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Dec. 17, 1946.
w_ <;_ FULTON
Filed Sept. _1'4, 1944 '
i" Temper-a fur: Ee/ay.
'I- Temperafure fnd/ca/‘a/T
Jr .21-
Wilbur c. Fla/fan."
‘Patented Dec. 17, 1946 I
. 2,412,881:
con'rnor. SYSTEM
Wilbur C. Fulton, Wilkinsburg, Pa., assignor to
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East Pitts
burgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application September 14, 194,4, Serial No. 554,113‘
4 Claims.
(Cl. 177-311)
My invention relates, generally, to control sys
tems, and it has reference in particular to tem
perature indicator and temperature responsive
control systems.
Generally stated, it is an object of my inven
tion to provide a combination temperature indi
conductors l3. Closure of the circuit breaker l2
may be effected by operating means represented
. by the push~button switch l5 which provides for
connecting the operating winding l6 0! the cir-' ‘
cuit breaker to a suitable source of control po- *
cator, alarm, and protective control system
tential. The circuit breaker may be opened. by
means of a trip winding ll associated with the
which is simple and inexpensive to manufacture
circuit breaker latch means it.
.and which is easy to operate.
i ‘
In order to provide an indication of the op
More specifically, it is an object of my inven 10 erating temperature of the apparatus Ill, and
operate an alarm 20 when the temperature
tion to provide for using a single temperature
reaches a predetermined level, as well as effect
detector coil for operating a temperature indi
shut down of the_apparatus when the’tempera
cator, an alarm, and performing a control func-.
' ture reaches a still higher predetermined value,
It is also an object of my invention to provide 15 means such as the temperature detector coil 22
for selectively connecting a single temperature
may be provided. The [coil 22 may be positioned
indicator coil to a temperature indicator, or to
alarm and. control circuits.
in any suitable location on the apparatus in a
manner well known in the art.
With a view to e?ectingoperation of the alarm
Another object of my invention is to provide
for normally connecting a temperature indicator 20 20 and of a control relay 23 for deenergizing the
apparatus i0, temperature responsive control
coil for sequentially operating an alarm and a .
means 24 may be provided. The control means
control relay for deenergizing apparatus; and to
provide for'selectively connecting the coil to a
may comprise a temperature responsive relay
‘ 25 having a stationary ?eld structure 26 with a
temperature indicator device. ‘
Yet anotherobject of my invention is to pro 25 ?eld winding 21, which may be energized from a
source such as the rectifier bridge circuit 28
vide for using a single temperature detector coil
connected to a control winding 29 of a suitable
to perform a plurality of di?erent functions.
control transformer 30 connected to the con
A further object of my invention is to provide
ductors, 13. The relay 25 may also be provided
for sequentially performing a plurality of dif
with a movable winding 32 which may be con
ferent functions with a single temperature de-v
tector device.‘
nected in a Wheatstone bridge circuit .in con- ,.
junction with control resistors 34, 35, 36, the
temperature detector 'coil 22, and the recti?er
Other objects will in part be obvious, and ‘will
in part be described hereinafter.
bridge circuit 28. The movable winding 32 may
In practicing my invention a single tempera
ture detector coil may be used for both measuring 35 be operatively connected to a movable contact
arm 38 movable between - stationary ‘contact
the temperature of a piece of apparatus and per
members 39 and 40. A spring 4| may be pro
forming a plurality of other functions in con
vided for normally biasing the contact arm 38
nection th'erewith.- A, control switch normally
into engagement with the stationary contact
connects the temperature detector coil to a tem
perature responsive relay which effects opera 40 member 39.
The energization of the alarm 20 may be con
tion of an alarm when a predetermined tempera
trolled by a normally energized control relay 42
ture is reached, and e?ects operation of a control
having an operating winding 43 which may be
relay when a predetermined highertemperature
‘normally energized through a circuit extending
is reached to shut down the apparatus. The
through the contact arm 38 ‘and stationary con
control switch may be operated to'connect the
tact member 39 of the temperature responsive
detector to a'temperature indicator whenever an
relay. Deenergization of the control relay 42
indication of'the actual temperature of the ap- .
through the opening of contact members 318 and
paratus is desired.
39 effects energization of the alarm 20 through ‘
For amore complete understanding of the na
ture and scope of my invention reference may be 50 contact members 42a of the control relay.
As the temperature of the apparatus l0 in
' made to the following detailed description, which
creases the contact arm 38 continues to move in
may be read in connection with the accompany
ing drawing, in which the single ?gure is a di
agrammatic view of a control system embodying
the invention in one of its forms.
Referring to the single ?gure of the drawing,
the reference numeral in may denote a piece of
electrically operated apparatus which may be
the counterclockwise direction against the spring
4|. When the temperature of_the apparatus l0.
reaches a higher predetermined value, the moving
contact arm 38 engages the upper stationary con
tact member 40. ‘An energizing circuit for the
control relay 23 is thereby established from the
negative terminal of the source through contact
' connected by means of a circuit breaker l2 to a
source of electrical energy represented by the 60 arm 38, stationary contact member 40 operating
use with apparatus comprising, a‘temperature de
Winding"v and contact members In of the cir
cuit breaker for operating the control relay 23. A
holding. circuit ‘for the control relay 23 is pro
_ tector coil associated with the apparatus, a tem
perature re'sponsive‘relay having an operating
' winding connected for energization in accordance
. vided through contact members 23b and at the
with the temperature of the detector coil and pro
vided with normally closed contact means and
> same time an energizing circuit for the trip wind
ing I1 is provided through contact members 23a
so that the circuit breaker is tripped and the 941- w ~normally open contact means actuable in se
quence in accordance with the energization of
said winding,_ alarm means operable under the
If it is desired to obtain an actual temperature 10 control of the normally closed contact means'of
indication of the apparatus 10 at any time during
the temperature responsive relay when the ap
operation,- a temperature indicator 4'! maybe pro-3 _ paratus reaches a predetermined operating tem
I vided. This indicator may comprise a tempera-.v perature, and relay means operable under the
ture indicator device 48' disposed to be connected
control of the normally open contact means of
in a-Wheatstone bridge relation with control re 15 the temperature responsive relay when the appa
paratus I0 is disconnected from the conductors‘
ratusreaches a'higher predetermined operating
temperature to render the apparatus inoperative.‘
sistors 49, 50, ‘and 5|, the temperature detector
coil .22, and a source such as the recti?er bridge
circuit 52 which may be energized from a winding
-2. The combination with a single temperature j
detector coil, of a bridge circuit including a tem
perature responsive relay, 9. bridge indicating cir
53 of the control transformer 30.
Inorder to effect a transfer from the tempera
ture responsive relay 25 to the temperature indi
cuit including a temperature indicator device,
cator device 48, a transfer switch 54 may be pro
and a control switch operable to connect the de
vided. The transfer switch may be normally dis
posed to connect the moving coil 32 of the tem
. tector coil in one leg of either the temperature re
sponsive relay or the temperature indicator device
perature responsive relay 25 in the Wheatstone 25 bridge circuit, said control switch having means
bridge circuit of the temperature responsive
means 24 through movable contact members 55
‘ and '56 in one operating position, to which-it may
for biasing it to normally connect the detector
coil in the temperature responsive relay bridge
be biased by a. spring 51. In the other operating
3. In a control system for-‘electrically operated
position the temperature detector vcoil ~22v may be 30 apparatus, a temperature detector coil associated
connected to form one leg of the Wheatstone
bridge circuit inwhich the temperature indicator
. device 48 is connected.
with the apparatus and electrically disconnected
‘from its main circuit, a temperature relay having
a moving coil connected to the detector coil and
In' order to prevent a vfalse operation. of: the '-~' having normally closed contacts which open when
temperature responsive relay 25 when making the 35 the apparatus reaches-a predetermined tempera
ture and normally open contacts which close
arranged to, disengage its associated stationary
when‘ the apparatus reaches a predetermined
' transfer, the moving contact member 55 may be
contact members before the moving contact mem- -
ber 56. \In this manner the Wheatstone bridge
including a relaynormally energized through the
circuit including the moving winding of the tem 40 normally closed contacts of the temperature relay.
perature responsive relay is de?nitely discon
and operable when deenergized to energize the
nected from the recti?er bridge circuit 28, and the
alarm means, switch means controlling the en
, leg of the Wheatstone bridge circuit containing
‘ the resistor 36 is opened' before the temperature
From the above description and the accom
panying drawing it will be apparent that I have
provided a simple'and inexpensive control circuit
for obtaining a plurality of operating functions in
conjunction with ‘a single temperature detector
coil. The apparatus involved is simple and in
expensive to manufacture and provides a reliable
and economical temperature indicator as well as
‘protective control system for protectihg'apparatus
against damage due to excessive temperatures.
.Since certain changes may be made in the above
- ergization of the apparatus,v and additional con
detector coil is disconnected from the Wheatstone 45
bridge circuit. Any tendency of the temperature
responsive relay to operate and give a false indi-.
cation of increased temperature because of open
ing the leg of the Wheatstone bridge circuit in
vwhich the coil-22 is connected is thereby pre 50
‘higher temperature, alarm means, control means
trol means disposed to be energized through the
normally open ‘contacts of the temperature re
lay for e?ecting operation of the switch means.
4. For use with aisingle temperature detector I
coil associated with a- piece of apparatus, a tem
perature indicator, a thermal relay having a mov
able contact arm and a moving coil for actuating
\ the movable contact’arm to di?erent operating.
positions,'means ‘for applying direct current po
tentials ~to the detector coil and the thermal re
lay moving coil or temperature indicator selec
tively including switch means having normally
closed contact members and normally open con
tact members, circuit means including theno'r
mally closed contact members connecting the de- ‘
tector coil and the moving coil in a Wheatstone
bridge circuit with one of, said direct current con
trol potentials, additional circuit means including
the normally‘ open contact members "operable to
connect the detectorcoil andlthe temperature in
‘of thelinvention may be made without departing
dicator ma Wheatstone bridge circuit with an
from the spirit and scope thereof, it is intended 85 other of the substantially; constant control ‘po
described construction and different embodiments
that all or the’ matter contained in the above de
scription and shown in the accompanying drawing
' tentials, the normally (closed. contact members be-'- ,
ing arranged to disconnect the Wheatstone bridge
shall be considered as illustrative and not in a " -' circuit from the-source before
limiting sense.
Iclaim as my invention:
' 7 31o .erations
- 1_. A temperature responsive control system for
' detector coil therefrom, so as to prevent false op.- -'
or the ‘relay.
' wiLBuRc. FULTON.
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