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yDern 17, 1946.
Filed June 5, 1944
d ai!
35 Lb),
JIS/vn? Ä. «SM/TM
Patented Dec. 17,1946
Jasper A. Smith, Oakwood, Ohio, assigner to
General Motors Corp oration, Dayton, Ohio, a
corporation of Delaware
Application June 5, 1944, Serial No. 538,780
2 Claims. (Cl. 220-15)
This invention relates to refrigerating appara
tuses and particularly to refrigerated ice cream
storage cabinets and elements thereof.
It is now common practice to provide ice cream
storage cabinets with a single square or rectangu
lar refrigerated compartment as distinguished
ing drawing, wherein a preferred form
present invention is clearly shown.
In the drawing:
of the
Fig. l is a top view of an ice cream cabinet
with a portion of the lid broken away and show
ing an ice cream can held in place within the
from prior structures wherein they were provided
storage compartment thereof by a device of the
with a plurality of elongated cylindrical sleeve
present invention. - .
like compartments. The reason for this change
2 is a sectional view of the cabinet shown
in ice cream cabinet structures is to permit small 10 in Fig.
perspective and taken on the line 2-2 of
retail establishments to store ice cream and other
Fig. 1.
packaged food products such as frozen meats,
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the can holding
fish, fruits and berries at one end of the cabinet
device of the present invention.
and cans or containers of bulk ice cream at the
Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional View of the can
other end of the cabinet. When an elongated
holding device taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 3;
cylindrical can or container containing bulk ice
cream is stored in a portion of a square or rec
tangularly shaped compartment of such cabinets
it is a difficult task to dip or scoop ice cream from
the bulk thereof in the can or container. This
diiiiculty lies in the fact that when an attempt is
made to dip or scoop ice cream from the con
tainer the container will rotate or spin within the
compartment. My invention is therefore directed
Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional
view taken on the line 5_5 of Fig. 1 showing the
can gripping portion of the holding device dis
Referring to the drawing, for the purposes of
illustrating my invention, I have shown in Fig. 1
thereof a refrigerating apparatus including a re
frigerator cabinet of the ice cream or frozen food
to the provision of improved means for prevent 25 storage type generally represented by the refer
ing rotation or spinning of a can or container of
ence character IIJ. Cabinet Ill comprises a plu
bulk ice cream within a refrigerated compart
rality of opposed walls surrounding a substan
ment of a refrigerating apparatus during the act
tially rectangularly shaped compartment II pro
of dispensing ice cream therefrom.
vided at its top with an opening which is nor
An object of my invention is to provide an im 30 mally closed by hinged together doors I2. The
proved means or device for maintaining a cylin
cabinet has an open top wall, an insulated bot
drical ice cream can in a predetermined position
wall I3 and a plurality of upright insulated
within a rectangularly shaped refrigerated com
opposed end and side walls I4 (see Fig. 2). A
partment of a refrigerator cabinet and for hold
ing the can against rotation therein so as to fa 35 metal liner I5 forms the inner surface of the
walls I3 and I 4 and this liner has a cooling ele
cilitate dipping or scooping of ice cream from
ment or refrigerant evaporator coil I6 secured
the can.
Vthereto and embedded in the insulation of the
A further object of my invention is to provide
walls about the liner. Cooling element or evapo
a rectangularly shaped device for holding a can
It is adapted to be connected in closed cir
against rotation within a compartment of a re 40
cuit relationship with a refrigerant condensing
frigerator cabinet which device may be slipped
and liquifying unit (not shown) for circulating
over the can to firmly grip the same prior to its
thereto and therefrom. Evaporation
insertion into the compartment and having its
of refrigerant in evaporator I6 withdraws heat
peripheral edges lying along and adapted to en
from the storage compartment II, through liner
gage opposed walls of the compartment when the
I5, to thereby cool the interior thereof.
can is inserted thereinto.
A refrigerated storage cabinet having a square
In carrying out the foregoing objects it is a
or rectangularly shaped compartment is more
still further and more specific object of my in
useful, especially in small retail stores, since it
vention to provide a low cost device of the char
acter described that may, upon being damaged, .t permits the storage of packaged frozen foods in
one portion or end thereof as well as or in addi
be readily replaced by the user without any ap
tion to a can or cans of bulk ice cream in another
preciable amount of expense to him.
portion or end thereof. While I am aware of the
Further objects and advantages of the present
fact that others have employed various devices
invention will be apparent from the following de
scriptiOn, referencebeing had to the accompany- 55 for preventing rotation of round cans within such
compartments these prior devices have been ex
pensive and when they become damaged or in
effective they required the attention of an ex
perienced service man to again render them eiïec
tive. In most instances the repair or replacement
of such prior devices resulted in the necessity of
shown in Fig. 5 of the drawings when frictionally
associated with or embracing the can. Such de
formation of device 20 when applied to a can is
preferred because of the fact that a more ñrm
gripping effect thereof with the can is obtained.
removing the contents of a low temperature com
The can 2| with one or more of the devices 20 lo
partment which is very detrimental to certain
types of frozen foods because of the fact that such
foods should not be permitted to thaw, prior to
being consumed, and then refrozen. The device
The rectangular form of the sleeve member or
of my invention while accomplishing the purpose
for which it is intended at a minimum of cost to
the user of the refrigerator eliminates the neces
sity of calling a service man when the device be
comes damaged.
cated thereon is then lowered into the compart
ment ||. The side edges or upright walls 24 and
25 of device 22 lie along and may abut against liner
l5 at opposed walls or sides of compartment ||.
device 20 thereby prevents its being turned with
in compartment || and since the «can is friction
ally embraced thereby the can is maintained sta
tionary with respect to the walls of compartment
||, Thus the can or container 2| is held against
rotation or spinning during the act of dipping of
scooping ice cream therefrom. By locating a de
vice 2!! adjacent the open top of a can of ice cream
gularly shaped, in top plan view, sleeve member
Within compartment || it will also serve to pre
generally represented by the reference character 20 vent any small particles or chunks of ice cream
>2U. -'I‘he device 20 is shown as being square in top
falling from the dipper or scoop to the bottom of
plan View and slightly smaller than the distance
the compartment ||. These fallen chunks of ice
between opposed walls of compartment | l. It is to
cream maybe readily removed fromV the ledge
.be understood that the square form of device 2€)
provided by device 20 and replaced into the can
comes within the definition of a rectangle. In
Thus, the can holding device 22 in addition
~Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawing the rectangular sleeve
to preventing rotation of the can 2| also prevents
>member 2li is shown surrounding or embracing an
ice cream from falling to the bottom of compart
The device in the present disclosure for pre
venting rotation of a can of bulk ice cream within
a refrigerated compartment comprises a rectan
elongated cylindrical container or can 2| of con
¿ ventional construction adapted to contain bulk ice
cream and disposed in the refrigerated compart
ment || of cabinet l0. The sleeve member or de
ívice 20 is of tubular form in cross section and in
cludes a bottom wall 22, a top Wall 23 and upright
'Side edges or Walls 24 and 25 (see Figs. 3 and 4).
‘.Each opposed wall 22 and 23 of the tubular-like
sleeve member 20 has a round opening 26 cut
>therein of a diameter slightly smaller than the
-d‘iameter’of a standard ice cream can. A plurality
ment I! to thereby keep the interior of the com
partment in a sanitary condition. A device or a
plurality of devices 2D may be removed from the
compartment || of cabinet IU along with the can
or container 2l therefrom. However, should a de
vice or sleeve member 2|) stick within the com
partment | I, upon removing the can 2|, it may be
readilyV removed independently of the can;
I While I have disclosed the ice cream can anti
rotating device as comprising a sleeve-like mem
ber having two horizontal walls and connecting
vertical' side walls with both horizontal Walls fric
tend from the `openings 26 to provide a series of 40 >tionally
embracing a can at spaced apart points
llingers about the wall of openings 26. By slitting
it is to be understood that the device may'take
the walls of openings 26 of device 20 these walls
other forms.v Also instead of making the device
‘are rendered resilient While the remainder of the
of paper or strawboard it may be constructed of
device may be relatively stiff or rigid. Device or
other materials if desired. In either event how
sleeve member 2i! may be constructed of any suit
ever, the general rectangular form of the device,
able material and is herein disclosed as being
vso thatk straight peripheral sides are provided to
formed of corrugated paper or so-called straw
‘lie along and engage opposed walls of the com
'board paper. The construction of device 2B com
partment and the double or spaced apart can em
prises a flat outside sheet of paper 3|, a flat inner
bracing portions of the device, for preventing ro
sheet of paper 32 and a corrugated paper sheet . tation of the can through the frictional connec
33 interposed between and spacing the papers 3|
tion between the can and the device, are impor
and 32 apart (see Fig. 4). The sleeve member is
originally in strip form and is then folded, along
It will be seen from the foregoing that I have
three lines, into its tubular form with the ends of
provided an Vimproved anti-can rotating device
the various paper sheets abutted against one an
which cooperates with walls of a refrigerated
other at one corner of the device. A narrow strip
compartment of a refrigerating apparatus to hold
"of adhesive or gummed paper 35 may be secured
the can against spinning or rotation for facilitat
along the one corner of the folded structure to
ing the removal or dispensing of bulk ice cream
fof perforations or slits 21 in walls 22 and 23 ex
maintain the same in its tubular formation.
from the apparatus. Due to the simplicity and
A tubular sleeve member or device 20 is prefer Gi) cheapness of the anti-can rotating device herein
ably adapted to be frictionally associated with an
disclosed _the user of the refrigerating apparatus
ice cream can or container 2| before the can is
may keep a generous supply of them on hand and
placed in the open top refrigerated compartment
`at any time that one should become damaged
Í| >of cabinet I6. In associating a device or a plu
beyond further use -it maybe replaced at only
rality of devices 2|) with an ice cream can the
a few cents, cost to the user. My invention elimi
openings 26 therein are aligned with an end of
nates the necessity of providing mounting brack
the can and the device 2U is then manually forced
ets or other obstructions along _the inner surface
-over this can end so that the resilient fingers pro
ofthe walls of` the refrigerated compartment for
vided by the perforations or slits 2l tightly or
firmly grip the outer surface of the can about its 70 locating can holding devices. therein and provides
for the ready insertion and removal of a >device
circumference and at spaced apart points there
of the character described by the ,user o_f the
falong. Due to the openings 26 being of slightly
apparatus. By eliminating 'mounting brackets
ïsmaller diameter than the outer diameter of the
‘ice creamV can 2| the portions or fingers about the
'from the interior of arefrigelîatirlg compartment,
“walls of openings 26 will be’slightly'distorted as 75 'ordinari-‘zy provided Vfor more complicated and
expensive anti-can rotating devices, the com
partment is unobstructed and free to receive
packaged frozen foods in uniform stacks.
While the form of embodiment of the inven
grip the container with such force that said mem
ber is removable from the compartment along
with the container.
2. A device for preventing a cylindrical con
tainer positioned in a refrigerated compartment
form, it is to be understood that other forms
having flat opposed walls from rotating as ice
might be adopted, as may come within the scope
cream is dispensed from the container, said de
of the claims which follow.
vice, when »in use, comprising a unitary member
What is claimed is as follows:
having spaced apart and connected together sim
1. A device for preventing a cylindrical con 10 ilar horizontal walls each provided with opposed
tainer positioned in a refrigerated compartment
straight edges, the corresponding edges of said
having fiat opposed walls from rotating as ice
horizontal walls lying in vertical planes and en
cream is dispensed from the container, said de
gaging opposed walls of said compartment, each
vice, when in use, comprising a unitary member
of said spaced apart horizontal walls of said mem
engaging said walls of the compartment and hav
ber being provided with an opening therein, the
ing spaced apartl and connected together similar
openings in said Walls of said member being
horizontal substantially rectangular walls, each
aligned with one another and having their edge
of said spaced apart horizontal Walls of said
portions embracing the cylindrical container at
member being provided with an opening therein,
spaced apart points therealong, the openings in
the openings in said walls of said member being 20 said walls of said member being uniform in diam
aligned with one another and having their edge
eter so that their edge portions will embrace the
portions embracing the cylindrical container at
cylindrical container at a plurality of positions
tion as herein disclosed constitutes a preferred
spaced apart points therealong, the openings in
said walls of said member being uniform in diam~
eter so that their edge portions will embrace
the cylindrical container at a plurality of posi~
tions along the length thereof, and the openings
in said walls of said member being smaller in
diameter than the outer surface of the container
along the length thereof, and the openings in said
walls of said member being smaller in diameter
than the outer surface of the container whereby
said edge portions thereof frictionally grip the
container with such force that said member is
removable from the compartment along with the
whereby said edge portions thereof frictionally 30
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