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Dec. 24, 1946.
Filed July 3, 1944
ya; léztokkey.
Patented Dec. 24, 1946
Samuel Bloom?eld, Chicago, Ill.
Application July 3, 1944, Serial No. 543,232
1 Claim. (Cl. 30-22)
This invention relates to certain new and use
ful improvements in can openers and particu
larly to a can opener so constructed as to permit
collapsibility thereof for insertion in the pocket
of a garment of the user or in a container for
such purpose.
The invention has for its principal object the
provision of a construction of the character here
inafter more fully described, which will be highly
e?icient in use and economical in manufacture.
In the form shown in Figs, 1 to 3 inclusive,
there is provided .a keeper lug 2|. This keeper
lug 2i is adapted to have snapped engagement
with the adjacent edge portion 22 of the blade
I‘! whereby to releasably latch the blade I‘! in
collapsed position upon the body plate 50. This
keeper lug 2| may be formed as a solid member
upon the body plate It or it may be, as shown,
struck from such plate, and in either instance
the result will be the same.
In Figs. 4 and 5, I have illustrated modi?ed
More speci?cally the present invention has for
forms of constructions for latching the blade l1
its object the provision of means simple in struc
upon the body plate Ill in the position shown in
ture and character for releasably latching the cut
Fig. 3. In Fig. 5 the keeper lug is indicated at
ting blade of a can opener upon the body plate
23 and in this instance it is struck from the
thereof when the can opener is not in use, thus 15 sleeve IS in a manner such that the keeper lug
eliminating the danger of injury to the user while
23 will have snapped engagement with the ad
carrying the can opener in the pocket of the gar
jacent edge 24 of the pintle bar it when the blade
ment or in a container for the same.
I‘! is in collapsed position upon the body plate It.
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
In the form shown in Fig. 4, the keeper lug
The invention consists in the novel combina
25, similarly to the keeper lug 23, is struck from
tion and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter
the sleeve l5, but from the opposite side thereof,
described and claimed.
so as to engage the edge 26 of the pintle bar l6.
The invention will be best understood by ref
From the description herein set forth, it is
erence to the accompanying drawing. showing the
manifest that the blade, when in a collapsed con
25 dition, cannot accidentally open and yet the
preferred form of construction, and in which:
Fig, 1 is a perspective view of the can opener
means for releasably latching the blade in such
constituting the improvements set forth in my
collapsed condition is of such a simple nature
present application;
as requires very little eifort upon the part of the‘
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the can opener blade;
user to pivot the blade upon the pintle bar I 6
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the blade showing the
to its cutting position.
blade collapsed upon the body plate of the can
The can opener constituting the improvement
of this present invention is operated in a manner
Fig. 4 is a sectional detail view taken substan
substantially similar to that shown and described
tially on line 4-4 of Fig. 3; and
in my pending application hereinbefore set forth.
Fig. 5 is a sectional detail view similar to Fig. 4
While I have illustrated and described the pre
but illustrating a modi?ed form of construction.
form of construction for carrying my in
The drawing illustrates the preferred form of
vention into eifect, this is capable of variation
construction for carrying my invention into effect
and modi?cation without departing from the
and by which the several objects of the invention
of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish
are accomplished.
to be limited to the precise details of construc
Referring more particularly to Figs. 1 to 3 in
tion set forth, but desire to avail myself of such
clusive, my improved can opener includes a body
variations and modi?cations as come within the
plate it] having a cut-out portion II at one side
scope of the appended claim.
edge thereof for the reception of the rim of the
Having thus described my invention, what I
can or container to be operated upon by the can 45
In one corner of the body plate is provided an
opening l2 to receive a suitable link of a chain
or the passage of a supporting element such as
claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Pat
cut is:
A can opener comprising a plate adapted to
be held between the thumb and index ?nger of
a nail or the like from which the can opener 50 the hand during can opening operation, a bear
may be supported when not in use. The plate
It] is reinforced longitudinally by a reinforcing
ing sleeveformed on one side edge of said plate
and as an integral part thereof, a blade, a pintle
bar formed as an integral part of said blade and
rib l3.
adapted to be mounted in said sleeev to permit
The edge M of the plate H! has an extension
which is rolled to provide a sleeve 15 adapted 55 said blade to be pivoted relative to said plate,
and means for releasably latching said blade in
to encircle the bar It provided in'the blade II.
a position upon said plate, said means comprising
This blade I‘! provides a, penetrating point l8
a keeper lug struck from said sleeve and adapted
and a cutting edge l9. At each "end of the bar
to have snapped engagement with the pintle bar.
is are provided projections or lugs 20 which are
adapted to engage the edge I4 to limit the piv 60
otal movement of the blade I‘! from its collapsed
position upon the body plate It].
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