'manifold‘of a
motorcycle, or some other apparatus requiring a
supply of clean air, as clearly seen in Figure 2.
the composite outlet tube into the intake 2'! of
The inner removable portion including the
?lter, ba?ie, and outlet conduit is then seated
in position upon the gasket 24 with the out
wardly turned lower edge of the outlet conduit Ur
later biting into the gasket, and the adjacent
the apparatus with which the cleaner is asso
ciated. As the liquid becomes heavy, due to the
entrainment of dirt therein, it will fall out of the
?lter mass onto the ba?ie and gravitate over the
upper surface of the ba?‘le, passing back into the
liquid sump through the passage 20 between'the
portion of the baf?e resting on the gasket. The
ba?ie and lower casing wall. While this is going.
upper casing section is then placed in position
with the gasket 8 carried by the inside dome cover 10 on, incoming air passing over the upper face of
the ba?le is educing or aspiratingsump liquid
1 seating upon the upper edge of the ?lter hold
through the passage 26 over the upper face of
ing partition 6, and the gasket l8 carried by the
the baffle and carrying some of it back into the
outer and lower portion of the upper section
?lter mass. Obviously, as liquid is aspirated
seating on the inwardly rolled upper edge 28 of
from the sumpover the upper face of the ba?le
the lower casing section.
The separable parts of the cleaner are then 15 much of the dirt carried by the air will be re
moved and entrained by this liquid.
clamped together and the entire cleaner is held
A particular feature of the instant invention
in position upon the intake 21 by a single fasten
resides in the fact that the cleaner may be in
ing element. In the illustrated instance this
verted quickly in substantially any direction With
fastening element is in the form of a bolt 29
out loss of cleansing liquid and may be turned
extending entirely through the central composite
completely over in a sidewise direction without
outlet of the cleaner and the lower end of which
loss of cleansing liquid. It will be seen from Fig
is threaded into the central portion of a yoke 30
extending diametrically across the intake 21.
The upper end of the bolt is headed as indicated
at 3! and bears against an auxiliary top 32 at
tached to the closed top .4 of the upper section.
The auxiliary top 32 is merely to enable the
upper casing section to maintain the pressure ‘
ure 2 that a considerable space 33 which is more
than suflicient to hold all of the sump liquid when
the cleaner is in inverted position is provided be
tween the top of the upper casing section and the
dome cover ‘I therein.
It will be seen that the
louvered inlet openings 5 are disposed below the
shoulder, roll of the upper casing section so as
or other injury to the casing. When the bolt is 30 not to interfere with the capacity of the space 33.
Now, if the cleaner is turned over sidewise, due
anchored in position, it wi be seen that the
to the falling of the motorcycle or other vehicle,
‘separable portions are held together by the bolt
liquid contained in the sump will gravitate
with air-tight joints at the gaskets 8, l8 and24,
through the passage 26 and upwardly through
and the entire cleaner is held in position upon
the air inlet passage 16 to the space 33. The
the intake 21. It will be especially noted that
ba?le will prevent all but a negligible part of this
when servicing of the cleaner is desired or neces
liquid from entering the ?lter mass through the
sary, it is a simple expedient to remove the bolt
openings l2. The liquid normally‘entrained in
29, no special tools otherwise than those custom
?lter mass during operation should not be
arily carried in a vehicle being necessary to
accomplish this removal. Upon the removal of 40 su?icient to gravitate entirely through the filter
mass when upside down and thus enter the space
the bolt 29, the entire cleaner is not only free
inside the dome ‘i and ultimately descend through
from the intake 27, but the two casing sections
the outlet for clean air. The outward extent of
and separable interior parts of the ‘cleaner are
free for separation one from the other, so that 45 the annular angle member l4 prevents such pas
sage of liquid to a material degree, since liquid
no time or labor is wasted during the servicing
within the ?lter mass will tend to hug the wall
of the cleaner, and the entire servicing and re
w of the outlet tube H. When the cleaner is again
assembly of the cleaner in position may be ac
placed in upright position, the sump liquid from
complished with very great facility.
In operation, the cleaner is highly efficient. 50 the space 33 will gravitate through the air inlet
passage and the passage 25 around the outer
The level of liquid placed in the sump 21 will
edge of the ba?le back into its proper position
customarily be substantially at the lowermost
in the sump, and the cleaner is immediately ready
point of the partition 6 so that the incoming air
for ef?cient operation.
path is sealed off at the bottom when opera
It will also be noted that the cleaner may be
tion begins. As soon as the internal combustion 55
inclined rearwardly to a considerable angle, usu
engine with which the cleaner is associated is
ally in excess of 65°, before any of the sump liq
started, incoming air will enter the louvered
uid will tend to ?ow out of the lowermost inlet
openings 5, pass downwardly through the inlet
opening 5. A 65° angle is, of course, greater than
passage I6 and at the same time distribute itself
substantially evenly throughout this passage in 60 a motorcycle or other vehicle will climb when
in operation. Thus, it will be apparent that sub
a lateral direction by virtue of the ba?le ?ange
stantially regardless of what happens to the
formed by the bracket I1, and then contact the
motorcycle or other vehicle during operation, as
liquid in the sump. The initial rush of air will
soon as the motorcycle or other vehicle is placed
carry all of the liquid on top of the ba?‘le 25
again in upright position the air cleaner is ready
upwardly through the openings 12 into the ?lter
for ef?cient operation‘. It will also be noted that
mass. This liquid is sufficient to wet the lower
even though the engine of the motorcycle is run
portion of the?lter mass and establish a cir
ning when the motorcycle falls over or turns
culation of the liquid in this lower portion. The
upside down, there will be no more than a. neg
comminglement of the air and liquid removes a
great part of the dirt carried by the incoming air, 70 ligible pullover of cleansing liquid into the en
gine of the motorcycle, there will be no jamming
and the ?ner particles of dirt as well as entrained
or plugging of the air cleaner by virtue of the
liquid are removed from the air by the upper
inlet coming in contact with the ground, and the
portion of the ?lter mass, so that the air, sub
?ltering action will remain at a high degree of
stantially dry and clean, enters the space inside
e?iciency even though the motorcycle is lying
of thedome cover 1 and then descends through 75 down.
from the tightening of the bolt without bending
1 'i Fromithe‘ foregoing, it will be apparent that I
have provided an economical and durable liquid
bath air cleaner construction which is highly de
sirable and suitable for use in connection with
motorcycles and similar vehicles. The air cleaner
is so’designed as to avoid turbulence oi incom
ing partition insaid casing-and spaced from said
casingto de?ne a downwardly leading .air path
therebetween, a closed top on said partition
‘shaped to de?ne a chamber beneath the closed top
of said casing and outside said partition equiv
alent in capacity to said liquid sump, and said
casing having an inlet opening at one side below
ing air and yet maintain a relatively‘small ‘inlet
chamber, and ba?ie means'below said parti
opening in a sheltered location. It is also .ap
tion positioned to prevent discharge of liquid‘from
parent that the air cleaner may ‘be extremely
easily serviced and reniounted in position, only 10 ‘said sump into the ?ltercarried by said partition
in the event thelcleaner is overturned.
one fastening element, requiring no special tools
to manipulate, being utilized to join the separable
.parts of the cleaner and mount the entire cleaner
in position upon the structure to be suppliedrwith
A. ‘In an air cleaner, a casing having a closed
topr'and a‘ liquid sump at the bottom, a ?lter hold
ing partition in said casing and spaced from said
15 casing to de?ne a downwardly leading air path
clean air.
,therebetween, a closed top on said partition V
It will, of course, be understood that various
shaped to define a chamber beneath the closed
details of construction may be varied through a
top ofv said casing and outside said partition equiv
wide range Without departing from the principles
alentin capacity to said-liquid sump, and said
of this invention, and it is, therefore, not the
purpose to limit the patent granted hereon other 20 casing having‘an inlet opening at one sidelbelow
wise than necessitated hy the scope of the ap
pended claims.
I claim as my invention:
1. In an air cleaner, a casing having a closed
top and a liquid sump at the bottom, a ?lter hold
said chamber,said casing being generally polygo
nal’and’ said ‘partition being cylindrical so said
air path varies in width, and means projecting
into said air path below said inlet to further nar
row‘the path in this region to a capacity much
ing partition in said casing and spaced from said
lessthan the capacity of said inlet and cause a
casing to de?ne a downwardly leading air path
therebetween, a closed top on said partition
shaped to de?ne a chamber beneath the closed top
5..In an air cleaner, a casing having an inlet
- arrangement on one'side only and shaped to pro
of said casing and outside said partition equiv
alent in capacity to said liquid sump, and said
casing having an inlet opening at one side below
said chamber, said chamber receiving and re
taining liquid from said sump in the event said
chamber is inverted while in use.
‘2. In an air cleaner, a casing having a closed
top and a liquid sump at the bottom, a ?lter hold
ing partition'in said casing and spaced from said
casing to de?ne a downwardly leading air path
lateral‘distribution of incoming air in said path.
'videra liquid vsump in the bottom thereof, a tu
bular partition in said casing having an imper
i‘orate wall spaced from said casing to provide
a'downwardiy'leading air passage therebetween,
.thesrelative shaping of saidcasing and said parti
tion being such that said passage varies in width,
imperiorate meansextending into said passage in
a manner to further narrow said passage, said
inlet arrangement being above a narrower'part
of saidpassage and of much greater capacity than
said narrower partto insure an even distribution
therebetween, a closed top on said partition 40> ‘of air through said passage, ?lter meansfin said
shaped to de?ne a chamber beneath the closed
partition, an imperio-rate cover over said ?lter
top of said casing and outside said partition equiv
means and said ‘partition and shaped'to de?ne a
alent in capacity to said liquid sump, and said
space between itself and the top of said'casing
casing having an inlet opening at one side below
substantially equivalent in capacity to said sump, .
said chamber,
inlet opening being su?icient- * '
saidv casing having an outlet for clean air com
ly high that the cleaner may be inclined toward
municating'with the interior of said cover, and
said opening at an angle in excess of that capable
said inlet arrangement being below said space
of being climbed by a vehicle without sump liq
uid flowing out said opening.
3. In an air cleaner, a casing having a closed
top'and a liquid sump at the bottom, a ?lter hold
to permit complete inverting of said cleaner with
.out loss of sump liquid.
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