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Dec. 17, 1946.
Filed March 10, 1945
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442%? 10g 62
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
Martin‘ Prager, Irvington; N. J i
Application March 10, 1945, Serial No. 581,995‘
1. Claim.
(Cl. 215-.6)
This invention relates to improvements in bot~
tle closure devices. In carrying out my invention,
Referring to‘ Fig.4, the dispensing cap‘ to em
bodying my invention, which may be made of any.
‘suitable or convenient material; as for example,
by molding the same of a plastic. material, is
I have provided a bottle closure device compris
ing a dispensing cap provided with means for se
curing a small bottle thereto in a manner which w. shown for use in connection with a large bottle
will provide for the interlocking of the parts on
22 and a small bottle it. The large bottle 22 has
a threaded-neck iii, the small bottle 16 having a
A further object of the invention is to provide a
threaded neck l5 and a shoulderedportion: ll
bottle closure device adapted to be secured to the
adjacentsaid threaded‘neck. The. dispensing cap
neck portion of a bottle in a manner to provide 1 ll it comprises an elongated member l8 open at its
means for dispensing the ingredients of said main
bottle and of the smaller bottle positioned in said
dispensing cap simultaneously, when so desired.
lower end 23 and formed with internal threads 2d
at its lower end for threaded engagement with ‘
the threaded neck 2! of the large bottle 22. A
thickened head i l is carried by the upper end of
the body member if! of the cap Ill, the upper
A further object of the invention is to provide
means for closing the dispensing cap apertures
‘through which the contents of the main and
small bottles may be dispensed.
face of the thickened head being ?at‘. The body
member 29 is formed with external threads 25 at
A further object of the invention is to provide
its upper end and the thickened head I l is formed
a dispensing cap having the features enumerated
with a medial through aperture 12, the upper por~
above, adapted to be removably secured to a large 20 tion of said aperture being threaded as at E3 to
bottle so that the contents of the latter may be
receive the threaded neck E5 of the small bottle
dispensed directly therefrom, when so desired.
15, to suspend the small bottle within the body
A further object of the invention is to provide
member from said head portion. A shoulder Hi is
a dispensing cap of the structure described hav—
formed in the head portion inwardly of the bot
ing novel structural features which will preclude 25 tom face of the thickened head and at the base
displacement of the parts when assembled and
of the threaded portion of the medial aperture to
will provide for positive operation of the device
receive the shouldered portion ll of the small
at all time.
bottle. The head portion is formed with addi
tional apertures it surrounding the medial aper
The dispensing cap above referred to and illus
trated in the accompanying drawing, is adapted ' ture l2 where-by the contents or" the large bottle
may be dispensed therethrough. All of the aper
for use in the dispensing of a plurality of liquids
contained in a small bottle suspended within a
tures terminate at their upper ends in the flat up
larger bottle and in the latter—-for example, for
per face of the head portion i l. A closure cap 25
the dispensing of fruit juices or other natural
,is provided with a ?at top portion and a depend
liquids contained in the main bottle and ‘for the (A ing skirt portion internally threaded asat 2? for
dispensing of a complementary liquid contained
threaded engagement with the. externally thread
in the small ‘bottle for flavoring or other purposes.
ed upper end of the body member 15 of the dis
These and other advantageous objects, which
pensing cap it. Said ?at top portion of the cap
will later appear, are accomplished by the sim
25 covers all or the apertures and the open end
ple and practical construction and combination
of the small bottle when ?tted against the flat
of parts hereinafter described and more particu
upper faceof the head portion.
larly shown in the drawing, illustrating an em
'By the use of the‘ structure described, the
bodiment of my invention, and in which:
large bottle 22 may be filled with one or more
Fig. 1 is a side elevational View of a dispensing
liquids or the like tobe mixed with the comple~
cap made in accordance with my invention,
mentary matter contained within the small bottle
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the dispensing
it, so that by tilting the-bottle 22, to which the
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the dispensing
dispensing cap It (and the small bottle it sus
cap taken on line 3——3 of Fig. 1 in the direction
pended therefrom) is amxed, the ingredients of
of the arrows, and
the main ‘bottle will be dispensed through the
Fig. 4 is a vertical transverse sectional view
taken on
4-4 of fragmentarily.
2 in the direction
the largeofbot
tle to which the dispensing~ caplcf my invention
is applied, the small bottle suspended in the
dispensing cap being shown partly fragmentarily.
apertures it while the ingredients of the small
bottle are dispensed through the aperture i2 of
the cap,‘ the contents of both ‘bottles mixing as
they are dispensed through the cap iii.
If desired, washers may be employed at suita
ble points, as for example, washer 28 interposed
between the shoulder portion of the small bottle
the large bottle, a thickened head carried by the
!6 and the shoulder portion of the medial aper
ture l2.
It will be noted that by the structure described,
the thickened head being ?at, said body member
upper end of said body member, the upper face of
being formed with external threads at its upper
the small bottle is medially suspended in the neck 5 end, said thickened head being formed with a
medial through aperture, the upper portion of
of the large bottle; the chamber 29, de?ned by the
said aperture being threaded and receiving the
inside of the cap it! and the neck of the bottle 22
threaded neck of the small bottle and suspend
and partially closed by the small bottle l6 sus
ing the small bottle within the body member from a
pended from the dispensing cap I9, is the cham
ber through which the matter from the bottle 22 10 said head portion, a shoulder formed in said head
portion inwardly of the bottom face of the thick
passes into the apertures l8 when the bottle ‘22
ened head and at the base of the threaded portion
is titled. The apertures l8 are shown in Fig. 2
as being of generally elongated, circular outline; ' of the medial aperture and receiving the shoul
dered‘ portion of the small bottle, said head pcr~
it will be understood that the same may be of '
any other outline desired. In the assembly of 15 tion being formed with additional apertures sur
roundingthe medial aperture, whereby the con
tents of the large bottle may be dispensed there
through, all of the apertures terminating at their
upper ends in the ?at upper face of the head por
tion, a closure cap having a ?at top portion and
an internally threaded depending skirt portion
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
in threaded engagement with the externally
ent, is:
threaded, upper end of the body member, said ?at
In combination with a large bottle having a
top portion of the closure cap covering all of
threaded neck and a small bottle having a
threaded neck and a shouldered portion adjacent 25 the apertures and the open upper end of the small
bottle when seated against the ?at upper face of
its threaded neck, a dispensing cap comprising an
the head portion,
elongated body member open at its lower end and
formed with internal threads at its lower end in
threaded engagement with the threaded neck of
‘the device as shown in Fig. 4, the lower end 23
of the elongated body member [9 of the dispens
ing cap I0 abuts the ?ared portion 24 of the large
bottle 22 to lock the parts together.
Having thus described my invention what I 20
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