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Dec.' 17, 1946.
Filed Oct. 27, `1943
¿ELA/v0 H. ôNyDEB
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
Leland H. Snyder, Lincolnwood, Ill., assigner, by
mesne assignments, to Continental-United In
dustries Co., Inc., New York, N. Y., a corpora
tion of Delaware
Application October 27, 1943, Serial No. 507,799
2 Claims. (Cl. 209-347)
' The `present invention pertains to a sieve and
more particularly to a portable type of domestic
kitchen ñour sieve of an electrically operated
type including a solenoid control which is eccen
trically mounted and eccentrically connected with
the sieve screen in such a way that the efiiciency
of the sieve is increased.
I »
_It is an object of this invention to provide a
sifting ñour and the like. The sieve of this inven
tion is of the electrically operated type wherein
a sifting screen is eccentrically connected to a
vibration transmitting means to produce a sort
of whipping or undulatory movement in the
screen. to increase the sifting operation thereof.
As shown in the drawing, the reference nu
meral I indicates a cylindrical can or casing con
structed of tin or othersuitable material and
improved and simplifiedl form of electrically oper
ated portable domestic sieve which is designed 10 open at both ends. Secured to one side near the
upper portion of the exterior of the casing I is a
and constructed with improvements for increas
switch‘housing 2 containing an electric switch
ing the adaptability and eñiciency thereof.
mechanism designated as a whole by the reference
It is also an object of this invention to provide
numeral 3. The electric switch mechanism 3 is
an improved and simpliñed type of electrically
operated sieve wherein a vibration producing unit 15 adapted to be operated by means of a push-button
4 which is of the spring controlled type and which,
is eccentrically connected with the sieve screen
depressed, causes closing of the switch con
whereby a wave-like whipping motion is imparted
tacts. Connected with the switch mechanism is_
to the screen for eiîecting a more efiicient opera
an electric cord 5 on the outer end of which an
tion of the sieve.
It is a further object of this invention to pro-` 20 electric plug (not shown) is adapted to be car
ried in order to permit the cord to be connected
vide an improved and simpliñed form of an elec
up with a suitable sort of electrical energy when
tric sieve whereby the eñìciency of the sieve
the plug is engaged into an electric socket.
screen is‘increased by eccentrically applying a
Secured to the housing 2 is a handle .ii for holding
vibratory motion thereto to produce a combina
tion undulatory and whipping motion to the 25 the sieve when the same is being used. i '
A plunger type of solenoid mechanism is
screen and thereby increasing the e?iciency of
eccentrically within the sieve casing I
the sieve.
and in the lower portion thereof adjacent the
It is furthermore an object of this invention
inner side of the wall having the housing 2 se
to provide a portable type of electric sieve for
on the exterior thereof. The solenoid
sifting flour and the like, said sieve including a
mechanism comprises a housing or casing 'I
solenoid unit having a screen eccentrically con
closed at the top and bottom and constructed
nected thereto and supported thereby to receive
of metal or other suitable material. Rigidly con
a vibratory motion therefrom to cause the screen
necting the upper portion of the solenoid housing
to'be actuated with a wave-like or whipping mo
tion to increase the sifting action of the sieve. 35 'I to the wall of the sieve casing I is a tubular
bracket 8 through which the wires from the cord
It is an important object of this invention to
5 project. The lower portion of the solenoid
provide an improved and simplified type of elec
housing ‘I is also secured to the sieve casing I by
tric kitchen sieve wherein an electric solenoid
means of a screw 9.
has the plunger or core thereof eccentrically at
Supported in the solenoid housing “I is a sup
tached to and carrying a screen to produce a 40
porting frame I0 in which a solenoid coil I I is
whipping motion thereto while a portion of the
supported. Mounted within the solenoid. coil II
screen is limited in its movement by movable
a~solenoid core or plunger I2 which projects
engagement with the sieve housing.>
downwardly through an opening in the bottom
Other objects and features of the invention will
be apparent from the disclosures in the specifica 45 of the solenoid housing 1. The lower end of the
solenoid plunger is eccentricaliy connected to a
tion and the appended drawing which illustrate
a selected embodiment of the invention.
In the drawing:
Figure l is a top plan view of an improved sieve
embodying the principles of this invention.
Figure 2 is a central vertical sectional view of
the sieve with parts shown in elevation.
As shown in the drawing:
This invention relates to a. sieve and more par
sieve screen I3 so that when the solenoid is op
erated the vibratory motions from the solenoid
plunger I2 are transmitted to the screen I3 to
50 produce whipping or undulatory movements of
the screen to cause the rapid and efûcient sifting
of the flour or other contents' of the sieve through
the screen out through the bottom of the sieve.
It will thus be noted that by eccentricaliy con~
ticularly to a portable type of kitchen sieve for 55 necting the solenoid >plunger to the screen that
2,412,840 '
the edge or margin of the screen farthest from
the plunger I2 is given the widest range of whip
ping or undulato-ry movement. In order to limit
the upward and downward movementl of the
screen at the point farthest from the solenoid
plunger, and also to act as a Isup-port for said
portion of the. screen when carre/inea load, a!
hook-shaped'ñnger or extension I4 is‘formed‘onv
one end Aof a metal strip diametrically secured
across the bottom of the screen.
yThe hookedï‘l
outer end i4 of said strip 'projects'- through a2
guide slot I5 which is formed in the lower por
tion of the sieve casing I. The slot“ IlE?also-*servesj
It will, of course, be understood that various
details of construction may be varied through a
Ywide range without departing from the principles
of this invention, _and it is therefore, not the
purpose to limit the patent granted hereon, other
wise than necessitated bythe scope of the ap
' Iclaim as my invention:
1. A portable type sieve comprising a cylindri
call casing, a handle unit connected with the
casing, . a solenoid supported >eccentrically in said
casing on one side Wall thereof, a plunger form
ing par-tëoff the solenoid and operable thereby, a
as a means for preventing rotative"I‘n'overnent‘of`
screen eccentrically supported on the plunger
the screen.
15 within" the.A casingg' a strip secured diametrically
The operation of the device is simple, merely
requiring that the ilour or other' material',whichV
across the screen and having one end only there
o1"y coacting withl the casing for limiting the
is to be sifted is deposited in the top ofthe sieve
movement of the screen, said strip having the
casing I upon the screen. If the weight of the
opposite end secured to the periphery of the
material is sufñcient to deflect the margin of 20 screen at a point thereon nearest the plunger, ‘an
the screen farthest from the eccentric support,
electricV cord connected with the solenoid for
thev end Iii of the diametric strip projecting
delivering electrical energy thereto for operat
through the slot I5 in the casing will ser-ve‘ as aì
ing'the solenoid, and a switch connected with
support to prevent too great a defi‘ectiònï to pei'-the c'ord‘and with the solenoid for governing the
mit the material to pass out of the'bott‘om ofthe \ . operation ofthe solenoid to cause the plunger to
sieve" casing between the's'creen and the-casing.
transmit an undulatory'movement to the 'eccenf »Y
With a quantity of themat'erial- deposited inïthe
trically mounted screen.'
casing the person operating the device merely'V
2.~ A portable type of sieve‘for sifting flour and
’ holds" the same by the handle> Bf andv depresses
the'lik'e, saidv sieve comprising a casing, a handle
the control switch button 4 to‘close the contacts 30 mechanism connected to the casing-g a solenoid
of the switch' mechanism ,3‘ therebyfpermitting
eccentrically mounted inthe casing, ari-electric
theielectrical energy received through-‘the cord
Sito operate the solenoid coil I I and the sole~
n'oid plunger or co-re I2.` Operation of the sole-lv
noidplunger I2, which is eccentrically connectedv
to the screen I3, causes a whipping or undu
cord connected with the solenoid,Y a switch in
said'cord for governing the operation of the 'sole
noid, a‘plunger operable-by the solenoid, a screen
ec‘centric'ally connected at one point only to the
plunger' and supported thereby to cause an un
latory movement to be imparted to 'the screen,
dulatory whipping movementy to be impartedA to
the movement of which is limited‘ by the finger
thescreen', and a diametric member having one
piece Iß‘movingV in the guide slot I5.
end connected with the peripheryV of the screen
The eccentricy mounting of the solenoid' andÈ 40 andlh‘avin'g the opposite end coacting at one side
thesieve screen I 3"- permits different degreesofï
only' with the casing to be supported thereby .
movement to be imparted'to‘ different parts' ofA
when‘lo'aded _and‘rfor limiting the movement oi
the screen dependingl upon the distance' of tlie‘r
thesc'reenwhen> the same is actuated to cause
parts from the plunger. The eccentric support
ing of the screen and the*u'ndulatoryfmotion'.y
imparted thereto tends to more quickly` and
thoroughlyisift the flour’or'materialïthrough the
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