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Dec. 24, 1946.
Filed Nov. 14, 1944
?atentecl Wee. 24, 1946
Sam R. Edins, Abilene, Tex.
Application November 14, 1944, Serial No. 563,374
4 Claims. (01. 211-90)
My present invention, in its broad aspect, has
to do with improvements in display and storage
racks and bins wherein transparent means are
provided for viewing the contents, and wherein
partitioning devices are employed to form com
A strap '6 having a horizontal part ‘I and an
upstanding attaching ?ange 8 and an inwardly
and downwardly bent clamping ?nger 9 is pro
vided. A strap may be used at the ends and at
- partments of various sizes, and improved and 5 various intermediate points as desired and they
are attached by screws ill or the like.
unique means are provided for retaining the
An elongated bottom clamping molding and
transparent portion or wall of the device in po
sition, and to hold the various parts in assembly.
?oor I l is provided which comprises a horizontal
web or floor 12, a downwardly extending right
My device may be employed as an easel or as a
angular attaching ?ange I3, attached by screws
vertical panel and the glass front wall is mount
l4, and an upwardly and outwardly angled clamp
ed without danger of breaking or chipping. In
?ange l5. The glass panel seats and is
use, my device may be employed to hold and
clamped between ?ngers 9 and ?ange l5.
separately store and display nails, screws, nuts
It will be seen that in assembling my device a
and other kindred items, or in schools and stores
member is placed between a strap
for holding pencils, paper clips, pens and the
and the molding and the glass panel placed there
like, or in hospitals, drugstores, kitchens or the
against and the screws [0 and I4 screwed up to
like for holding and displaying various items.
the device in assembly and properly posi
For display purposes in a store it may be set up
tioned. Any number of straps 6 may be used
as an easel and may be constructed in various
between ends that may appear desirable.
sizes and of a variety of materials. Emphasis
It is believed that the operation and advantages
throughout is laid upon simplicity, sturdiness
of my invention will be apparent from the fore
and adjustability and the ease with which it may
going, but it is again emphasized that interpre
be set up and kept in proper condition.
tation should only be voiced in the light of the
Other and equally important objects and ad
vantages of my invention will be apparent from 25
I claim:
the following description and drawing, particular
1. A display and storage rack and bin con
attention being called to the glass panel support
comprising a transparent front wall, a
ing straps and molding, but changes may be
panel, adjustable partitions between the front
made in form, size, shape, materials, construc
tion and arrangement of parts without departing 30 wall and panel, upper clamping straps secured
to the panel and including depending ?ngers en
from my broad inventive concept or the scope of
gaging the front wall and a base molding secured
the appended claims.
to the panel and having a ?oor part, and a clamp
In the drawing wherein I have illustrated a
ing ?ange engaging the lower edge of the front
preferred form of my invention:
l is a front elevation;
2 is a side view;
3 is a detached perspective view, and
4 is a perspective View of a compart
ment dis-assembled to show the various parts.
In the drawing wherein like characters of ref
erence are used to designate like or similar-parts:
The numeral l designates a supporting board
or panel which may be of wood or other suitable
materials, and which is designed to be attached
to a wall or other suitable base.
My invention comprises a series of horizontal
35 Wall.
2. A display and storage rack and bin con
struction comprising a downwardly and inwardly
inclined elongated front Wall, a panel, adjustable
partitions between the front wall and panel,
upper clamping straps, each having a horizontal
part, an upstanding attaching foot secured to the
panel, and an inwardly and downwardly extend
ing clamping ?nger engaging the upper edge of
the front wall, and a bottom supporting molding
45 and ?oor comprising a horizontal ?oor part, a
depending attaching ?ange secured to the panel,
rows of bins one above the other on the base,
and each row is formed with an inwardly and
and an upwardly and outwardly angled clamping
?ange for the bottom edge ofthe front wall.
downwardly inclined transparent front wall 2 of
3. The invention as de?ned in claim 2 in which
50 the adjustable partitioning members have hori
glass or other suitable material formed as a sin
zontal upper edges, squared bottom edges, and
gle panel for each row and through which the
contents of the bins may be viewed. The parti
tioning members 3 may be of wood or any suitable
inwardly and downwardly inclined front edges.
5. The partitions are adjustable to form various
sizes of bins.
4. The invention as de?ned in claim 2 wherein
there are plural attaching straps and a single
material and have inwardly and downwardly
sloping front edges 4 against which the glass 55 attaching molding, each strap having its hori
zontal portion lying against the upper edge of
front wall is placed and squared off bottom edges
a partition.
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