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mean Dec. 24, 1946
Nelson Bullock, Santa Ana, Calif.
Application October 19, 1944, Serial No. 559,351
1 Claim. (Cl. 15—211)
My present invention relates broadly to im
provements in devices for washing glassware or
glass. All corners and edges of the body are
rounded 01f.
In operation, a, washing cloth [2 is placed over
the glass A, or other article to be washed, and
the body I is placed thereover in the position of
Figure 1. In this position, the ?ared edges B
crockery or metal ware, or other objects having
a cylindrical con?guration. More particularly, it
is my purpose to provide a washing device which
will reach and thoroughly wash the interior of
a cylindrical object to be washed and especially
the interior bottom corner, that is where the sides
meet the bottom and which is ordinarily so in
accessible as to be missed or only sketchily
touched during an ordinary washing with ordi
nary means. Another object of my invention is
permit easy downward movement of the body
over the glass as in Figure 2. The head i I mean
while engages the part of the cloth I2 over the top
and pushes the same downwardly intdthe glass
as in Figure 2. It will be noted that the cloth
! 2 is drawn over the surface of the glass both
inside and out and that the head ll pushes the
to provide means for thoroughly washing both
cloth to the bottom of the glass and into the or
the interior and the exterior of a, cylindrical ob
ject, such as a glass, and to draw a washing cloth 15 dinarily inaccessible space between the sides and
the bottom of the glass, thus thoroughly cleans
over the surface to thoroughly cleanse the same.
ing the same. Rotary or turning movement may
Other and equally important objects and ad
also be used, if desired. The depth of the head
vantages of my invention are: (1) to provide a
is adjusted by ?tting the cross pin 8 in the proper
simple device formed of but two parts which is
adjustable to wash glasses of different heights; 20 one of the several holes 9.
From the foregoing, it is believed that the con
(2) to provide a device which is adaptable for
struction, operation, and objects of my invention
use as an ordinary kitchen utensil, and which
will be apparent, but it is again emphasized that
may be manufactured and sold at relatively small
interpretation of the scope thereof should only be
cost, and (3) to provide a device of this char
acter which is sturdy, practical and e?icient in 25 conclusive When made in the light of the sub
Other and equally important objects and ad
vantages will be apparent from the following
joined claim.
shape, construction and arrangement of parts is
permissible provided same fall within my broad
inventive concept, and the scope of the appended
the tumbler while imparting relative turning
movement to said means and said tumbler, said
I claim:
In a washing device comprising means for mov
ing a Wash cloth into contact with a drinking
description and drawing, but in that connection
it is to be understood that changes in form, size, 30 tumbler and for holding the cloth in contact with
In the drawing wherein I have illustrated a ,
preferred form of my invention:
Figure 1 is a side elevation;
Figure 2 is a side elevation turned 90 degrees
from Figure 1, and showing a glass within my
means comprising a cylindrical head and a hol
low cylindrical body loosely spaced from and sur
rounding the head, said body being of a size and
shape to substantially conform to a, drinking
tumbler and having a closed upper end formed
with a central opening, said head and body being
adapted after the cloth has been applied across
device; said view being partially in section; and 40 the open end of the tumbler to be moved so that
Figure 3 is a fragmentary top plan view.
the head extends into the tumbler and said body
about the tumbler to move the cloth into contact
In the drawing wherein like characters of ref
with the inside and out-side of the tumbler, the
upper edge thereof and the inner surface of the
low body of my device which has a top 2 or closed 45 bottom thereof, a stem on the head extending
upwardly through said opening in the closed
upper end, and a bottom 3 or open lower end with
upper end of the body, spaced bosses upon the
outwardly ?ared edges 4; the thickness of the
upper end of the body at opposite sides of the
walls of the body decreases to the lower edge
erence are used to designate like or similar parts:
The numeral I designates the cylindrical, hol
stem and a pin carried by the stem and contact
through the extent of the ?ared portion. The
top of the body I has a central opening 5 to each 50 ing with the bosses to limit downward movement
of said head with respect to said body and to
side of which, and diagrammatically opposed to
hold the head and body against relative turning
each other are pairs of bosses B forming between
movement during the rotation of the tumbler for
each a radial channel ‘I for the reception of a
the cleaning thereof, and the lower end or the
cross pin 8 selectively carried in any one of the
several openings 9 in the elongated shank [0 of 55 body being ?ared outwardly to adapt the body
to be applied easily to the cloth and tumbler to
an interior cleaning member which has a cylin
permit the cloth to more easily pass over the
drical head II at the end to engage a washing
?ared edge thereof, or the cloth is forced into
rag 12 to cleanse the interior of a glass or the
the inside of the tumbler by movement of they
like. The openings 9 are crossed and spaced to
head into the tumbler.
adjust the effective length of the shank ill in a 60
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