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` cHIsEL
Filed 001;. 25, 1944
Patented Dec. 17, i946
Anthony Rurak, Springfield, Mass.
Application October 25, 1944, Serial No. 560,319
1 Claim. (Cl. 262-33)
This invention relates to improvements in
The sides l5 of the cutting portion, as shown in
chisels and is directed more particularly to im»
Fig. 1 diverge to provide a gradually widening
provements in sportsman’s chisels.
shape so that the cutting edge Hi is relatively
The principal objects of the invention are di
wider than the upper portion of the cutting part
rected to the provision of a chisel which is par
ticularly adapted for the use of Sportsmen or
When'blows are applied to the upper end of the
fishermen in forming holes in ice for ice fishing.
chisel the cutting edge sinks rapidly into the ice
A hole for fishing through the ice should he
so that the chisel is fast cutting and the particular
smooth and clean cut and only large enough to
form provides a smooth clean hole.
accommodate the fishing apparatus. It is not 10
It will be noted that blows are delivered to the
possible with heretofore known chisels to provide
body portion through the shank 8.4 The body
the proper kind of a hole particularly where the
portion considered by itself is of considerable
ice is of appreciable thickness, the hole is usually
bulk and weight and reinforces the chisel inter
too large and rough in shape.
mediate its ends.
According to this invention, a chisel is provided 15
By providing the body portion, shank and
which by reason of its novel construction is
chisel in the arrangement shown it is possible
adapted for cutting holes through ice of many
to form a chisel of considerable length for cut»
inches in thickness which holes are smooth and
ting through ice of considerable thickness which
of the desired shape. Due to the characteristics
is not possible where a rod with a sharpened
of the chisel the cutting action thereof is readily
lower end is used.
controlled so that holes of the desired shape and
The invention may be embodied in other specific
size may be formed.
forms without departing from the essential char
With the foregoing and various other novel
acteristics thereof. Hence, the present embodi~
features and advantages and other objects of my
ments are therefore to be considered in all respects
invention as will become more apparent as the 25 merely as being illustrative and not as being re
description proceeds, the invention consists in
strictive, the scope of the invention being indi»
certain novel features of construction and in the
cated by the appended claim rather than by the
combination and arrangement of parts as will be
foregoing description, and all modifications and
hereinafter more particularly pointed out in the
variations as fall within the meaning and purview
claim hereunto annexed and more fully described 30 and range of equivalency of the appended claim
and referred to in connection with the accom
are therefore intended to be embraced therein.
panying drawing wherein:
What it is desired to claim and secure by Letters
Figs. l and 2 are front and side elevational
Patent of the United States is:
views respectively of a chisel embodying the novel
As a new article of manufacture, a unitary
features of the invention.
sportsman’s chisel construction for cutting holes
Referring now to the drawing more in detail,
in ice comprising in combination, a Single length
the novel features of the invention will be fully
of metal formed to have an intermediate elon
gated parallel sided body portion substantially
The chisel 2 of the invention will preferably be
rectangular in cross section, a cylindrical up#
made from a suitable grade or type of steel and 40 wardly tapering shank extending upwardly from
has an intermediate body portion 4 which is sub
said body portion which is of less diameter than
stantially rectangular in cross section and of
said body portion and having a stem on the
considerable strength.
upper end thereof, a cutting portion extending
Upwardly of the body portion 4 there extends
downwardly from said body portion provided with
a shank portion 6 which is preferably round in 45 front and rear faces continuing downwardly from
cross section and tapering, as shown.
front and rear faces of the body portion and con
On the upper end of the shank portion 6 there
verging relation to a lower sharp straight con
is a stem or tang portion 8 which is adapted for
tinuous cutting edge and having opposite side
edges between the said front and rear faces ex
insertion in a handle, not shown'. l.Said-handle
will be such as to withstand blows struck there 50 tending downwardly from corresponding faces of
the body portion in a diverging relation to provide
onto and impart the same to the shank portion.
A lower cutting portion l ll extends downwardly
said cutting edge with a transverse width which
from the body portion 4 which has converging
is greater than that of said faces of the body
faces l2, as in Fig. 2, which terminate in a sharp
lower cutting edge I4.
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