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Dec. 17, 1946. “
Filed Aug. 29, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Ba». 17, 1946.
Q R, 8mm
Filed Aug. 29, 1944
‘ 2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Dee. 17,_1946
Oliver R. Smith, Fort Worth, Tex.
Application August 29, 1944, Serial No. 551,722 .
2 Claims. (Cl. 263-2)
This invention relates to an, apparatus and
method for cleaning pipe and similar round ob
ment of parts and to a novel method, an example
of which is given‘in this speci?cation. and illus
trated in the accompanying drawings wherein:
The invention herein described is particularly
useful in carrying out the method described in
Figure 1 shows a side elevation of the appara
tus showing the furnace in section.
my co-pending application, Serial No. 613,123, -
Figure 2 shows a cross, sectional view taken
on the line 2—-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 shows a fragmentary end elevation,
partly in section.
?led in United States Patent Oi?ce on August
28, 1945, for a Method for cleaning pipe and sim
ilar round objects.
An object of the invention is to provide a de
vice of the character described whereby heat may - be applied to the outer surface of the pipe or
other object to be cleaned so as to destroy all
foreign matter and ‘corrosive substances from
the surface preparatory to applying a protecting
coating to the cleansed surface.
The apparatus has been specially designed for
‘ use incleaning and reconditioning pipe lines. As
is well known pipe lines are periodically raised
from beneath the earth surface and cleansed and
coated and wrapped and then again‘ buried. At
the present time mechanical means are employed
for cleaning the surface of the raised pipe pref
paratory to reconditioning the same but it is dif
?cult to remove all of the foreign matter from the
surface of the pipe by mechanical means, par
Figure 4 shows an end view, shown partly
broken away.
Figure 5 shows a cross, sectional view taken
on the line 5-—-! of Figure l; and V
Figure 6 shows a sectional view of one of the
burner nozzles.
Referring now more particularly to the draw
‘ ings wherein like numerals ofreference designate
the same parts in each of the ?gures, the, ,nu
merals I and 2 designate the annular frame mem
bers forming the ends of the frame. These end,
members are each formed of two halfround sec
tions which are connected together at one side
by hinges as I and which may be secured. to_
gether; at the other side, by the removable keys
4 which pass through inter?tting parts of the
corresponding sections, as shown in Figure 1.
ticularly where the pipe is pitted from corrosion.
The upper and lower sections of these end
The present invention embodies‘ means and a
members are connected by the upper and lower
method for more e?‘iciently cleaning the surface , longitudinal bars 5, ii and 0, I which are pref
of the pipe for the reception of the coating ma 30 erably formed of angle irons, for strength, as
shown in Figures 1 and 5. A case like frame is
Another object of the invention is to provide
thus formed whose sections are hinged on a hori
a machine of the character described that is mov
zontal axis so that the frame may be readily ap-,
able along the pipe during the cleaning process.
plied to or removed from the pipe ‘I to be cleansed.
It is a further object of the invention to pro 35
The frame is provided with the front and rear
vide a cleaning machine of the character de
pairs of carrier wheels I, l and I. a which are scribed which is so constructed that it will readily
shaped to conform to the contour of the pipe
travel around bends in the pipe without interfer- -
so as to move there along.
ing with the e?icient operation of the machine.
The machine may be moved along the pipe
A further object of theinvention is ‘to provide 40 manually
but as shown there is a platform II
apparatus of the character described which will
mounted on the frame which supports a motor
utilize any available type of fuel for creating the
H. Associated with the motor, and driven there—
?ame; or it may be adapted for using an electri
by, is a conventional transmission i2, ?xed onto
cal type of heat generator. _
shaft there is a sprocket wheel I3. This
Another object of the invention is to provide 45 whose
wheel is aligned with a corresponding
a pipe cleaning apparatus of the character de
wheel ll which is ?xed on the axle on which the
scribed which includes also a furnace arranged
carrier wheels 9 are also fixed and a suitable
adjacent the burners and surrounding the pipe
sprocket chain operates over these aligned
for more e?iciently applying the heat to the sur
sprocket wheels so as to transmit rotation from
face of the pipe.
50 the motor to the carrier wheels 8.
The invention also comprehends a novel
Mounted on the frame are the longitudinal
method of cleaning pipe and similar objects.
conducting pipes l5 which are spaced apart
With the above and other objects in view the
the required distance around the frame. These
invention has particular relation to certain novel
features of construction, operation and arrange 55 pipes l5 extend through deep notches It in the
annular frame members I and 2, as more clearly
latch or latches as 84. It may be connected to
one of the endid 'embers, as I, by means of a
connecting barf-8 which is bolted to said end
member I and which may be adiustably con
nected to the adjacent end of the oven.
The end of the oven adjacent the machine is
open and its other end is closed by an inwardly
adJusting screws i1 are threaded. The inner
extended annular ?ange 38 which extends in
ends of these adjusting screws bear against the
wardly to the surface of the pipe ‘I, as shown in
outer sides of the fuel conducting pipes, as shown '
in Figure 3, all for a purpose to be hereinafter” 10 Figures 1 and 2. At its outer end it ‘is supported
on the‘ pipe ‘I by means of the carrier wheels 31
and it should be adjusted relative to the main
The ends of the fuel conducting pipes is con
frame of the cleaning apparatus so that the adja
verge inwardly toward the ‘pipe ‘I and terminate
cent nozzles 20 will be located within the end of
in arcuate nozzles 20 whose inner sides are per
illustrated in Figure 3 and as also shown in Fig
ure 4. They are mounted on yieldable seats I'l,
preferably coil springs, which are supported on
the bottom of said notches and welded to the
peripheries of the end members i and 2 opposite
said notches are the plates l8 through which the
forated, as more accurately shown in Figure 6.
is the. oven. v'I'he opposite end of the oven has an
outlet ?ue 3,8. The heat will thus be conserved
and'the ?ames from the nozzles 20, adjacent the
ovenrwill bev drawn inwardly through the oven
face of said pipe." They may be adjusted toward
around the pipe and will thus more e?lciently
and from the pipe ‘I as desired. By screwing the
set screws i9 inwardly the nozzles may ‘be ad 20 destroy the foreign matter adhering to the sur
face of the pipe to be cleansed. I
> -. _
Justedcloserthe surface of the pipe, ‘I and when
These nozzles substantially surroundthe pipe to
be cleaned and direct the ?ame against the sur
' Various types of fuel may be used such asnat
, ural gas, butane, propane,’ kerosene,gasoline or
> acetylene when mingled with a suitable ?uid to
said set screws ii are screwed outwardly the
springs i'I will adjust the nozzles correspondingly
outwardly. This is particularly desirable for the
reason that when the machine is moving around
support combustion. such as compressed air or
a bend in the pipe the nozzles on one side might
come too close ‘to the pipe or might contact
against it and extinguish the ?ames of the cor- -
It is, of course, obvious that electrical heaters
might be substituted for the burners illustrated in
responding nozzles so contacting with the pipe ‘I'. 4 the accompanying drawings.
The numerals 2l,'22 designate circular-mani 30 _ When the foreign matter and corrosive sub
stances on the surface of the pipe have been de
folds which are arranged within the frame and
which‘are anchored thereto by thevupper and r ' stroyed by the flame the products of combustion
may be removed from the pipe in any selected
lower anchors 23, 23 and 24, 24, as more clearly
shown in Figure 5. These manifolds are formed
also in sections which are connected,v at one .side, 35
After the pipe is coated it is then wrapped-in
the usual way and then buried.
It maybe stated'that‘when the machine is used a
at their other‘ends, as also shown‘ in Figure 5.
for ‘cleaning pipe not connected into a pipe line
_Fuel maybe admitted from a suitable source into
‘ it may be mounted stationary and the pipe run
the manifold 2i‘ through the connection 26_ and
oxygen or compressed air may be introduced into 40 through the machine rather than the machine
being movedalongthe pipe.
the manifold 22 through the connection 21. The
The drawings and description are illustrative
fuel and the oxygen or air will be admitted under
} ‘merely and it is contemplated that mechanical
suitable pressures. The fuel from the manifold
by ?exible connections "and they are ‘closed
' 2| is introduced into the pipes l5 through the
conduits 28 and the oxygen or air is admitted
from the manifold 22 through the conduits 29 so
that a combustible mixture will be su'pplied'to
the fuel pipeslB.
_ .
Each fuel pipe I5 is equipped with suitable
changes, and adaptations may be made but the
‘broad principle of the invention is de?ned by
the appended-claims.
. What'II claim is:
;1. A cleaning machine comprising a frame
shaped to surround a pipe, or the like, a carriage
shut-off valves 30, 30,‘ one on each side of the 50 supporting the machine and'movable along the
pipe.._ longitudinal fuel pipes on the frame and
manifolds, so that the fuel may be directed to
spaced apart therearound and terminating at one
the set of nozzles at either end of the frame, and
end in nozzles which surround the pipe, means
may also be equipped with conventional acetylene
for adjusting the nozzles radially toward and
torch regulators 30a, 30a.
from the pipe and means for supplying a com
The machine may be moved along the pipeto
bustible fuel to the pipes and nozzles.
be cleaned in either of the manners hereinabove
2. A cleaning machine comprising a frame
specified and a circular ?ame projected against
shaped to surround a pipe or similar object, a
the surface of the pipe ‘I all the way around, as
carriage supporting the frame on the object being
the machine is moved along, at either one or
both ends of the machine so that all foreign mat 60 cleaned, fuel conducting pipes supported on the
frame and spaced apart around the frame, noz
ter and corrosive substances on the surface of the
zles at one end of the pipes arranged to surround.
pipe will be destroyed preparatory to applying
a protecting coating to the cleansed surface.
the object‘ to be cleaned andv means for supplying
If desired an oven may be associated with the
machine. This oven is shown in Figures 1 and 2.
fuel to said pipes and to the nozzles, an oven sur-,
It is drum-like in form. It is formed of upper
and lower half-round sections 3|, 32 which are
to one end of'the frame, the end of the oven ad- _'
jacent the frame being open and the end of the’
composed of sheet metal suitably lined with as
oven remote from the frame being closed‘ and -
bestos or similar material. The sections are con
provided with an outlet ?ue.
nected, at one side, by hinges as 33 and may be 70
secured around the pipe, at the other side,’by a
rounding and ‘spaced from the pipe and connected'
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