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Dec; 17, 1946.
Filed Oct. 11, 1944 _
'I H 1' "'h
25 26 I4 37
- 2/3
Patented Dec.- 17, 1946
- AlexPascoo, New York, N. Ya
Application October 11, 1944', sea-1 no. ‘558,128 ‘ ‘
2 Claims. (01. 30-55)
‘ This invention relates to improvements in
safety razors.
‘One of the important features of the invention
resides in quick and simple means of releasably
securing the clamping member and guard mem
ber together with a conventional razor blade in
terposed therebetween.
Another feature of the invention is .to provide a
safety razor having a reversible handle by which
tions ‘of ‘which are respectively disposed ‘beyond
the plane of theloppo‘site longitudinal edges of
the slot IT. The f'urcations‘are‘connected' by a
latching tongue 22 of a length less than the bifur~
cation.‘ The‘ rear wall of’ ‘the handle is provided
with an‘ elongated slot 23 through which‘ ‘a ma
nipulating element 24 extends, said element being
?xedly secured to the slidable latch element 20.
the razor may either be used in a manner wherein 10 Sliding movement of the latch element 20 is lim
ited in opposite directions by engagement of the
the handle extends from beneath the head, or
from one end of the head for use in the manner
of a “straight” razor.
manipulating element 24 with opposite ends of
the slot 23.
The blade clamping member or cap l2 has a lug
Other features of the invention will become
apparent as the following speci?cation is read 15 25 extending centrally from the inner side thereof
which is of a thickness and width to freely pass
in conjunction with the accompanying drawing
in which,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a safety razor
constructed in accordance with my invention.
through the slot [1. Extending inwardly from
one side edge of the lug 25 is a keeper notch 26,
the same being of a width to tightly receive the
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the safety 20 tongue 22. If desired, the wall 21 of the notch
26 may be slightly inclined to enable the tongue
razor shown in Figure 1 but with the parts in
to wedgingly engage the same for reasons to be
separated relation.
hereafter appreciated. The inner side of the
Figure 3 is an enlarged horizontal sectional
clamping member I2 is provided with recesses
view on the line 3—-3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a vertical transverse sectional view 25 28-28 which are complementary to the position
ing lugs l8-—l8 to receive the same when the
on the line 4—4 of Figure 3.
II and I2 are clamped together with
Referring to the drawing by reference char
the blade |3yinterposed therebetween.
acters and at present to Figures 1 to 4 thereof,
The blade I3 is a conventional double edge
.the numeral I0 designates a safety razor con
structed in accordance with my invention. The 30 therein.having positioning lug receiving slots 29
razor ID includes a guard member H, and a
In practice, assume that the parts of the razor
clamping member or cap I2 between which a
II] are in separated condition as shown in Figure
double edge blade I 3 is securely clamped in ?exed
2. To assemble the parts for use of the razor, the
position by a novel separable connecting means
presently to be described. The members II and 35 blade I3 is placed flat against the front side of
the guard member body M with the positioning
I2 are preferably made of metal but they may be
lugs l8—l8 passing through the slots 29‘. The
made of plastic material if desired.
inner side of the clamping member I2 is now
The guard member ll comprises a, rectangular
applied against the seated blade l3 and the lug
shaped body I 4 having rearwardly o?‘set guard
edges I5-|5. Elongated slots Iii-l6 parallel the 40 25 thereof is freely inserted through the slot 29
in the blade and through the slot I"! in the guard
guard edges I5—l5. The body I4 is provided
body l4. The latching element which is shown
with a'centrally located elongated slot I‘! and
in Figure 2 as being in retracted position is now
with a pair of blade positioning lugs l8—l3 re~
slid outwardly by pressing the ?nger against the
spectively disposed beyond the ends of the slot
l1. Integral with one end of the body I 4 of the 45 manipulating element 24, whereupon the furca
.tions of the bifurcation 2| are slid into embrac
guard member is a straight hollow handle Hi, the
ing engagement with opposite ?at sides of the lug
front side of which is ?ush with and parallel to
25 while the tongue v22 tightly enters the keeper
the front face of the body “I, so that the thick
notch 26. This latching action causes the mem
ness of the handle extends rearwardly beyond
the plane of the rear face of said body. The 50 bers II and I2 to be drawn into tight clamping
relation sufficient to ?ex the blade l3 and hold
handle I9 is shown‘ as being square in cross sec
the same in rigid position for shaving purposes.
tion and open at its inner end. Slidable within
When using the razor for shaving the same is
the open end of the handle I9 is a latch element
20, the same being square in cross section while
held and manipulated in the manner of a con
(the outer end is bifurcated as at 2|, the {urea- 55 ,ventional straight razor. The clamping member
l2, guard member H and blade l3 may be sepa
rated for cleaning purposes by pushing upon the
manipulating element 24 to slide the latch ele
ment to retracted position, whereupon the tongue
22 will become disengaged from the keeper slot
26 of thelug 25.
While Ihave shown and described what I
consider to be the preferred embodiment of my
invention, I wish it to be understood that such
securing the guard member and clamping mem
ber together.
2. In a safety razor, a guard member having an
elongated slot therein centrally thereof, a clamp
ing member, a flat lug integral with the clamping
member centrally thereof and freely passing
through the elongated slot, said lug having a.
keeper slot extending inwardly from one side edge
thereof, a tubular handle integral with one end
changes in construction, design, and materials as
of the guard member and extending outwardly
come within, the scope of the appended claims 10 therefrom in parallel relation thereto, a latch
may be resorted to without departing from' the
element slidably mounted in the inner end of said
spirit of my invention.
, tubular handle and having a bifurcated portion
Having thus described the invention, what, I.
extending therefrom to receive said lug, a locking
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters , tongue connected to and bridging the space be
Patent is:
tween the furcations of the bifurcated portion of
1. In a safety razor, a guard member having
the. latch element for seating in said keeper slot
an elongated slot therein centrally thereof, a
to clampmgly secure the clamping member to the
clamping member, a flat lug integral‘ with the"
member, said tubular handle having a slot
clamping member centrally thereof and freely
and a manipulating element ?xed to said
passing through the elongated slot, said lug hav 20 latch element
and extending through‘ the last
ing av keeper slot extending inwardly from one
said latch element. may" be
side edge thereof, a, tubular handle» ?xed to one
slid back and forth to latching and unl'at‘chih'g
endI of the guard member and extending there
from, in parallel relation thereto, and a latch ele
ment slid'ably mounted
said handle and re 2.5
leasably seated. ' said keeper slot for clampingly
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